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A hundred roses in a basket! This one is bound to leave your loved one ecstatic. Roses of different colours are handpicked by our expert florists and arranged in a beautiful composition to look like a large bloom. Fresh fragrance of a hundred roses can leave anyone mesmerized. The basket is made of soft but sturdy cane and is wrapped with a pink satin bow. Green and white filler leaves add to the volume and display.
CONGRAT-1 Price: Rs 4,095
(US $ 60)
Make your present stand out with this bunch of 100 roses in mixed colours. The brightness of yellow, serene white, classic red and gorgeous pink, add a dash of colour and fragrance. Beautified further with fillers and ferns, the bouquet is round and surrounded with exotic leaves. A final layer of fancy wrapping adds style to this creation. Gift it on any occasion!
CONGRAT-10 Price: Rs 3,795
(US $ 55)
There are few things as pure and soft as white. This bouquet is made of 100 white roses and seasonal fillers. Keeping it simple and classy, the white roses are surrounded by fillers and wrapped with fancy wrapping. Easy to carry and place on any tabletop, this one goes well for business or personal gifting.
CONGRAT-11 Price: Rs 3,795
(US $ 55)
Think grand! Think big! This huge bunch is created out of 100 pink roses. A round arrangement of pink roses in full bloom is surrounded by seasonal fillers of different colours and green leaves. The look is finished with a wrapping paper around the flowers and a ribbon. Express your feelings of love and happiness with this bouquet. This one is sure to impress!
CONGRAT-12 Price: Rs 3,795
(US $ 55)
For an instant dose of love and all things lovely, gift this bouquet of 100 red roses with seasonal fillers. Red roses sweetly co-exist with seasonal fillers of various colours to express your feelings to your loved one. Convey birthday wishes, congratulations or get well soon thoughts to your loved ones with this beauty of a bouquet.
CONGRAT-13 Price: Rs 3,795
(US $ 55)
This bouquet of 24 red roses is specially created for congratulatory occasions. Bunched together in a beautiful manner and wrapped with fancy sheet, this abundant arrangement smells sweet and fresh. Arrange it creatively in a glass vase on a tabletop and it looks stunning and attractive. Send it on occasions such as anniversary, promotion, house warming and more.
CONGRAT-14 Price: Rs 1,225
(US $ 18)
This artistic arrangement features a 100 red roses in the shape of a heart. Assorted from the best rose farms and placed delicately, the fragrance of a hundred roses is magnificent and engulfing. Green leaves and fillers surround the heart for added beauty and style. The red energizes any space. Order it to send congratulations to friends, family and your beloved and make the day special with surprise.
CONGRAT-15 Price: Rs 4,395
(US $ 64)
This round basket with 50 pink roses is perfect for baby showers and baby ceremonies. You couldn't ask for more brightness and fresh fragrance from these pink roses that come in a pretty cane basket with a handle. Decorated with pink wrapping and frills, it makes for a perfect gift for mothers-to-be and new mommies. Gift it on other suitable occasions too.
CONGRAT-16 Price: Rs 2,450
(US $ 36)
If beauty came in a basket there's only one way it would look. Just like this big basket of 30 red roses. Designed with seasonal fillers and green leaves in a pretty cane basket, this basket has a grandiose look. A perfect present for a wedding, birthday or anniversary celebration, this one is carefully designed to suit all occasions.
CONGRAT-17 Price: Rs 1,899
(US $ 28)
A minimal arrangement with 30 orange roses and green leaves, this one is sure to impress the recipient. The long stem orange roses are fresh and fragrant. The bunch is neatly wrapped with fancy wrapping to create a lovely design. The flowers get delivered with a greeting card that carries your warm wishes. Order this for all celebratory occasions for friends, family and professional contacts too.
CONGRAT-18 Price: Rs 1,750
(US $ 25)
This gorgeous bunch of 50 red roses is put together in a simple but charming fashion. Wrapped with beautiful wrapping around that holds the roses, this bunch is classy, elegant and minimal. Present it to your loved ones on occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers or even as a welcome-back gift. This bunch is sure to beautify your loved ones day and house.
CONGRAT-19 Price: Rs 2,250
(US $ 33)
The bright hues of these various colored roses, gerberas and other seasonal fillers you have a bang on choice! With this basket you are sure to bring more than a smile to anyone you wish to present this delightful basket of flowers. The striking colors of gerberas and the roses reveals the story of your love which goes through various shades in its lifetime. From the first meeting to the various levels, this basket of flowers is very enchanting.
