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I had to send flowers on short notice for a wedding reception and since I live in France i had to rely solely on ratings on the Internet. You have been punctual, the flowers were timely delivered. I was gratified for having trusted you. Thank you for your efficiency and reliability. 


100 roses in different colors come together in this basket to create a garden full of joy and brightness. The basket is delivered along with a free Rakhi. The roses are handpicked by expert florists and put together in a creative fashion. The pretty cane basket is further decorated with soft satin ribbon. Order this for your brother on Raksha Bandhan and celebrate with love.
RAK-FLO-1 Price: Rs 2,911
(US $ 42)
Lending 12 pink roses a dramatic update, this bouquet is created with fresh roses, green leaves, fillers and fancy wrapping. The arrangement is crafted to look unique and eccentric. It is medium in size, easy to carry and something that you do not get to see every time. Along with it, a beautiful free Rakhi makes it a perfect gift for your brother on Raksha Bandhan.
RAK-FLO-10 Price: Rs 495
(US $ 7)
Playing muse are these gerberas, roses and green fillers in a pretty vase. This bunch of blooms in a vase is effortlessly abundant in its mesmerizing fragrance, brightness, and freshness. Gift it to your brother with the free Rakhi. The Rakhi is creatively crafted from the pretty beads and trinkets. Delight your brother on Raksha Bandhan.
RAK-FLO-11 Price: Rs 1,058
(US $ 15)
Make Raksha Bandhan special for your brother with this present that easily stand out. A basket of 24 mixed colored carnations and fillers, the brightness of the colors will surely brighten up your brother's day. Beautified further with fillers, the basket is round and surrounded with exotic leaves. A final layer of fancy wrapping adds style to this creation. Complementing it is an equally beautiful free Rakhi, created with colorful embellishments. A perfect gift to send to your brother on Raksha Bandhan.
RAK-FLO-12 Price: Rs 1,356
(US $ 20)
A basket of handpicked 24 mixed roses made to look like one big bloom; this one is easily a favorite pick. 24 roses are surrounded by layers of fillers, elegantly arranged in a beautiful basket. The basket is delivered with a free Rakhi for your brother. For those who like all things attractive, the Rakhi is a perfect match.
RAK-FLO-13 Price: Rs 1,256
(US $ 18)
For an instant dose of love and all things lovely for your brother, gift this bouquet of 12 stalks of red roses and a free Rakhi. Red roses sweetly co-exist with seasonal fillers, wrapped by fancy decoration to express your feelings to your brother. The Rakhi features decorative embellishments, colorful beads, and silky threads - perfect to celebrate Raksha Bandhan.
RAK-FLO-14 Price: Rs 495
(US $ 7)
Beautifully arranged and amazingly presented, this bunch of 12 red roses with ferns is crafted to impress. The roses are handpicked by our expert florists and designers in our studios have specially put together this arrangement. Placed in a manner that the bunch looks full and glamorous along with the green leaves and fillers. Send it to your brother on Raksha Bandhan along with the beautiful free Rakhi and express your appreciation and good wishes. Delight your brother.
RAK-FLO-15 Price: Rs 860
(US $ 13)
Keep it fresh, keep it innovative! This bunch of 100 roses in mixed colors incorporates the beauty of roses in a creative fashion. Put together in a harmonious manner, red, orange, yellow, white and pink roses ooze of freshness and warm wishes. Send it to your brother along with the free Rakhi that is crafted with pretty beads, decorative embellishments, and colorful threads. Your brother deserves all things special on Raksha Bandhan.
RAK-FLO-16 Price: Rs 2,695
(US $ 39)
Send the most cheerful boost of color to your brother with this bunch of 24 mixed color gerberas. Fresh from the farm, this arrangement looks fresh and sunny with the bright colors, seasonal fillers, and green leaves. The wrapping around the bunch firmly holds it together. This medium size bunch looks great in any corner of the room and is delivered with a free Rakhi for Raksha Bandhan.
RAK-FLO-17 Price: Rs 1,356
(US $ 20)
Easily a sunshine bunch of fresh blooms, this one is crafted with red roses and seasonal flowers, fillers, green leaves and fancy wrapping material. Simple and elegant, it is sent along with a beautiful Rakhi created with fancy embellishments to compliment the festive occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Delight your brother by sending this his way.
