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Coming from the land of Pizzas and Pastas, Ferrero Rocher is yet another popular Italian chocolate that can be gifted to display affection. 24 pieces of this yummylicious choocolate is one of the best 'miss you' gifts and often exchanged between students and couples. The older people too enjoy the crunchiness this chocolate has to bring, so age is never a barrier when you want to send love and warmth to any of your near and dear ones.
CHOCO-1 Price: INR 1125
Temptations as the name suggests are one of the choicest gifts that one can give to people with a sweet tooth. Various chocolates with different flavors can be ordered (comes in Orange, Raisins, Cashew, almond and rum). A bunch of flowers along with this pack of five can be a complete gift for Birthday, Ceremonies, house warming, mother's day, father's day or even just like that. Chocolates need no time and event, you can enjoy them any time!
CHOCO-10 Price: INR 999
When sending flowers to your special someone, it is always a good idea to please the family members of your special friend. This set of four temptations (all in different flavors) along with a large pack of chocopie is the best way to make that first impression when you visit your friend's house. The younger members of the family will go gaga about you making your task easier. Place your order now and fulfill your desire!
CHOCO-11 Price: INR 950
A wholesome goodness with this pack of five 5 stars( available at a price of 4), 16 pieces of the Italian Ferrero Rocher, a box of Cadbury's fruit and Nut and a box of Twister is available at our online store. Chocolates and Flower complement each other, so this is the perfect pack of chocolatey goodness that you can give with a bunch of roses, orchids or the serene lilies. What are your waiting for? Place your order now!
CHOCO-12 Price: INR 1750
Sending only flowers? No time to buy gifts? This gift pack of assorted chocolates comes in handy and can be ordered along with the flowers. This accompaniment can be made on special days and festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Bhai dooj, Kid's Birthday's, welcome parties, house warming etc. Chocolates of good brands are sent along with the flowers, so be assured that the receiver will be pleased with this traditional way of showing care and fondness.
CHOCO-13 Price: INR 925
There is no love more than the love for chocolates! This wonderfully gift wrapped pack of assorted chocolates will oblige to go back in time and talk about your good old childhood memories. The gift pack comes full of love with chocolates (the time machine) as you unpack the box. Full of chocolates from Cadbury's you will be more than pleased to hear from the receiver. Order this along with flowers and see the miracle.
CHOCO-14 Price: INR 925
Down the memory lane when chocolates were the best and the biggest bait! wait a minute, nothing has changed, it is still the best bait. Gift this assorted pack that is very well wrapped in attractive colors, to your boss on his/her Birthday and see what you get in return. Flowers accompanied with this assorted pack will add to the glory and who knows you embark upon a new chapter of your life. Order Now!
CHOCO-15 Price: INR 925
Potential benefits of chocolate can be realized through this assorted gift wrapped pack of chocolates. As you unfold each pack, you meet the child inside you, enthused with the variety and quantity of chocolates in this marvelous gift. So make happy revelation through this double gift and rejoice the freshness of flowers, sweetness of chocolates and you are ready to impress a friend. This pack can be added along with flowers of your choice. Order Now!
CHOCO-16 Price: INR 925
This three packs of three Italian Ferrero Rocher along with two imported boxes of Vochelle Chocolate not only cures a broken heart but also has the power to prevent heart failure. Each piece in this pack shows the intricate thought process that goes into making them. The way they are shaped and sized equally is indicative of the artist present n the creator. Order them Now! (In case of non availability of Vochelle, the pack will be replaced with chocolates with equal value)
CHOCO-17 Price: INR 1750
The prominent love for chocolates is seen if you order these golden balls of Italian Ferrero Rocher. The nuts in each of the sixteen pieces shows the camaraderie between the ingredients. This pack is complete in itself and does not need an accompaniment to it. Available and apt for all occasions, you can never go wrong with this pack of chocolates. Each piece leaves the consumer wanting for more, and you will begin to love them to the core.
CHOCO-2 Price: INR 795
Small basket of the these multifarious chocolates have a variety of taste and shape. These are meant for those who like chocolate in any form be it dark, sweet or milk chocolate. Promising a good variety, this is also a great way of surprising a friend at the airport, a match, after exam or any other event as well. The pack not only looks good but also tastes heavenly. Needless to say, the basket comes free with the pack! :)
CHOCO-3 Price: INR 2910
Assorted pack of chocolates at your door way will not only pleasantly surprise you, but will also make you wanting for more. This assorted pack with regular and Swiss chocolates comes in a medium sized basket that is full of variety of chocolates. Keeping in mind the temperature of our country, the Swiss chocolates are well packed and delivered on time. You may share these with pride and I promise you will order more to satiate your taste buds.
CHOCO-4 Price: INR 3968
The rich pyramid shaped chocolates are omnipresent with similar packing that it had aeons ago; nevertheless, the chocolate never seizes to surprise you with its taste. The crunch in between each bite and the way the pyramids are divided among siblings is the best part of eating a Toblerone. The shape of this chocolate still fascinates the children , not leaving the taste which is praiseworthy. So place your order for these two bars of Toblerone.
CHOCO-5 Price: INR 550
The humble Cadbury's Celebration pack saves you from a lot of hassle of choosing from a wide, but a monotonous range of gifts. This is a pack with various chocolates and needs no packing of its own. We deliver to you at your doorstep with love. This is apt for all kind of celebrations. So what are you waiting for, Place your order now with us and enjoy this small, yet a delicious pack of chocolates.
CHOCO-6 Price: INR 450
This medium sized Cadbury's Celebration pack needs no introduction. We all know the worth and continue to explore its benefits each year (on occasions like Diwali), as we buy this box in bulk to gift it to all the members of the house including the people who work for us. We send this box of happiness to you with same vigor with which you purchase it. Place your order now for this lovely looking pack!
CHOCO-7 Price: INR 550
The rich pyramid shaped chocolates are omnipresent with similar packing that it had aeons ago; nevertheless, the chocolate never seizes to surprise you with its taste. The crunch in between each bite and the way the pyramids are divided among siblings is the best part of eating a Toblerone. The shape of this chocolate still fascinates the children , not leaving the taste which is praiseworthy. So place your order for these four bars of Toblerone.
CHOCO-8 Price: INR 850
Chocolates are known to reduce heart problems, and enhance your cognitive skills. This large pack of assorted chocolates is meant to benefit you in all aspects, health and happiness! So be hale and hearty with this large basket of assorted chocolates that comes to you well embellished and is bound to impress who ever lays his/her eyes on it first. You may gift this to your demure friend who likes fancy packing and has an eye for chocolates!
CHOCO-9 Price: INR 5158


