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I had to send flowers on short notice for a wedding reception and since I live in France i had to rely solely on ratings on the Internet. You have been punctual, the flowers were timely delivered. I was gratified for having trusted you. Thank you for your efficiency and reliability. 


A hundred roses in a basket! This one is bound to leave your loved one ecstatic. Roses of different colours are handpicked by our expert florists and arranged in a beautiful composition to look like a large bloom. Fresh fragrance of a hundred roses can leave anyone mesmerized. The basket is made of soft but sturdy cane and is wrapped with a pink satin bow. Green and white filler leaves add to the volume and display.
CBW-RO-1 Price: Rs 3,203
(US $ 47)
Charming and feminine, this bouquet is designed with a 100 pink roses. The colour of universal love for oneself and others, the long stem pink roses are handpicked by our expert florists and put together with leaves around the bunch to heighten the experience of the pink blooms. Held together with soft fancy ribbon, this specially designed bouquet is perfect for various occassions to express your warm wishes.
CBW-RO-10 Price: Rs 2,965
(US $ 43)
This bunch of 30 pink roses marries elegance with style. The fresh pink blooms are punctuated with equally fresh seasonal fillers. Popping up in between are fresh green leaves. The roses and fillers are creatively surrounded by pink fancy wrapping and bows to add to the dramatic appearance. Unique and elegant, this one is for those who like something different.
CBW-RO-11 Price: Rs 1,274
(US $ 19)
Lending 12 red roses a dramatic update, this bouquet is created with fresh red roses, green leaves, ferns and fillers and fancy wrapping. The arrangement is crafted to look unique and eccentric. It is medium in size, easy to carry and something that you do not get to see every time. Apt for all occasions, may it be a promotion, an engagement party or a birthday bash.
CBW-RO-12 Price: Rs 545
(US $ 8)
Playing muse are these 100 red roses in a pretty basket. This bunch of roses in a basket is effortlessly abundant in its mesmerizing smell, brightness and freshness. Gift it to your near and dear ones, your loved ones and place it on any tabletop or at the windowsill to grab all the attention. This basket of 100 red roses is easy to carry and looks fresh at all times. Gift it on special occasions to make the day more special.
CBW-RO-13 Price: Rs 3,203
(US $ 47)
A bunch of handpicked 100 red roses made to look like one big bloom; this one is easily a favourite pick. A 100 roses are surrounded by layers of fillers and seasonal flowers and ferns. Elegantly wrapped with fancy wrapping material, this one is easy to carry and looks good in every room.
CBW-RO-14 Price: Rs 2,965
(US $ 43)
Make your present stand out with this bunch of 100 roses in mixed colours. The brightness of yellow, serene white, classic red and gorgeous pink, add a dash of colour and fragrance. Beautified further with fillers and ferns, the bouquet is round and surrounded with exotic leaves. A final layer of fancy wrapping adds style to this creation. Gift it on any occasion!
CBW-RO-15 Price: Rs 2,965
(US $ 43)
There are few things as pure and soft as white. This bouquet is made of 100 white roses and seasonal fillers. Keeping it simple and classy, the white roses are surrounded by fillers and wrapped with fancy wrapping. Easy to carry and place on any tabletop, this one goes well for business or personal gifting.
CBW-RO-16 Price: Rs 2,965
(US $ 43)
Fun and exciting, this basket made up of 40 red roses in the shape of a heart will easily melt anyone's heart. Crafted in a unique fashion, the heart shaped basket occupies the fresh blooms and green fillers. Fresh ferns and fillers hang playfully to add to the look. Gift it to your beloved on that special occasion, and you can never go wrong.
CBW-RO-17 Price: Rs 2,035
(US $ 30)
As chirpy as the song of birds, as bright as the summer sunshine and as beautiful as a winter morning, this basket of 24 roses in mixed colours is synonymous with beauty. The roses are fresh in full boom, the leaves and fillers add the extra tinge of prettiness and the cane basket gives it a charming look. A pink satin bow tied around the bouquet finishes the look. Gift it for all occasions to make the day special.