RAK-FLO-18 Price: Rs 595
(US $ 9)
Keep it fresh! Keep it Fabulous! This bunch of 10 gerberas and a free Rakhi is a perfect gift for your brother. The bouquet is designed with fresh gerberas in a playful manner. The Rakhi is crafted in an attractive pattern with beads and trinkets. Order it for your brother and get it delivered to express your warm wishes on Raksha Bandhan.
RAK-FLO-19 Price: Rs 495
(US $ 7)
40 bright red roses and seasonal fillers adorn a glass vase. A pretty Rakhi is delivered along with the flowers. Fresh roses are handpicked by expert florists and delicately put together in a pretty glass vase. The Rakhi is beautifully crafted with dainty embellishments, trinkets, and beads. The combo gets creatively wrapped and delivered with love.
RAK-FLO-2 Price: Rs 1,952
(US $ 28)
Beauty at its finest, these orchids are put together in an impressive vase and delivered along with a free Rakhi. The display of the orchids is kept natural and simple. The lean tall glass vase adds to the beauty. Meanwhile, a beautiful rakhi, crafted from beads, traditional threads, and colorful trinkets is creatively packed. Both are delivered sealed with your love for your brother on Raksha Bandhan. Order it for your brother.
RAK-FLO-20 Price: Rs 1,256
(US $ 18)
24 red roses are hand picked and bunched together into a beautiful arrangement. Wrapped with fancy wrapping, the red roses form a spectacular circular bouquet. The flowers come with a free Rakhi. Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with delight by sending this special present to your brother.
RAK-FLO-21 Price: Rs 895
(US $ 13)
50 fresh pink roses are bundled up in a beautiful arrangement along with fillers. The bunch of roses is wrapped with fancy wrapping and held tightly together with satin ribbons. The bunch of fresh flowers is delivered with a free Rakhi. The designer Rakhi is a gorgeous creation of decorative beads, embellishments and silky threads. Send this amazing present to your brother on Raksha Bandhan and celebrate the festival with delight.
RAK-FLO-22 Price: Rs 1,655
(US $ 24)
This beautiful bunch of 12 red roses and fillers comes with a free Rakhi. Handpicked roses are bunched up together and wrapped with fancy wrapping. Fillers and green leaves pop up between the red roses, fresh and fragrant. The Rakhi is delicately designed with decorative trinkets, embellishments, and knick-knacks. Send this to your brother on Raksha Bandhan and make the celebrations special.
RAK-FLO-23 Price: Rs 495
(US $ 7)
A bunch of 12 yellow roses is elegantly put together with fancy wrapping. Along with it is packed a beautiful free Rakhi. The freshness and fragrance of the yellow roses brighten the atmosphere, while the charming Rakhi oozes of beauty. Order this exquisite present for your brother on Raksha Bandhan and delight him.
RAK-FLO-24 Price: Rs 495
(US $ 7)
Here’s something every brother will be delighted to receive on the festive occasion of Raksha Bandhan. A bunch of 12 red roses is creatively put together punctuated with fillers. The rakhi, which is free with the flowers, is creatively designed with fancy trinkets and beads. A perfect present to express the loving bond between a brother and a sister.
RAK-FLO-25 Price: Rs 495
(US $ 7)
Brighten your brother’s day with a pretty basket of white roses and gerberas and a free Rakhi. Handpicked and specially assorted, the fragrant flowers are arranged in the most natural manner to highlight its beauty. The elegant Rakhi is designed with soft threads, beads, embellishments and fancy trinkets to form the most attractive design. Send it to your brother and delight him with this beautiful present.
RAK-FLO-26 Price: Rs 1,158
(US $ 17)
A pretty bunch of orchids and a free Rakhi, make for a perfect gift for your brother on the festive occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Handpicked fresh from the farms, the dainty orchids are artistically arranged in a bunch. An elegantly designed Rakhi created with beads, threads and knick-knacks is neatly packed in fancy wrapping. A delightful surprise for your brother.
RAK-FLO-27 Price: Rs 1,092
(US $ 16)
The magnificence of orchids is unmatched. Handpicked by our expert florists a bunch or orchids is aesthetically put together in a glass vase to bring out its natural beauty. The beautiful orchids are delivered along with a free elegant rakhi. Order this combination to be sent to your brother and celebrate Raksha Bandhan with flair.
RAK-FLO-28 Price: Rs 1,653
(US $ 24)
Send this glorious combination of orchids in a vase and a free Rakhi to your brother on the festive occasion of Raksha Bandhan. The orchids are handpicked and creatively put together along with seasonal fillers in a glass vase. The elegant glass vase adds to the charm. A beautiful Rakhi is delivered along with the vase.
