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I would like to thank you guys for delivering flowers to my Grandma. Her eyes were filled with tears of happiness when she received the bouquet. Sitting millions of miles away this was least I could do for her and you guys didn't let me down. You have earned yourself a repeat customer. 

Rajiv Kapoor

Luscious strawberry makes this cake an easy choice for the customers. The flower in the centre of the cake is made from strawberry along with a few that are placed on the verge of the cake, making the cake attractive. This budget cake comes in 1/2 kg (1.1), with easy to order method. The cakes gets its color through the strawberry syrup and some fresh strawberries. The freshness enhances the taste and comes to you at a very affordable cost.
CAK-BC-1 Price: Rs 675
(US $ 10)
A gourmet cake with not just good looks , but with a fine taste too. You may order this cake for your wife, husband, friend, parents (for their anniversary), or for any other admirable relationship you have in life. The two flowers on the cake demonstrate the rings through which you may have exchanged/planning to exchange vows! Don't wait to order this 1 kg (2.2lb) chocolate truffle cake. Don't wait and place your order now!
CAK-BC-12 Price: Rs 1,650
(US $ 24)
When the heart cries to manifest what it feels, this demure greeting comes handy with this 1 kg (2.2 lb) chocolate crisp cake. The greeting with a heart over it can be used to write that crisp and coy note that melts a heart in a go! With this awesome combination you may bold over someone with words carrying pure love and positivity. If you hear a 'Yes', you simply need to relish this crisp and flaky cake.
CAK-BC-15 Price: Rs 1,525
(US $ 22)
When you shape a cake into a heart, it reiterates what you feel. The lub-dub turns into your fondness and is no more a heartbeat. Place an order for this 1kg (2.2) Heart shaped chocolate cake if you are beginning to fall for someone. Pick up this greeting in the color of love and you will know you are on the right track. When you pen down your words in to this, thee feelings will be registered and reciprocated.
CAK-BC-16 Price: Rs 1,450
(US $ 21)
The rich heart shaped vanilla cake with amazing richness added by the strawberries, is perfect order for occasions filled with love and joy. Beautiful messages, like 'be mine', I love you', can add to the charm. The cake comes in 1 kg (2.2 lb) and the pearly color is mild and soothing to the eyes. Its rich vanilla cream does wonder to the palate. The color scheme of this cake is its highlight, epitomizing affection and admiration.
CAK-BC-20 Price: Rs 1,450
(US $ 21)
A deep dive into the chocolate flavor will be possible through this amazing Dark Chocolate cake. The chocolaty parachutes will help you get the chilling effect as this cake is best when served cold. With flakes on the outer circle of the cake, you will be contended and will be in pure chocolaty bliss. Available in 1/2 kg (1.1 lb), it is still not enough for two as the plentiful chocolate on it will stimulate your hunger pangs.
CAK-BC-5 Price: Rs 850
(US $ 12)
The exemplary Romeo and Juliet cake! Revealing love through chocolates and red flowers has been the most primitive way, and this is a nerve stimulant cake expressing love. Adorned with red flowers and green stem, the heart shaped chocolate truffle cake appears contemporary keeping the old tradition of expressing love absolutely alive. It is available in 1 kg (2.2lb) and perfect for any occasion full of warmth, affinity and intimacy. Hurry up and place your order!
CAK-BC-8 Price: Rs 1,150
(US $ 17)
We help you celebrate your age with a style through this number cake that does the needful. You may place the order and mention the flavor and other specifications of the cake while placing the order. This is a 6 Kg (13.2lbs) cake that can fill a large group. For your thirtieth birthday, if you are throwing a party, order this lavish cake in the flavor of your choice and double the fun.
CAK-SC-1 Price: Rs 6,350
(US $ 92)
Yet another number cake that is a epiphany of many other connected emotions is this humbly flavored vanilla cake. The baker has a mastery in it and allows you to order this in any flavor and number. Through this cake you can take the celebration to another level and be the maestro of numerous such get togethers and celebration times. You will set the trend by ordering this 3 kg (6.6 lb) cake. Place your order now!
CAK-SC-2 Price: Rs 3,750
(US $ 55)
Want to surprise your child? Do it by getting this favorite and popular cartoon character which your child is bound to love. Now who does not like the famous Disney Character, Mickey Mouse! From the color to the flavor you get it all as per your taste buds and liking. This comes in a minimum of 3 kg (6. 6lb) size. So what are you waiting for? Add to the mirth with this Mickey Mouse cake!
CAK-SC-3 Price: Rs 3,750
(US $ 55)
As you climb the levels in life, this cake is one of the best option that symbolizes your journey. From child to youth to an adult, this cake will make you realize the onset of your new journey where you are ready for much more that life has to offer. This cake is available in 6 kg (13.2lb) with vanilla flavor; however, you may request a change in the flavor at the time of placing the order.
CAK-TC-1 Price: Rs 6,350
(US $ 92)
This splendid two tier butter scotch cake is your symbol of royalty. Beginning a new life, or initiating a change, this cake is best for showing warmth from parents to kids or vice versa. Each tier is baked with extreme care and precision so to bring to you this lovely flavored cake. It is available in 4kg (8.8 lb) and the flavor too can be customized at the time of placing the order.
CAK-TC-2 Price: Rs 6,525
(US $ 95)