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Gather the magentas, bring in the pinks and throw in the whites, this bunch of orchids forms are great party. Enhanced with the green of fresh leaves and extra long stems, this arrangement is an easy choice for gifting for all occasions. The bouquet comes wrapped in fine paper to add to the look. Light weight and easy to carry, it's also efortless to display in the house. Keep it easy, keep it elegant.
CBW-OR-1 Price: Rs 1,385
(US $ 20)
For those who want to gift something special, orchids in a vase will do the trick. This collection of orchids is assembled in a beautiful glass vase along with long stems of green leaves. The most classic arrangement of the most fragrant blooms, this one makes for a classy present for occasions such as anniversary, birthday, wedding, house warming and even casual dinner parties. Place it anywhere  on dinning tables, office desks and even on corner tables  it looks as gorgeous!
CBW-OR-2 Price: Rs 1,950
(US $ 28)
This enchanting harmony of purple orchids and seasonal blooms to join the party is assorted to impress! Held together with long fresh green leaf stems, the orchids and seasonal flowers are specially chosen to design this bouquet. Adding to the charming look is the mesmerizing fragrance of fresh blooms. Sprinkle some misty water droplets and this arrangement will revitalize any room. It remains as fresh as it arrived at your doorstep, for days.
CBW-OR-3 Price: Rs 1,385
(US $ 20)
A breathtaking display, a bunch of orchid blooms in a blue vase is an unmatched surprise gift. Long stems of orchids and green leaves stand tall in an oval shaped vase. Surprise and impress your loved ones with this attractive gorgeous bunch of orchids. The blue vase is carefully selected to match the orchids for this bunch. Gift it on a birthday, anniversary or on a wedding, it's sure to make everyone go wow!
CBW-OR-4 Price: Rs 2,999
(US $ 44)
Dozens of purple orchids in a tall glass vase, and adorning the flowers are long green leaf stems that are also seen through the glass vase. A perfect combination of the brightest purple and freshest green, the transparent glass vase adds spectacle to the arrangement. It is easy to carry, light in weight, medium in size and the water in the vase keeps the orchids fresh for days. This one's easily a favourite for many occasions.
CBW-OR-5 Price: Rs 1,799
(US $ 26)
Pure white, sweet pink and moist green, this classic arrangement will leave you charmed. The bunch of orchids and leaf stems in designed to be placed in a translucent purple tall vase. The colours of the bloom mingle well with the colour of the vase. Easy to place in any corner, table or centerpiece, this arrangement will make you feel light as a butterfly and its fragrance fresh as mist, will engulf any space.
CBW-OR-6 Price: Rs 1,595
(US $ 23)
For the unusual number fourteen and twenty eighth-- anniversary of a friend , family , mom and dad, in-laws, this four feet standing arrangement of orchids are a mesmerizing way to show your proximity to the receiver. They portray innocence, royalty, care, respect, dignity and last but not the least love. Go for this awesome flower arranged just like your persona, tall and proud, evincing the same pride and height! Order now and win hearts!
CBW-OR-7 Price: Rs 7,620
(US $ 111)
Imagine a bouquet of orchids at your doorstep. What an enchanting surprise! A bunch of purple orchids in a pretty vase along with a greeting card that holds your message, this combination is most suitable for those who stand apart, those with a classy taste. A selection of the best orchids  blooms and buds  this assemblage is embellished with green ferns and fillers. The stylish vase teams up well with the creative arrangement of the orchids. Perfectly oh! so impressive!
CBW-OR-8 Price: Rs 2,050
(US $ 30)
In vibrant shades of yellow, pink and red, a bounty of colourful orchids in a vase is sure to brighten up everyone's day. These exotic blooms are arranged in a simple and elegant fashion. The simple vase heightens the majestic appearance of the orchids. Fragrant and beautiful, a collection of orchids in different colours is certain to stand out even in the biggest gardens. This one makes for a perfect present, for friends and professional associates alike.
CBW-OR-9 Price: Rs 1,825
(US $ 27)


Roses and lilies are the all-time favourite flowers for expression of love. But there are other magnificent flowers too, which can express your feelings, perhaps even better. Have you ever tried the brilliant orchids? They are lush and radiant. Orchids are very striking and stand out amongst the bunch of flowers at any time of the day. The riot of colors and the exotic fragrance of the orchids are simply breath-taking. This time you can try giving your loved ones a fresh surprise and send orchids to India. We excel in picking up the freshest and the most gorgeous looking orchids to match your occasion and emotion. We do orchids delivery in India with special care and precision. We make orchid delivery in India with most affordable and reasonable rate to make the experience pleasant for you as well.

To make any occasion special send orchids vase arrangement to India

Orchid flowers are considered as one of the most exquisite and versatile groups of flower species and have been so for over hundreds of years. They are quirky yet beautiful. They are also rare and unique in their own brilliant compositions. Orchids are the best idea for a spectacular vase arrangement. We specialize in these types of arrangements. So, if you want to make your loved ones happy you can send orchids vase arrangements to India. We will help you make the most affordable orchids vase arrangement delivery India. You can also suggest your specific arrangements, like ikebana, traditional or contemporary. We will make sure our arrangement ideas stun the crowd and win hearts as well.

Send Orchids to India and Win Hearts

An orchid basket is a pure happiness. We have all the different types of baskets of all possible sizes and shapes just to suit the type you want. We make sure your flowers are specially handpicked and are fresh from the lot. You can choose from our wide varieties of best orchids like the Dendrobium, Cattleya Orchids, Boat Orchids, Singapore Orchids and Miltonia, just to name a few, and truly, they are simply breath-taking. You can always send orchids to India and avail the best orchid basket delivery India for the best, most thoughtful gesture ever. We will make sure your orchid baskets look incredible.

The enchanting orchids

The orchids are undoubtedly the most enchanting of all flowers. A single orchid can light up a desk or a small table and can brighten up space. Similarly, a bunch of orchids, placed correctly in any part of your home can change the entire look of the interiors. There are so many ways to decorate your living spaces with a bunch of orchids. They can be put in the vase or hung from the wall or the balcony. They can be placed in homes and in offices too. Orchids are also the flowers of choice for a number of high-end, specialized spa because of their beauty and aroma. You can also send the orchid bunch to India as a surprise gesture of love. We make sure to select the best-handpicked orchids to make your bunch the prettiest.

About India

India is a country that boasts a large range of flora. From the majestic Himalayan Ranges to the waters of Gods Own Country, Kerala - the array of flowers in India are mind boggling. Therefore, flowers are the most common form of expression both of love and respect. Therefore, orchids are also highly appreciated with as much value or even more. So, sending orchids to India will make your loved ones not only happy but at the same time will strengthen your bond of eternal love as well.