Chocolate is a thing of joy for the children and delight for adults. Nothing can add glitter to the gray cloud of sadness other than a big chocolate hamper from your loved ones. Chocolates turn a gloomy day into a bright afternoon. We help you spread joy and happiness in the life of your loved ones with a reasonable range of chocolate hampers to fulfill your desire of surprising your pals in the sweetest manner. We offer a huge variety of chocolates to fulfill your gifting appetite. So if you want to pamper your loved ones, our gateway is the best pick for you.

Spread ecstasy over wide seas by Chocolate delivery in India.

Sometimes it takes ages to bridge the distance gap between your loved ones and sometimes a small act by you could wipe them away in seconds. We are often perplexed in choosing the right way to deliver our love when we are seas apart from them. The chocolate hampers at our niche are designed especially for you keeping in mind all your needs. Whether it is the birthday of your little niece or anniversary of your parents, you could make yourself a part of their celebration by sending warm wishes in a chocolate bouquet crafted in accordance with your needs. With us, it's the time to feel near to your dear ones.

Send Chocolates to India: Tailor Your True Love

send chocolates to India as our Chocolate hamper delivery in India has gained pace, especially in the present era due to the scarcity of time in people's life. In the present time, everyone is running a race, and it becomes very difficult to be a part of vivid celebrations. Amidst such a perplexing environment, we offer you a sigh of relief by the large variety of chocolate hampers made to fill the void created by missing the important events of your loved ones. Our tie up with the vendors enables you to give a personal touch to your purchase of a chocolate hamper for your loved ones.

Send Chocolate Hampers to India: Make Someone Day Wonderful

The relationship between the siblings is like a show of Tom and Jerry; still, even missing a small occasion fills your day with deep grief. The occasion of Rakhi is awaited earnestly by every sister to earn the love of her brother. Being a distance apart from your little sister at such an occasion is a great elegy. Our chocolate hampers are a great savior for such an enigma where you can forward your love in a perfect manner. Send chocolate hampers to India and make someone day wonderful.

Increase the joy at an affordable price, flexible combinations and send chocolate hampers to India.

Chocolates come in great variety and forms. Every country has its own way of making this sweet item a great delight for all age groups. We have tried our best way to customize your desires at affordable rates. Now gifting chocolates have turned cheaper with our Flexi combos of a royal chocolate coupled with an ordinary one increasing the volume of joy delivered at your loved one's abode.

Make birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations grand by Chocolate hampers delivery in India.

India is such a country where even a small occasion like birthday or anniversary is celebrated as a festival. It is great turmoil for us to be apart from our loved ones at such an occasion. In such a situation, chocolate hampers delivery is a good substitute to replace the guilt of not being a part of their grand day. Birthdays are the occasion when good wishes are expected from our loved ones. With the chocolate delivery in India service, increase their joy several folds.