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An outstanding combination of pink Roses with Gladiolus steal the heart at once. It's like love at first sight as the flowers are beautifully placed just like a royal carnation. If your loved ones live in a distant place, you must order this set of beautiful basket of flowers depicting the warmth with which you have sent them. The full bloom Gladiolus with big pink rose buds appear to smile back at you when you order them!
CBW-AF-1 Price: Rs 1,395
(US $ 20)
Variety is the spice of life, and this bunch of assorted gerberas and gladiolus adds to the variety in your life as well. An apt and wonderful bunch to make you realize the efficacy of not only your friend who you will gift this to, but you will also realize how this beautiful bunch will uplift yours and your friend's spirit. Place your order now to bring that lost smile, or add to the happiness!
CBW-AF-10 Price: Rs 875
(US $ 13)
These beautiful bunch of Assorted flowers will make you delirious when you buy them to present it to anyone for no specific reason. An addendum to happiness and mirth, these flowers will be your way to relentless euphoria. The colorful flowers are spirited and are certain to uplift your mood too. This bunch of flowers can be used to end a perfect evening with memoirs to cherish. So gift it to your friend post dinner with promises to keep!
CBW-AF-11 Price: Rs 725
(US $ 11)
As white as snow , the lilies represent that calmness with passionate love that is a requisite to keep the relationship steady and sturdy. You get this dazzling combo of white lilies and red roses, in a beautiful, curvaceous vase that will be a reminder of the time spent together even when the flowers dry up. The other colors of the lilies present in the bunch represent the neutral, yet the best phase of your relationship.
CBW-AF-12 Price: Rs 1,850
(US $ 27)
An invite to a royal feast often leaves you wondering about choosing the best present. We here will help you with choosing this wondrous blend of roses, carnations , lilies and other assorted flowers. Chose this bouquet and enter the venue with pride as you carry the prettiest and the most fresh flowers of the city. So be part of any event with this fascinating combination symbolizing numerous emotions along with good wishes.
CBW-AF-13 Price: Rs 2,025
(US $ 29)
With a symbol of numerous emotions, this bunch of assorted lilies roses and gerberas laid on a bed of green leaves is a must give away rendering a beginning of a new life. This magnificent bouquet will work wonders when it is presented to the special person in your life. The green leaves are the base of this ultimate pack of flowers, showing strength and support in your life. Place your order now!
CBW-AF-14 Price: Rs 1,550
(US $ 23)
If you can't say it upfront, flowers are the best to communicate your feelings to any one you love. If you want to thank your mother for her sacrifices, your father for his diligence or your wife for being there invariably use these flowers. Don't belittle your emotions by using words, instead emanate your warmth by this bunch of divine yellow flowers. This will be self explanatory and you will be loved more. Order now!
CBW-AF-15 Price: Rs 725
(US $ 11)
Yellow is the color depicting the intensity of friendship. To enhance the gravity of your relationship, you must buy this bunch of ten yellow roses that comes with three red gerberas. For a true reflection of maturity in friendship where words like 'sorry' and 'thank you' do not mean anything, these flower will say it all. Go for this pretty bunch and dare to be yourself in front of your friend, who any way knows you best. Order these now!
CBW-AF-16 Price: Rs 675
(US $ 10)
Orchids and gerberas together in a basket of flowers is just like a man and woman marrying each other for nothing but love. Yes! this is as perfect as a relationship of a man and a woman who are together for love. To show that you are sorry, or to improvise on your relationship, go ahead and order this basket full of beautiful orchids and gerberas that evince the blend of passionate love and comprehensive understanding.
CBW-AF-17 Price: Rs 1,950
(US $ 28)
Mushy love is well represented through this beautiful basket of carnation and lilies. The innocent, cute, white little teddy bear that comes with this basket of flowers is the true reflection of what you feel for your love. The carnations are always the perfect choice for goodness and happiness, which are complimented by the serene lilies showing calmness along with passionate love. Place your order with us now and see your love manifesting into the truth.