RAK-FLO-29 Price: Rs 1,852
(US $ 27)
A beautiful bunch of 12 pink roses is put together in a glass vase and stylized with ferns in between. The flowers are sent along with a beautiful Rakhi crafted with decorative beads and trinkets, truly embodying the bond shared between brothers and sisters. Send this combo to your brother and make him feel special on Raksha Bandhan.
RAK-FLO-3 Price: Rs 860
(US $ 13)
Make this Raksha Bandhan special for your brother by sending this bunch of 12 mixed colored roses that gets delivered with a free Rakhi. Elegantly put together with fresh flowers and seasonal fillers, the bouquet is artistically designed keeping in mind the special occasion. Order it for your brother and delight him.
RAK-FLO-30 Price: Rs 495
(US $ 7)
Scrupulously bunched, this arrangement of assorted flowers is the perfect gift to celebrate the sibling day. On the pious occasion of Raksha Bandhan, when you will gift this to your sister/brother, their reaction will enthrall you. The hues of this amazing bunch are not the only thing that will mesmerize you. You will be further captivated by the free Rakhi that you get with this beautiful bunch of assorted flowers. So hurry and make your festival a memorable one.
RAK-FLO-31 Price: Rs 661
(US $ 10)
A free Rakhi with a beautiful bunch of royal, ornamental orchids with seasonal fillers will make your festival an unforgettable one. Orchids signify strength that epitomizes the relation between a brother and sister. The strength with which the brother promises to take care of the sister is indicated with this marvelous bunch. The promises that are further made will remain powerful as this bunch is as binding as the bond of love. Please hurry and place the order for this significant bunch!
RAK-FLO-32 Price: Rs 1,224
(US $ 18)
When you receive orchids, the day is certainly special, but when you receive orchids in a vase, that is moment to capture. So seize your happiness on this Raksha Bandhan with beautiful orchids that not only comes with an appealing vase, but also a free Rakhi for your brother/sister. Aryan florists will deliver this set of happiness at your doorstep and assure you a day full of happiness and joy. Place your order now!
RAK-FLO-33 Price: Rs 1,455
(US $ 21)
Receiving a basket of assorted flowers with lilies, roses and carnations from your miser sibling, you can reckon the depth of love your sibling has for you. So don't be surprised if you receive this basket along with a free Rakhi to make the bond of love mightier than before. This wonderful blend of thoughtfully chosen flowers will make your celebrations opulent. Place your order now and get adorned with flowers on this Raksha Bandhan.
RAK-FLO-34 Price: Rs 1,785
(US $ 26)
If you are away from your sister/brother and miss them terribly, then go order this delightful bunch of ten yellow roses and 3 red gerberas. The yellow and red colors of these flowers compliment each other, just like you compliment your sibling. You will feel cheerful when you send this joyous bunch of bright yellow roses that radiates closeness in your relationship. This comes with a free Rakhi, that saves you the from the hassle of going to the market.
RAK-FLO-35 Price: Rs 525
(US $ 8)
Nothing can show love as good as the traditional red roses. This bunch of 24 red roses are meticulously arranged for you to send this to your siblings. This bunch comes with a Raksha Bandhan Card and a Rakhi too. You may express your feelings and show your perpetual love towards your sibling, through this flawless bunch of red roses that is organized especially for this Rakhi. Surprise your little sister/brother with this bunch and see them smile!
RAK-FLO-36 Price: Rs 1,325
(US $ 19)
Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with some flowers and gift your sibling, this set of 12 assorted Gerberas that radiate myriads of emotions. Each color of the Gerberas signify the strength of the brother sister relation. The yellow and red Gerberas emanate the friendly bond that the duo shares, along with the intensity of admiration they have for each other. The free Rakhi that you receive with this will symbolize the affiliation between the siblings. Order now!
RAK-FLO-37 Price: Rs 525
(US $ 8)
A beautiful slender vase comes to you on this Rakhi with beautiful Orchids that are wonderfully arranged into it. Orchids are a reflection of power and on this Rakhi, you may show this to your little sister by giving her these flowers and prove your powerful love for her. The vase will constantly remind your sister of this beautiful gift and each time she will feel admiration towards you. Order these now, as it comes with a Rakhi that you can ask her to tie.