CBW-RO-18 Price: Rs 1,383
(US $ 20)
Pink roses and exotic purple statice, this bunch of fresh blooms is kept simple and sophisticated. 12 pink roses handpicked from the freshest flowers are casually put together with an assortment of long stem purple statices. Held together strongly with a satin ribbon bow, this one looks elegant when placed in any tall vase. Your friends, family and business associates will love it for its beauty, fragrance and freshness.
CBW-RO-19 Price: Rs 545
(US $ 8)
Keeping it simple and elegant, this bunch of 12 pink roses makes a classic sweet bouquet. For those who love roses and for those who love all things pink. The fresh green leaves all around enhance the bunch of roses. The fresh fragrance of soft pink roses and green leaves adds to the experience. It is easy to carry and light in weight. Place it in a glass vase at any spot in the house or the office and it is sure to up the look of the room.
CBW-RO-2 Price: Rs 545
(US $ 8)
Think grand! Think big! This huge bunch is created out of 100 pink roses. A round arrangement of pink roses in full bloom is surrounded by seasonal fillers of different colours and green leaves. The look is finished with a wrapping paper around the flowers and a ribbon. Express your feelings of love and happiness with this bouquet. This one is sure to impress!
CBW-RO-20 Price: Rs 2,965
(US $ 43)
For an instant dose of love and all things lovely, gift this bouquet of 100 red roses with seasonal fillers. Red roses sweetly co-exist with seasonal fillers of various colours to express your feelings to your loved one. Convey birthday wishes, congratulations or get well soon thoughts to your loved ones with this beauty of a bouquet.
CBW-RO-21 Price: Rs 2,965
(US $ 43)
Roses express love better than words, don't they?! Surprise your loved ones with this arrangement of 12 long stem red roses put together with fillers and wrapped with fancy wrapping. Your message is guaranteed to reach your loved one. The bouquet is easy to carry and will light up any space where it's displayed.
CBW-RO-22 Price: Rs 545
(US $ 8)
Beautifully arranged and amazingly presented, this bunch of 2-dozen red roses is crafted to impress. The roses are handpicked by our expert florists and designers in our studios have specially put together this arrangement. Placed in a manner that the bunch looks full and glamorous along with the green leaves and fillers. Send it to your loved ones to express good wishes, congratulations and warm wishes.
CBW-RO-23 Price: Rs 985
(US $ 14)
Looking for something that speaks your heart out? This one is straight from your heart to express your love. 40 roses are displayed in the shape of a heart in a heart-shaped basket. Make your love grow ever more with this heart-shaped bouquet of roses. Put together in a strong basket, the roses will remain as fresh as your love blooms. For those in love, this one's what you're looking for!
CBW-RO-24 Price: Rs 2,035
(US $ 30)
Keep it fresh, keep it innovative! This bunch of 100 roses in mixed colours incorporates the beauty of roses in a creative fashion. Put together in a harmonious manner, red, orange, yellow, white and pink roses ooze of freshness and warm wishes. Best suited as get well soon and official presents, this bunch is easy to carry and display in any space. The fragrance spreads freshness and brilliance in the atmosphere.
CBW-RO-25 Price: Rs 2,965
(US $ 43)
This round basket with 50 pink roses is perfect for baby showers and baby ceremonies. You couldn't ask for more brightness and fresh fragrance from these pink roses that come in a pretty cane basket with a handle. Decorated with pink wrapping and frills, it makes for a perfect gift for mothers-to-be and new mommies. Gift it on other suitable occasions too.
CBW-RO-26 Price: Rs 2,123
(US $ 31)
This is the perfect yellow to brighten anyone's day! This bunch of 12 yellow roses is crafted delicately into a simple bouquet yet one that looks exquisite. The fresh green flowers and fillers add volume to the bouquet. Translucent wrapping paper around the bouquet adds style, as does the yellow satin bow. This makes for a perfect welcome gift, get well soon wish and thank you expression.
CBW-RO-27 Price: Rs 545
(US $ 8)
Send the most cheerful boost to your family and friends with this bunch of 12 orange roses. Fresh from the farm, this arrangement looks fresh and sunny with the bright orange roses, seasonal fillers and green leaves. The orange translucent wrapping around the bunch firmly holds it together. This medium size bunch looks great in any corner of the room and is good for all occasions.
