Lily Flower Delivery in India: Every Essence of Beauty

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I would like to thank you guys for delivering flowers to my Grandma. Her eyes were filled with tears of happiness when she received the bouquet. Sitting millions of miles away this was least I could do for her and you guys didn't let me down. You have earned yourself a repeat customer. 

Rajiv Kapoor

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So if there is this thirtieth wedding anniversary, retirement party of a colleague.. go for this white bunch of lilies to show your modesty. These events mentioned above reflect different emotions which are way above happiness and project a long sojourn with an eventful place or person. So white is the apt color to symbolize these intangible emotions, juxtaposed with these flowers which are aligned with the right set of feelings. Order these lilies now!
CBW-LI-1 Price: INR 1950
Lilies and red roses along with the seasonal fillers and a lovely looking vase will be all yours if you get this! So ask your friends and family to surprise you with this elegant looking flowers and if you wish you may gift it to yourself too!! You may keep the flowers and your mum will preserve the indelible vase forever! Place your order now and bring a smile to your family, friends or any you love.
CBW-LI-2 Price: INR 1650
As white as snow , the lilies represent that calmness with passionate love that is a requisite to keep the relationship steady and sturdy. You get this dazzling combo of white lilies and red roses, in a beautiful, curvaceous vase that will be a reminder of the time spent together even when the flowers dry up. The other colors of the lilies present in the bunch represent the neutral, yet the best phase of your relationship.
CBW-LI-3 Price: INR 1850
Lilies and roses are alluring enough, on top of that, the well thought choice of 'Red and White', roses and lilies add to the gravity of the colors. We know that mirth, joy and laughter go hand in hand, just like the this bunch of lilies and roses. Apt for all occasions, you may buy it especially as a departing gift. So embellish the time with this bunch so that you are obliged to meet again soon.
CBW-LI-4 Price: INR 1375
For someone having fought with a challenge, and upon a successful defeat to the sorrow, this bunch of colored lilies will be a strength. The vase can be kept on the bedside to bloom like the lilies who anchor themselves to the edge of the river. For strength and vigor, power and muscle, positivity and control dedicate this lovely vase with lilies in various colors and enhance the competency. So what are you waiting for? Place your order now!
CBW-LI-5 Price: INR 1950
Plant the fire of your love in to the heart of your special friend through these assorted lilies that come in a tender vase. They will captivate the receiver and will surely stimulate the same feelings with enhanced desire. These flowers bridges all gaps and bring two lovers closer with an unsaid intensity to be with each other till destiny parts them. The lovely flowers are just stupendous way to say sorry along with expressing love!! Place your order now to unfold the surprise!
CBW-LI-6 Price: INR 1975


The beautiful flowers of lilies have the power to bring happiness to everyone's life. Available in wide varieties of yellow, white, red, orange, purple and pink, the flowers are beautiful and fragrant. On the special occasions of your loved ones, Aryan florist offers lily Flower delivery India and you can greet your loved ones with the fresh blossoms of flowers in elegant shape. We help in adding more solace and beauty in your loved one's life such that you will no longer make your loved ones regret your absence on their special days.

Get Assured lilies delivery in India

Whether it is your loved one's birthday celebrations or the wedding anniversary of your parents residing in India you can quickly get the lilies basket delivery in India. Our baskets are full of colourful lilies that deliver every essence of beauty and through a radiant aura. We deliver the lilies with freshness and care such that every flower can throw the glitter of love and romance. We are known to deliver all our products at the doorstep of our loved ones with assured delivery.

Send lilies to India: Brighten up the Mood of Your Loved Ones

What can be better than to brighten up the festivals with floral bouquets from us. You can even send lilies to India that your loved ones can easily place in a vase. Lilies can add a great value to the interiors of a home. It can add an aesthetic value in your relationships. We help in gifting you a huge collection of beautiful lilies fully arranged in bunches and vases. Our lilies vase arrangement delivery in India is very renowned and popular among people of different cities in India.

Make a condolence and send lilies vase arrangements to India

If someone close to your family or in your friend's family has recently passed away while you are staying away then you can simply send lilies with your message for the departed soul and grieved family. Sympathise your loved ones during the time of sorrows and sadness with the pristine white bunch of lilies that can be delivered by our experts with caution. We make sure to make your bunch personalized and customized as per the theme of the occasion. The lilies arrange in vase not only look sophisticated but also reflect purity.

Wish your Wife on her Birthday with Enchanting and Pretty Lilies

On the birthday of your wife, you should be ready to adore her with something similar to her enigmatic charm and appeal. Since time immemorial lilies are known for their enchanting glory and tempting enamour. Surprise your beloved on her special day with the vibrant bunch of lilies and make her feel blessed and loved. We have a magnificent collection of lilies that will help you rejoice every occasion with your family. Through the help of our expert vendors, you can ensure timely delivery of our services.

All about Lilies

Lilies are the perfect gift accessory when it is a birthday, anniversary, new home celebrations or a cute baby shower. Owing to its pious and serene appeal, lilies are much appreciated by people of different age groups. You can send floral bouquets of lilies and can add a lot of pleasure in the eyes of your loved ones. They are also considered to be sacred and precious to be gifted on your best friend's wedding.

About India

Being a harmonious country, India is known for its rich cultural heritage. Every day is a celebration in India. To commemorate celebrations, the people send beautiful flowers and gifts to their loved ones and embrace various occasions in happiness.