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The guise of this heart shaped cake is not just a shape, it is a way to render your feelings to your loved ones. For the monogamist, this is your cake to present to your beloved on any special occasion like birthday, propose day, friendship day, anniversary and any other which you celebrate with your better half. The edible red rose on this 1 kg (2.2 lb) chocolate flavored cake is an addendum to its appearance and taste.
CAK-EC-1 Price: Rs 1,650
(US $ 24)
A deep dive into the chocolate flavor will be possible through this amazing Dark Chocolate cake. The chocolaty parachutes will help you get the chilling effect as this cake is best when served cold. With flakes on the outer circle of the cake, you will be contended and will be in pure chocolaty bliss. Available in 1/2 kg (1.1 lb), it is still not enough for two as the plentiful chocolate on it will stimulate your hunger pangs.
CAK-EC-2 Price: Rs 1,050
(US $ 15)
The exemplary Romeo and Juliet cake! Revealing love through chocolates and red flowers has been the most primitive way, and this is a nerve stimulant cake expressing love. Adorned with red flowers and green stem, the heart shaped chocolate truffle cake appears contemporary keeping the old tradition of expressing love absolutely alive. It is available in 1 kg (2.2lb) and perfect for any occasion full of warmth, affinity and intimacy. Hurry up and place your order!
CAK-EC-3 Price: Rs 1,850
(US $ 27)
The gorgeous light pink cake with contrasting orange flower with green leaves on one edge of the corner gives this cake an alluring appeal. The baker seems to have weaved in the magic from the strawberries to give it this color. It is designed in a traditional way and can be ordered for any reason. From "I miss you' to 'Get well soon', this 1 kg (2.2 lb) beauty is handy for all occasions that are celebrated.
CAK-EC-4 Price: Rs 1,550
(US $ 23)
Our very own traditional pineapple cake, with which you cannot go wrong! The white color of the cake with a soft pineapple flavored sponge and cream, is ready at all times. Decorated with blue berries makes the cake a contemporary feel with a traditional taste. This cake can be ordered for school functions, meetings and weddings too. Available in 1 kg (2.2lb), you may place your order now and cherish any occasion. Place your order now!
CAK-EC-5 Price: Rs 1,550
(US $ 23)
Serenity through a cake is possible with this 1/2 kg (1.1 Lb) white cake, which makes saying sorry a bit easier. Can be sent to anyone on any occasion. With a personalized message on this yummy looking butter scotch cake, you can not only send good wishes but also tranquility of your heart! With the green leaves and almonds on the edges, makes it a rich choice for people with a generous heart.
CAK-EC-6 Price: Rs 999
(US $ 15)