CBW-RO-28 Price: Rs 545
(US $ 8)
Small is beautiful. And so is this small bunch of 12 red roses arranged with seasonal fillers. Wrapped with translucent wrapping paper and held together with a satin bow, this one is a sweet surprise to express your love, gratitude and happiness for all occasions or simply without any occasion. It's a sweet surprise that will make anyone happy.
CBW-RO-29 Price: Rs 545
(US $ 8)
Nothing shouts of love more than red roses. The most careful and loving hands in our studio put this bunch of 12 red roses together. 12 roses surrounded by green leaves and fillers are beautifully decorated with fancy wrapping and held together with a red satin bow. It looks as beautiful as the feeling of love is. Easy to hold and to carry, this one lights up everyone's world.
CBW-RO-3 Price: Rs 545
(US $ 8)
Easily a sunshine bouquet, this one will surprise and spread light all around your loved ones and friends. Crafted with 12 fresh yellow roses, seasonal fillers, green leaves and fancy wrapping material, this bunch is simple and elegant. Choose it for expressing your warm wishes for friends, family or business associates. This bouquet will surely brighten the world a little.
CBW-RO-30 Price: Rs 545
(US $ 8)
This beauty of a bouquet is beautifully created with two-dozen fresh red roses. Long stem red roses are brought together to form a bunch in such a manner that the leaves remain below the flowers. The specially crafted bouquet is perfect for those days when you want to brighten your loved one's day. Beautifully created and perfectly delivered, this one is a charmer.
CBW-RO-31 Price: Rs 985
(US $ 14)
If beauty came in a basket there's only one way it would look. Just like this big basket of 30 red roses. Designed with seasonal fillers and green leaves in a pretty cane basket, this basket has a grandiose look. A perfect present for a wedding, birthday or anniversary celebration, this one is carefully designed to suit all occasions.
CBW-RO-32 Price: Rs 1,528
(US $ 22)
This bouquet of 24 yellow roses as bright as sunshine is bursting of vibrancy. For those who like all things bright and vibrant, this is a perfect arrangement of yellow roses and fillers. The wrapping material and satin bow makes the bouquet look grand and beautiful. Gift it to express get well soon wishes, birthday surprises, engagement and wedding congratulations and more. This bouquet is perfect for all occasions.
CBW-RO-33 Price: Rs 985
(US $ 14)
Keep it fresh! Keep it Fabulous! This bunch of 12 orange roses is a perfect bouquet, designed with seasonal fillers and long stem roses. The fillers pop up in between roses in a playful manner. Medium in size, it is easy to carry and to place in any vase on a tabletop. Order it and get it delivered to express your warm wishes to make your friends and family a happy bunch.
CBW-RO-34 Price: Rs 545
(US $ 8)
This gorgeous bunch of 50 red roses is put together in a simple but charming fashion. Wrapped with beautiful wrapping around that holds the roses, this bunch is classy, elegant and minimal. Present it to your loved ones on occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers or even as a welcome-back gift. This bunch is sure to beautify your loved ones day and house.
CBW-RO-35 Price: Rs 1,821
(US $ 27)
The most beautiful white rose blooms have been handpicked to create this bouquet that oozes elegance. 12 white roses come together to create a serene arrangement along with fresh bouncy seasonal fillers and green leaves. Wrapped around with beautiful white wrapping and satin bows, this one makes for a perfect gift for friends and business associates. It sits pretty in glass and ceramic vases on any tabletop.
CBW-RO-36 Price: Rs 545
(US $ 8)
A grand arrangement with an artistic flair, this three feet tall bouquet is made of 200 red roses. Carefully placed to create an impressive design, green leaves and fillers have been used to enhance the grandeur of the bouquet in every manner. Don't let the size scare you, because the bouquet is light in weight and easy to carry. Handcrafted by expert floral artists, this one is created to astonish and electrify everyone! Why settle for less when you can gift this splendid creation of 200 roses.
CBW-RO-37 Price: Rs 6,463
(US $ 94)
This extravagance will easily capture anyone's heart. A bunch of 24 red roses in a pretty cane basket, this piece of beauty is put together and enriched with fillers. Perfection of the expert florist unites with the beauty of red roses in a woven cane basket that adds the charm. Each flower is made to stand out while large green leaves drop gracefully around them. No hassles in carrying or displaying this bouquet that is carefully created choosing only the best.
