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As you climb the levels in life, this cake is one of the best option that symbolizes your journey. From child to youth to an adult, this cake will make you realize the onset of your new journey where you are ready for much more that life has to offer. This cake is available in 6 kg (13.2lb) with vanilla flavor; however, you may request a change in the flavor at the time of placing the order.
CAK-TC-1 Price: Rs 6,350
(US $ 92)
This splendid two tier butter scotch cake is your symbol of royalty. Beginning a new life, or initiating a change, this cake is best for showing warmth from parents to kids or vice versa. Each tier is baked with extreme care and precision so to bring to you this lovely flavored cake. It is available in 4kg (8.8 lb) and the flavor too can be customized at the time of placing the order.
CAK-TC-2 Price: Rs 4,350
(US $ 63)
This two tier heart shaped cake with swan on it symbolizes love, music and poetry. With the swan embellished on this beautiful piece of art, you may directly be making Venus, the goddess of love happy. This can be an apt way of celebrating first anniversary, engagement or even your spouse's birthday. Each tier decorated with beautiful flowers emanating mutual admiration. Available in 4 kg (8.8lb). What are you waiting for? place your order now!
CAK-TC-3 Price: Rs 4,350
(US $ 63)