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India sees numerous exchanges of gifts, with Dry Fruits as one of the most popular ones. If you need to send this to your sister who is married and has a family, this is the ideal choice to send along with other gifts. This basket is nicely packed with 2 Kg of assorted dry fruits. The crunchy dry fruits are not only royal but from elders to kids, all adore them. This basket comes with a Free Rakhi.
RAK-DF-1 Price: Rs 3,499
(US $ 51)
Remembering the sweet and sour memories on this Raksha Bandhan, gift this mixed box of dry fruits to your sibling. Get nostalgic this Rakhi and think of the fights, love, admiration, care, help and blessings that you may have showered on each other on various occasions and events. This is 500 gm box of mixed dry fruit that comes with a free Rakhi to cherish this year's Rakhi and add it to the list of already cherished ones.
RAK-DF-10 Price: Rs 1,396
(US $ 20)
When feeling bereft of sibling's love this year due to distance, send this 1 kg mixed dry fruits pack to your brother's house along with the Rakhi that comes free with this pack of dry fruits. The twinkling in your eyes will come back when you will receive a Thank you call from your brother that will oblige him to express his love and how much he is missing you on this Rakhi. Place your order now and feel the emotions.
RAK-DF-11 Price: Rs 1,975
(US $ 29)
Say a 'Big Thank you' to your brother for always being there for you, with this 2 kg pack of mixed dry fruits that come in a basket. This way of saying thanks, will impress your brother and you will get to see his tender side when he will respond with similar flow of emotions and care. The free Rakhi, that you get with this pack will make this a complete pack to add to your happiness.
RAK-DF-12 Price: Rs 3,499
(US $ 51)
Amazingly packed 1 kg of Assorted Dry Fruits are ready to be gifted on this Raksha Bandhan. Dry Fruits are healthy option on this occasion of Raksha Bandhan. They not only provide nutrients but also are a rich choice to be given to your sister/brother. The Gift Box in which these dry fruits come is also very attractive and pleasingly packed. This wonderful box of goodness comes to you with a Special and free Rakhi.
RAK-DF-2 Price: Rs 1,975
(US $ 29)
This beautifully four layered 1 kg Dry fruit box is meant for pure indulgence in to healthy option on this Raksha Bandhan. Placed very attractively in a Basket and decorated with alluring artifacts, this box of dry fruits show your infinite and relentless admiration you have towards your brother/sister. When you miss them you want to shower your love with gifts, so this Rakhi, shower them with this pack. You get a free Rakhi with this pack.
RAK-DF-3 Price: Rs 1,975
(US $ 29)
Sterling boxes full of 500 gms dry fruit in each box is the unique way to not only wish Raksha Bandhan to your brother or sister, but also a way to present them for your esteemed guests. These two boxes replete with assorted dry fruits is a great choice to bless your little sister and pledge one more time to protect her from evils. These two boxes come with a beautiful Rakhi, that is the very essence of this day.
RAK-DF-4 Price: Rs 2,999
(US $ 44)
The very principle of the festival of Raksha Bandhan is the reiteration of the vows that were once made however, presenting gifts with the Rakhi is also another way to shower fondness for your brother. This 1 kg box of assorted dry fruits is the ideal way to show you care. This year on Raksha Bandhan this box will be bountiful to show your consideration towards your brother. With the box, you also get a free Rakhi to complete the festivities.
RAK-DF-5 Price: Rs 1,975
(US $ 29)
1 kg of assorted dry fruit box when given as a gift on Rakhi, will fill your sisters eyes with gleam. As the Dry fruits are a rich and healthy source, your sister is bound to adore this gift. Not only are the dry fruits of good quality, but also the gift box in which they are packed is tenacious and worthy of this buy. A free Rakhi adds more meaning to this, making this ideal indulgence on Raksha Bandhan.
RAK-DF-6 Price: Rs 1,975
(US $ 29)
With an advent of Raksha Bandhan in the Shravan month of a full moon night, summers begin to fade away. A beginning of a new season with Raksha Bandhan and this 1 kg pack of assorted dry fruits box is indispensable gift to your sibling. Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with delight of these dry fruits as you have definitely chosen health. Buy this box on this Rakhi as it comes with the sacred thread of love, the Rakhi.
RAK-DF-7 Price: Rs 1,975
(US $ 29)
Assorted 1 kg pack of dry fruits is a mixed bag of emotions that show tender care of a brother towards his sister or vice versa. Perfectly decorated and nicely packed gift box of dry fruits will indicate your fondness and perpetual connection, no matter where you both live. So let no distance draw you apart and show you care, with this auspicious pack. Another feature of this box is the free Rakhi that you get with this pack.
RAK-DF-8 Price: Rs 1,975
(US $ 29)
The paragon of gifts and delight of every festivity is this assorted box of 1 kg dry fruit pack that is packed in an attractive gift box. The box full of 1 kg assorted dry fruits is the way to strengthen your bond this on this Raksha Bandhan. When you present this box to your sister/brother, all you will see is the smile on the face and eyes beaming with joy and glory. Accompanied with the box , comes the quintessential free Rakhi!
RAK-DF-9 Price: Rs 1,975
(US $ 29)