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I would like to thank you guys for delivering flowers to my Grandma. Her eyes were filled with tears of happiness when she received the bouquet. Sitting millions of miles away this was least I could do for her and you guys didn't let me down. You have earned yourself a repeat customer. 

Rajiv Kapoor

So if there is this thirtieth wedding anniversary, retirement party of a colleague.. go for this white bunch of lilies to show your modesty. These events mentioned above reflect different emotions which are way above happiness and project a long sojourn with an eventful place or person. So white is the apt color to symbolize these intangible emotions, juxtaposed with these flowers which are aligned with the right set of feelings. Order these lilies now!
COND-1 Price: Rs 1,819
(US $ 26)
This wreath is designed with different flowers in white, cream and blue. It is a beautiful and unusual tribute to the precious life, which will be remembered forever. The flowers are handpicked and each flower is delicately placed. Embellishments of white ribbons add to the serene look.
COND-10 Price: Rs 4,950
(US $ 72)
This beautiful wreath created with colourful flowers will evoke memories of brighter days. It is specially designed by our expert florists and decorated with ribbons. The different flowers express different emotions in mourning.
COND-11 Price: Rs 3,928
(US $ 57)
The most beautiful white rose blooms have been handpicked to create this bouquet that oozes elegance. 12 white roses come together to create a serene arrangement along with fresh bouncy seasonal fillers and green leaves. Wrapped around with beautiful white wrapping and satin bows, this one makes for a perfect gift for friends and business associates. It sits pretty in glass and ceramic vases on any tabletop.
COND-12 Price: Rs 545
(US $ 8)
There are few things as pure and soft as white. This bouquet is made of 100 white roses and seasonal fillers. Keeping it simple and classy, the white roses are surrounded by fillers and wrapped with fancy wrapping. Easy to carry and place on any tabletop, this one goes well for business or personal gifting.
COND-2 Price: Rs 2,965
(US $ 43)
A delicate expression to wish eternal peace, this wreath is created with fresh flowers of various kinds. White, purple, pink and green gently embrace loving memories and offer condolence at a funeral or a prayer meeting.
COND-3 Price: Rs 3,492
(US $ 51)
This wreath is created with beautiful blooms of various kinds. Fresh and handpicked, they are delicately placed to form a pleasant and lovely testament to the circle of life. Evoking fond memories and goodness of the deceased, this arrangement is a lovely offering.
COND-4 Price: Rs 3,637
(US $ 53)
A beautiful wreath made out of mixed flowers in yellow and orange. The flowers are fresh and handpicked and delicately placed. The flowers and greens are set in a classic arrangement that offer consolation during a funeral or a prayer meeting.
COND-5 Price: Rs 3,201
(US $ 47)
This gentle ring of white and yellow blooms will remind family and friends of all the fond memories. Gentle, soft and serene, the white flowers create a peaceful atmosphere. A lovely offering for condolence.
COND-6 Price: Rs 3,201
(US $ 47)
Pretty blooms in white and yellow are put together along with seasonal fillers and green leaves to create the most beautiful arrangement for offerings at a condolence meeting or funeral. Send this wreath to express your love, gratitude and condolence.
COND-7 Price: Rs 3,637
(US $ 53)
This wreath created with an assortment of flowers of various kinds, green leaves and ferns, is beautifully designed to offer heartfelt condolences in loving memory of a precious life. The flowers are fresh and handpicked, specially put together by experts. A ribbon bow on the arrangement makes it more beautiful.
COND-8 Price: Rs 6,049
(US $ 88)
This wreath created with soft white flowers and green leaves is a lovely tribute to a lovely soul. Evoking fond memories of life, it is an expression of cherished emotions. Send your deepest condolences with this arrangement of sensitive white blooms.
COND-9 Price: Rs 4,179
(US $ 61)