CBW-RO-38 Price: Rs 1,382
(US $ 20)
Express every emotion, with red roses and a greeting card. 24 hand-gathered fresh red roses are put together with white seasonal blooms and fillers in a gorgeous green basket. Accompanied by a free greeting card that holds your message, this basket with a sassy golden satin bow is sure to light up everyone's eyes. Easy to carry with the handle of the basket, light in weight, it's elegant design will match with every taste.
CBW-RO-39 Price: Rs 1,383
(US $ 20)
Vibrant and vivid, 12 fresh roses in different colours are put together to create this bouquet. Stems of fern surround fresh yellow, red, white orange and pink blooms. The roses are attractively arranged and held together with fancy wrapping. A classic bouquet, this one is a lovely way to express love, gratitude, and friendship and make someone smile. Sprinkle some water droplets and the roses stay as fresh.
CBW-RO-4 Price: Rs 545
(US $ 8)
Pure, calm and serene, white roses never fail to express beauty. This basket of 100 white roses comes with a complimentary greeting card to add your message. Handpicked by expert florists and carefully put together in our studio, this basket oozes of freshness of the white and greens of the leaves. Wrapped up with fancy wrapping, that adds to the elegance of the roses.
CBW-RO-40 Price: Rs 3,203
(US $ 47)
Bright like sunshine, this bunch of 50 yellow roses is carefully arranged amidst large green leaves. It comes with a complimentary greeting card to carry your message. The bouquet is medium in size, which makes it easy to carry and to display. Gift it on birthdays or anniversaries; this bunch spreads sunshine all around. For those who love fun and frolic and all things bright.
CBW-RO-41 Price: Rs 1,821
(US $ 27)
For those who like all things pretty, this basket of 30 pink roses is the most charming. Handpicked from fresh rose gardens and creatively arranged so as to display each rose prominently, this one has a layer of leaves and fillers. The creative way that it's put together with seasonal fillers adds to the charm of the flowers. This one will bring colour to any occasion.
CBW-RO-42 Price: Rs 1,513
(US $ 22)
What happens when you put stunning red together with classy white? You get to express your emotions in the most exquisite manner. This bunch of 12 red and 12 white roses is beautifully arranged in a tall glass vase and comes with a complimentary greeting card. Sweet smelling and bountiful, it is designed by expert florists who have handpicked each rose to create a perfect gift. This one is sure to beautify every place and every occasion.
CBW-RO-43 Price: Rs 1,383
(US $ 20)
The more the merrier! This four feet tall arrangement of 300 red roses makes for a grand romantic gesture that is sure to charm anyone. Each flower is arranged in a manner that it's beauty is prominent. Green leaves and fillers add to the design of this arrangement. This one is perfect for a proposal, an anniversary, a wedding gift or a birthday gift for the one you love. Fresh misty smell of 300 red roses is sure to overwhelm any space.
CBW-RO-44 Price: Rs 9,349
(US $ 136)
Flaunting the richness of red, this bunch of 40 red roses specially arranged in a glass vase makes for an exquisite gift. Add to it fresh seasonal fillers and you have a gift you can never go wrong with. Grace occasions such as birthday, anniversary, baby shower and weddings with these roses. Easy to display and care for, the roses remain as fresh as they arrived for days to come.
CBW-RO-45 Price: Rs 2,148
(US $ 31)
18 red roses hand gathered by expert florists are arranged in a classic clear glass vase. This bunch of roses is a classic expression of love. Ferns and green leaves are added to heighten the beauty of the roses. This arrangement is medium in size and easy to carry. The water in the vase keeps the roses fresh and sweet smelling for days. The perfect gift to shower your love over your loved one.
CBW-RO-46 Price: Rs 1,237
(US $ 18)
Yellow and bright, this bunch of 12 yellow roses brings sunshine along with it. Decorated with ferns and leaves in a glass vase, these yellow roses guarantee to brighten the occasion and the mood. Place near the windowsill or on the dinning table and it's sure to light up the world. The vase is specially selected to team up with the roses. This one makes for a great gift for those who love all things bright.