CONGRAT-2 Price: Rs 2,050
(US $ 30)
Express your love with a big basket of 50 red roses and a one kg (2.2 lbs) heart shaped chocolate truffle cake. 50 long stem red roses have been handpicked to arrange in a cane basket. Made more beautiful with fillers and green leaves, this bouncy arrangement gets delivered along with a one kg heart shaped chocolate truffle cake. The sweet fragrance of the roses and sweetness of the cakes is easy to melt your sweetheart's heart!
CONGRAT-20 Price: Rs 3,575
(US $ 52)
What expresses love more than a heart shaped bouquet of red roses? A combination of the roses with a heart shaped cake! This combination of a bouquet of 50 red roses designed in a heart shape with green leaves and fillers on the side and a one kg (2.2 lbs) chocholate truffle cake is a favourite among those who want to send birthday and anniversary wishes to their loved ones.
CONGRAT-21 Price: Rs 3,799
(US $ 55)
Let your loved ones know how much you love them. This combo includes a basket of 100 red roses, handpicked by expert florists and creatively put together with green leaves to create a beautiful bouquet, a box of 24 Fererro Rocher chocolates nicely packed and a 1 kg (2.2 lbs) strawberry cake baked by the best bakers in town and fresh out of the oven. This one is an absolute favourite for all occasions.
CONGRAT-24 Price: Rs 6,250
(US $ 91)
This combination of a basket of 100 red roses, 16 pieces of Fererro Rocher chocolates and a 1 kg ( 2.2 lbs) strawberry cake is a perfect way to express warm wishes for birthday, anniversary, promotion, or even simply I'm thinking of you.' The roses are beautifully placed alongside each other and green leaves to create a lovely bunch in a basket, the chocolates and cake sweetly wrapped to make the arrangement look as attractive and beautiful as possible.
CONGRAT-25 Price: Rs 5,899
(US $ 86)
Dazzling red colors of this basket of roses, gerberas and other assorted seasonal flowers indicates the desire to be the one you love, which could be your mum, dad, sister, brother or the special friend in your life. You may give this to your mum on her birthday or mother's day when you are away and feel the dire need to be with her. This amazing basket will bring mirth and joy to your loved ones life
CONGRAT-3 Price: Rs 1,599
(US $ 23)
This basket is made up of 100 red roses. The bouquet is designed to give a natural look with all the 100 roses arranged to look like one large bloom. Green leaves add fresh nod to the arrangement, while the fresh misty smell of the red roses merges with the smells of the green leaves. With an appearance of abundance and a natural bouncy zing, this one is for those who like all things pretty. Order it for your ladies: mothers, sisters, wives and daughters love this one!
CONGRAT-4 Price: Rs 4,095
(US $ 60)
Lilies and red roses along with the seasonal fillers and a lovely looking vase will be all yours if you get this! So ask your friends and family to surprise you with this elegant looking flowers and if you wish you may gift it to yourself too!! You may keep the flowers and your mum will preserve the indelible vase forever! Place your order now and bring a smile to your family, friends or any you love.
CONGRAT-5 Price: Rs 1,650
(US $ 24)
Charming and feminine, this bouquet is designed with a 100 pink roses. The colour of universal love for oneself and others, the long stem pink roses are handpicked by our expert florists and put together with leaves around the bunch to heighten the experience of the pink blooms. Held together with soft fancy ribbon, this specially designed bouquet is perfect for various occassions to express your warm wishes.
CONGRAT-6 Price: Rs 3,795
(US $ 55)
This bunch of 30 pink roses marries elegance with style. The fresh pink blooms are punctuated with equally fresh seasonal fillers. Popping up in between are fresh green leaves. The roses and fillers are creatively surrounded by pink fancy wrapping and bows to add to the dramatic appearance. Unique and elegant, this one is for those who like something different.
CONGRAT-7 Price: Rs 1,699
(US $ 25)
Playing muse are these 100 red roses in a pretty basket. This bunch of roses in a basket is effortlessly abundant in its mesmerizing smell, brightness and freshness. Gift it to your near and dear ones, your loved ones and place it on any tabletop or at the windowsill to grab all the attention. This basket of 100 red roses is easy to carry and looks fresh at all times. Gift it on special occasions to make the day more special.
CONGRAT-8 Price: Rs 4,095
(US $ 60)
A bunch of handpicked 100 red roses made to look like one big bloom; this one is easily a favourite pick. A 100 roses are surrounded by layers of fillers and seasonal flowers and ferns. Elegantly wrapped with fancy wrapping material, this one is easy to carry and looks good in every room.
CONGRAT-9 Price: Rs 3,795
(US $ 55)