CBW-AF-18 Price: Rs 2,425
(US $ 35)
Every season brings with it a catalogue of flowers that are cut and artistically placed with each to present to you a beautiful bunch of flowers. We sell these bunch of flowers according to the availability in the season, where few are present all the time, some are subject to the season. Nevertheless, be assured that this seasonal bunch will be as angelic as your love and will bring euphoria to the relentless flame of love.
CBW-AF-19 Price: Rs 750
(US $ 11)
One of the most popular flower that is used for decoration in bunches, bouquets and carnations are the beautiful Gerberas. These orange Gerberas with Orange roses makes a heavenly looking set of cut flowers that are artistically placed. The orange colors of the flowers is emanating sunshine and the warmth of it. This beautiful carnation loudly conveys a message 'Let there be light', so it can be given to strengthen relationships. Place your order now!
CBW-AF-2 Price: Rs 1,595
(US $ 23)
Vibrant yellow gerberas when blended with seasonal flowers personify the relationship and its maturity. The sunshine and glossy gerberas show the captivating tale of the yester years, as opposed to the seasonal flowers, that remind you of your beautiful present that you intend to spend with each other. The more mature you are, you will be inclined to understand the reason of this unique blend of flowers which is specially made for your loved ones.
CBW-AF-20 Price: Rs 1,450
(US $ 21)
The Red Roses and Gerberas show love and admiration between the receiver and sender. The way the red roses are placed is amazing which is just above the gerberas along with the green stand that gives it a perfect contrast. The multiple layers of the red gerberas shows the multitude of love , just as the big red buds withhold in between the wonderland where each one wants to be lost, looking for the brightest emotion of love.
CBW-AF-3 Price: Rs 1,470
(US $ 21)
The striking placement of white roses and orange gerberas is just like the tranquility of the dawn where the white is the horizon and the orange depicts the subtle light of the rising sun. So if you are beginning a new relationship, or mending the old ones with your near and dear ones, who were away from you for some reason, you may just go for this divergent, yet beautiful alignment of white and orange.
CBW-AF-4 Price: Rs 1,595
(US $ 23)
The bright hues of these various colored roses, gerberas and other seasonal fillers you have a bang on choice! With this basket you are sure to bring more than a smile to anyone you wish to present this delightful basket of flowers. The striking colors of gerberas and the roses reveals the story of your love which goes through various shades in its lifetime. From the first meeting to the various levels, this basket of flowers is very enchanting.
CBW-AF-5 Price: Rs 2,050
(US $ 30)
Dazzling red colors of this basket of roses, gerberas and other assorted seasonal flowers indicates the desire to be the one you love, which could be your mum, dad, sister, brother or the special friend in your life. You may give this to your mum on her birthday or mother's day when you are away and feel the dire need to be with her. This amazing basket will bring mirth and joy to your loved ones life
CBW-AF-6 Price: Rs 1,599
(US $ 23)
Lilies and red roses along with the seasonal fillers and a lovely looking vase will be all yours if you get this! So ask your friends and family to surprise you with this elegant looking flowers and if you wish you may gift it to yourself too!! You may keep the flowers and your mum will preserve the indelible vase forever! Place your order now and bring a smile to your family, friends or any you love.
CBW-AF-7 Price: Rs 1,650
(US $ 24)
The fresh roses and the assorted seasonal flowers are brought to you by us, with a unique blend of love, serenity, prosperity and happiness. Perfect for any day, like the new year's eve, birthday wishes, anniversaries, revelation and exploration, this is apt for all. The beautiful contrast of the roses with the seasonal flowers and some greens in it make it a very appealing collection of flowers which will instantly steal and captivate hearts!
CBW-AF-8 Price: Rs 725
(US $ 11)
This classic bunch of white lilies, White Anthuriums, White roses and white carnations make this bunch the most sought after to gift it to the elderly in the house. So to shower your love towards your grandmother or grandfather. They will cherish this beautiful tranquil bunch forever and you will be blessed with their ceaseless blessings. You may also order these royal flowers to your mother or father on their special day. Order Now!
CBW-AF-9 Price: Rs 1,650
(US $ 24)


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