CBW-RO-47 Price: Rs 946
(US $ 14)
12 pink roses smelling as fresh as mist, this bunch in a vase makes for a sweet surprise for every occasion. Hand gathered roses from fresh farms and put together by expert florists, this bouquet is specially designed with ferns that add to the appearance. The glass vase adds to the classic look and feel of this bunch of pink roses. Surprise those who love pink!
CBW-RO-48 Price: Rs 946
(US $ 14)
Beauty at its finest, these 24 red roses are put together in an impressive bunch along with seasonal flowers and fillers in a glass vase. The display is kept natural and simple. The lean tall glass vase adds to bunch looking fuller and plumper. Meanwhile a golden satin bow wrapped around the glass adds the zing element. This one looks perfect in any corner of the room and goes well for every occasion.
CBW-RO-49 Price: Rs 1,383
(US $ 20)
Double up the charm with two-dozen roses in different colours. Bright yellow, charming red, vivacious orange carefully arranged with fresh green leaves and fillers, this bunch is placed in a clear glass vase. The minimal design of the vase heightens the look of the roses further. Easy to carry, easy to display and care for, this one is a perfect gift for personal and business occasions.
CBW-RO-5 Price: Rs 1,383
(US $ 20)
What can shout love louder than a 100 red roses designed in the shape of a heart? Especially designed for those who want to express their love in a special way, the heart-shaped arrangement is created out of the best-handpicked red roses. The design is sturdy, easy to carry and to display. Gift it to your loved one on birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.
CBW-RO-50 Price: Rs 3,575
(US $ 52)
For those sweet celebrations, this basket of 50 red roses in an extravagant display of beauty will do the trick. Neatly arranged in a cane basket with a handle, the roses are displayed in a manner that each bloom stands out tall. The basket makes it easy to carry the flowers and to place it on any table. Green leaves and fillers are interspersed with the flowers to heighten the display. This one is a favourite choice for many occasions.
CBW-RO-51 Price: Rs 2,123
(US $ 31)
A stylish 4 feet tall arrangement of 125 red and 125 yellow roses is something that will leave everyone awestruck. The yellows and reds pop up in the fine arrangement of green leaves and fillers. The roses are arranged in a manner that their beauty can be seen from all sides of the arrangement. Place it on the floor in a corner and it will turn into the sweetest smelling corner. Impress your loved ones with these roses.
CBW-RO-52 Price: Rs 8,029
(US $ 117)
This arrangement is created of 12 pink roses in a fancy glass vase. Each long stem rose is handpicked by our expert florists and arranged carefully. The softness of pink and mesmerizing smell is sure to spread happiness all around. This one is a favourite for baby showers, birthdays and anniversaries. Gift it to friends and loved ones.
CBW-RO-53 Price: Rs 946
(US $ 14)
This basket of a dozen yellow and a dozen red roses in a creative conical design not only looks different, it is something that is specially created for those that stand out. The 12 red and 12 yellow roses with long stems have been selected by our expert florists for this structured bouquet. Add to the roses a bunch of seasonal fillers. The fancy round basket made of cane adds to the eccentric look. This piece makes for a great present for professional or personal occasions.
CBW-RO-54 Price: Rs 1,382
(US $ 20)
Why gift a dozen when there's a bouquet made especially with two-dozen red roses! Fresh bright red roses oozing of romance are held together with a bright red satin ribbon bow. Green ferns and leaves surround the red roses creating a neat appearance. The freshness of ferns and roses merges to spread sweet moist smell. This one is a favourite for anniversaries, engagements and weddings.
CBW-RO-55 Price: Rs 985
(US $ 14)
For you to express oodles of love, we've created a big bouquet with heaps of roses. This is one tall arrangement of 200 red roses selected specially by our expert florists. The roses are arranged in a creative design that adds to the height of the bouquet. Fresh, big green leaves add style to the arrangement. Place this one in any room and it's sure to grab eyeballs. This one is as unique as your love.