We never want to miss a single chance of pampering your loved ones at their achievements. We strive at making your attempt of pampering your near and dear ones in a splendid manner. An achievement loses all its glitter when we do not have our close buddies to celebrate the joy and congratulate us. In the modern era when everybody is running out of time, we help your close people save a second for you by offering them a handful variety of flowers to make a perfect congratulation bouquet for you on your grand day even from continents apart.

Congratulations flower delivery in India making Promotions a memorable landmark in one's career. An occasion like a promotion celebration deserves nothing less than a bouquet of fresh flowers by a person closest to your heart. It not only increases the pride of occasion but strengthens the bond between sender and receiver. It sometimes happens that we want to be part of someone's happiness but the physical distances between our loved ones keep us apart. We help you save yourself from the grief of being at a long distance from your close people by providing you a variety of gift options to congratulate them on their good days.

Send Congratulations Flowers to India: Embrace Your Love

Life is all about celebrating even your smallest victory and getting flowers delivered as a mode of appreciation. Flowers add another glitter to the feeling of achievement of one's goal in life. We help you add more grace and glory to the achievements of your loved ones by helping you send congratulations flowers to India. We offer you a wide collection of bouquets to suit each occasion of celebrating the golden moments of your loved ones.

Congratulations Gifts Delivery in India: Create Lifelong Memory

Congratulations Gifts delivery in India is a thing which brings your closed ones closer. How about a sudden congratulation gift to a newly turned mother? She would have this gift as a lifelong memory because it would embark on the beginning of good wishes for her new life. We also have an organized collection of bouquets categorized under congratulations gift category for various occasions. We also help you customize your bouquet with flowers of your own choice and as per likeliness of your closed people.

Send Congratulations Gifts to India: Show Your Affection

Send congratulations gifts to India and extend the anniversary celebrations for long. Anniversaries are occasions when we await the good wishes of our near and dear ones. Nothing gives you more happiness than the overseas wishes and congratulations at such events. It fills you with joy as it is a token of remembrance even from a large distance. We help you celebrate such special occasion by delivering the gift of your choice to your dear ones on their day. Not only this we also help you in making a better choice of gifts by keeping a wide variety of gift items to justify your emotions within your pocket.

About Congratulations

Birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, baby shower etc. are occasions which demand the expression of love from your close family and friends in the form of Congratulations. In order to complete the joy of such occasion, the congratulations gifts from our portal do the magic for you at affordable rates. We not only make the process of selection of congratulations gifts easy but just make it the right way as per your need. The on-time delivery by our vendors makes your decision of choosing us as your gifting partner worthy and correct.

About India

This sub-Asian continent has made a mark globally not only because of its varied demographics but also by the widespread love among its habitats. India is a country where even a small occasion becomes a festival. It is such a place where a baby shower is considered similar to bringing God at one's abode. Amidst such a joyful aroma spread across the citizens of this country, our congratulations gift hampers are a savior and deal breaker.