RAK-FLO-38 Price: Rs 1,256
(US $ 18)
Missing your sibling this Rakhi? Show your love towards your brother/sister by sending this creative bunch of mixed lilies that adorns the vase that comes with the bunch. The assorted lilies are carefully placed in the vase and you may give it to your sibling who appreciates arts and creativity. Since lilies project inventiveness, this is apt for your artist brother/sister! The bunch not only comes with a vase, but also a beautiful ornamental Rakhi.
RAK-FLO-39 Price: Rs 1,785
(US $ 26)
50 fresh red roses are put together in a pretty basket and sent along with a free Rakhi. The fragrant flowers are handpicked and beautifully decorated in the basket. The Rakhi is designed to create a beautiful pattern with beads and threads. Express your sibling love to your brother by sending this combo to him.
RAK-FLO-4 Price: Rs 1,930
(US $ 28)
Fresh lilies, if delivered on this Raksha Bandhan will equate a million gifts. To bring smile to your lovely sister/brother, don't think much and order these extravagant flowers! These fresh lilies come in a vase and can also enhance the look of your room. Aryan florists have a range of lilies that they will present in this vase. Along with that, they will also send a wonderfully created Rakhi to assure you of togetherness.
RAK-FLO-40 Price: Rs 1,653
(US $ 24)
Honor the love of your brother/sister with this beautiful bunch of two dozen yellow roses. They are well packed and easy to present and has a tie-up on the base of the bunch, to assure a good grip over it. This ray of joy, on the special occasion of Raksha Bandhan will display affection and friendliness between you and your sibling. These twenty four yellow roses also come with a sacred thread of love.
RAK-FLO-41 Price: Rs 1,250
(US $ 18)
A perfect way to surprise your baby sister who is away from you is this lovely looking teddy bear that has innocent appeal to it. This package of assorted flowers come in a basket and are of various colors with a free Rakhi. The florists has handpicked them to create this beautiful bunch just for you to be presented on this Raksha Bandhan. This is an apt way to say you are always there for your sister. Order now and surprise!
RAK-FLO-42 Price: Rs 1,918
(US $ 28)
Two dozen of roses are ready to be gifted to your sibling on this sacred festival of Rakhi Purnima. These twenty four roses of mixed colors come your way to show the eternal bond between brothers and sisters. Since time immemorial, brothers have been promising security of their sisters, so here is the time to reiterate the promise with the free Rakhi that comes with the mixed roses that are arranged in a glass vase. Place your order now!
RAK-FLO-43 Price: Rs 1,256
(US $ 18)
This gorgeous combination of 12 pink roses in a glass vase and a free Rakhi will delight and brighten up your brother’s day. The roses are placed in an elegant glass vase along with green leaves and ferns. The Rakhi is an impressive design created with colorful threads and embellishments. Make this even more special by combining it with chocolates or a cake.
RAK-FLO-5 Price: Rs 860
(US $ 13)
Fresh blooms – 6 red carnations and 6 pink carnations – are stunningly arranged in an elegant cane basket. The flowers get delivered along with a free Rakhi. This Raksha Bandhan expresses love for your brother with this combo. The flowers are fresh and fragrant. The Rakhi is elegantly designed with sparkly beads and embellishments to create a charming design.
RAK-FLO-6 Price: Rs 650
(US $ 9)
Keeping it pink and elegant, this present combines 12 pink roses in a vase and a free Rakhi. Handpicked roses are delicately arranged in the vase along with fresh ferns. The Rakhi is a designed in a colorful traditional pattern. The combo symbolizes the special bond that brothers and sisters share. Send this adorable present to your brother on Raksha Bandhan and celebrate the festive occasion.
RAK-FLO-7 Price: Rs 860
(US $ 13)
This charming bouquet is created with 18 fresh and fragrant red roses and seasonal fillers. Handpicked and arranged by our expert florists, the elegant basket adds to the charm of the flowers. A colorful traditional pattern Rakhi is sent along with the flowers. The Rakhi is specially created with the finest beads and threads and packed in fancy wrapping. Send this to your brother on Raksha Bandhan and make him feel special.
RAK-FLO-8 Price: Rs 1,124
(US $ 16)
This bunch of 12 yellow and 12 red roses marries elegance with style. The fresh blooms are punctuated with equally fresh seasonal fillers. Popping up in between are fresh green leaves. The roses and fillers are creatively arranged in a basket. Unique and elegant, this one is for those who like something different. Complementing it is a free Rakhi. Created with dainty embellishments and colorful threads, it symbolizes the special bond between brothers and sisters in its beauty. Send this to your brother on Raksha Bandhan.
RAK-FLO-9 Price: Rs 1,256
(US $ 18)