CBW-RO-56 Price: Rs 6,463
(US $ 94)
If it's from your heart, let it be in the shape of the heart. A hundred pink roses are put together in the shape of a heart in this bouquet. A border around the heart is created with fresh green leaves. This one looks great when decorated on the wall too. It is put together in a minimal shape, but one that's enough to express your love. This one is a favourite for anniversaries, proposals and even simply a gift-just-to-impress.
CBW-RO-57 Price: Rs 3,575
(US $ 52)
12 pink roses are neatly placed in a clear glass vase. Fresh ferns hang graciously amidst the pink roses. The vintage shape of the glass vase adds a classic look. This one makes for a sweet surprise for your friends and loved ones. Place it on a centerpiece or on a dinning table, and it will brighten up the space as well as everyone's day. Medium in size and elegant, this classic arrangement suits all occasions.
CBW-RO-58 Price: Rs 946
(US $ 14)
A basket of 150 pink roses – some in full bloom, some buds – this bouquet is designed in a creative and unusual fashion. Towering in a conical shape, each pink rose is arranged in a manner that it can be clearly seen. Ample of green leaves give it a lush and splendid look. The basket in a flat shape is specially chosen to suit this arrangement. Surprise and delight with these 150 fresh pink roses!
CBW-RO-59 Price: Rs 4,675
(US $ 68)
This arrangement of 12 pink roses in a glass vase is classy, minimal and perfect for those who have an elegant taste. Hand gathered fresh long stem pink roses are arranged in a clear glass vase. Green leaves harmoniously heighten the gracious look of the pink roses. Sprinkle some water droplets and the sweet smelling roses are ready to be gifted. This arrangement makes for a perfect professional or personal gift.
CBW-RO-6 Price: Rs 946
(US $ 14)
Keeping it natural and different, this garden-fresh bouquet of 18 red roses is created to charm. The seasonal fillers add elegance, while a big satin bow on the basket adds a luxurious element. This one is small and easy to carry and place on any table. A favourite for sending wishes on birthdays, promotions, anniversaries, this is a perfect case of good things coming in small packages.
CBW-RO-60 Price: Rs 1,237
(US $ 18)
This one was specially created for those who believe that size does matter. A huge basket of 200 red roses, this design is for those who enjoy extravagance. Because just one, two or a hundred roses aren't enough, we put together a large basket full of 200 roses. The cane basket is sturdy and firm and the shape adds to the beautiful appearance of the roses. The roses are punctuated with green leaves all over and such that each of the 200 roses is highlighted.
CBW-RO-61 Price: Rs 6,463
(US $ 94)
This fancy arrangement is four feet tall and is made up of 400 red roses. Shower all your love with 400 fresh red roses. Created in a beautiful layered arrangement, special care is taken about it's sturdiness and looks at the same time. It looks modern and striking at the same time. Fillers and decorative wrappers and frills, all along with 400 red roses and green leaves is something that marvels.
CBW-RO-62 Price: Rs 12,099
(US $ 176)
Three dozen roses are put together in a casual yet charming fashion in this arrangement. The 36 red roses are fresh and handpicked by expert florists. The glass vase is simple, yet elegant. Long stems of the roses are seen through the clear glass, adding style to this creation. The roses remain as fresh as they are in the farm. Mothers day, daughters day, birthday or a job promotion, gift this on any special occasion.
CBW-RO-7 Price: Rs 1,929
(US $ 28)
This gorgeous basket of 50 red roses is sure to have a mesmerizing effect on whoever sees it. As vivacious as a fresh rose plant, this bouquet is arranged with fresh leaves, fillers and ferns that add to the volume and beauty of the arrangement. The fresh rose flowers spread the sweetest fragrance. The cane basket almost gets hidden with the spread of the long stem roses and fillers, adding to the look. Easy to carry and display on tabletops, this one is a preferred choice for almost all occasions.
CBW-RO-8 Price: Rs 2,123
(US $ 31)
This basket is made up of 100 red roses. The bouquet is designed to give a natural look with all the 100 roses arranged to look like one large bloom. Green leaves add fresh nod to the arrangement, while the fresh misty smell of the red roses merges with the smells of the green leaves. With an appearance of abundance and a natural bouncy zing, this one is for those who like all things pretty. Order it for your ladies: mothers, sisters, wives and daughters love this one!
CBW-RO-9 Price: Rs 3,203
(US $ 47)