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I had to send flowers on short notice for a wedding reception and since I live in France i had to rely solely on ratings on the Internet. You have been punctual, the flowers were timely delivered. I was gratified for having trusted you. Thank you for your efficiency and reliability. 


24 pieces of these Italian Ferrero Rocher chocolates are the urban way of saying 'Happy Raksha Bandhan'. This urban way is delightful as it is chocolaty and nutty. Each golden ball of this chocolate pack will mesmerize you and you will thank your sister for this wonderful annual gift, that she chooses to present on this Raksha Bandhan. A free decorated Rakhi with this pack will simplify the celebration to make it traditional. This blend of urban and traditional is worth this Rakhabandhan.
RAK-CHOCO-1 Price: Rs 1,225
(US $ 18)
16 pieces of Italian Ferrero Rocher , are certainly one of the best gifts to give on this Raksha Bandhan as they are royal treat for the siblings who indulge in chocolates together. Enjoy the sixteen pieces with delight and celebrate your raksha bandhan with pride. You get a free rakhi with this pack to tie on your brothers wrist as a pious thread and emphasize on the vows . Place your order now and enjoy your special festival!
RAK-CHOCO-10 Price: Rs 850
(US $ 12)
Abundance of chocolates on the festival of Raksha Bandhan is a flawless gift to give your sister so that she can relish the chocolates that reflects love and eternal bond between the two of you. This medium sized basket of assorted chocolates will allure you to buy and will captivate your sister's heart when she will eat these yummy sugary chocolates. Show your love through this reusable basket and also get a free Rakhi with this medium sized basket.
RAK-CHOCO-11 Price: Rs 3,968
(US $ 58)
Big Basket of assorted chocolates will be pure bliss to gift to your sibling on this auspicious 'Purnima day'. The big basket that can be reused to pack another wonderful gift will be adorned with sizeable and prominent chocolates that will annex more happiness and shower amplitude of admiration on Raksha Bandhan. To add to the bliss, you also get a free Rakhi that you can give to your sister to tie it on your wrist.
RAK-CHOCO-16 Price: Rs 5,158
(US $ 75)
5 different flavors of Cadbury's will resolve many pending issues that you have with your brother. When bribed with this pack of 5 'Temptations' of all different flavors, you are sure to get your things done this Rakhi. So to have this win win situation, order these yummy chocolates that come with a free rakhi. All you need to do is to order this pack of five chocolates with a bouquet to complete your order.
RAK-CHOCO-2 Price: Rs 1,095
(US $ 16)
Thinking of presenting something along with the flowers, to your sister? We have a pack of chocolates that include 4 Cadbury's Temptations and one pack of chocopie, that is an ideal accompaniment with a bunch/bouquet of flowers on this Raksha Bandhan. Present this to your sister who loves chocolates, which will not only make her happy but it will sweeten your bond with her. You also get a free Rakhi with this pack of chocolates to have a jubilant day.
RAK-CHOCO-3 Price: Rs 1,050
(US $ 15)
5 Five Star Chocolates For Price of 4, 16 Pieces of Ferrero Rocher, A Box of Cadbury's Fruit And Nut And A Box Of Choco Twisters With A Free Rakhi is all you need to please your brother on this Raksha Bandhan. Send these chocolates as accompaniment to The Flowers, and you will see magical flow of emotions churning into your brother's heart. The free Rakhi with this pack of chocolates will enhance your festivities! Order Now!
RAK-CHOCO-4 Price: Rs 1,850
(US $ 27)
Beautifully Gift Wrapped Assorted Chocolates With A Free Rakhi will bring the happiness that chocolates are associated with. A childlike behavior and kid like temptation of your sibling will melt your heart and you will want to give it all to your sibling. Enjoy this Rakhi with this pack and recall the childhood days of endless chocolate fights. This will make you feel elated and nostalgic at the same time. Order now with a bunch of flowers to complete the celebration.
RAK-CHOCO-5 Price: Rs 999
(US $ 15)
These assorted packed chocolates will very eloquently convey the care and admiration you have for your brother/sister. This is where we feel that actions are indeed louder than words. This Raksha Bandhan reflect your love through these chocolates that makes you relish the festival with the rest of the family too. A free Rakhi that you get with this pack is an addition to your positive actions. Order now along with flowers and see the mighty effect.
RAK-CHOCO-6 Price: Rs 999
(US $ 15)
When sending flowers to your brother on this Raksha bandhan, don't forget to send this pack of assorted chocolates too that will infuse happiness and love. It is on this day that through gifts you can nurture your relation and give it strength that no other relation has. To make it mightier, this pack also comes with the free Rakhi, without which this festival is meaningless. So order this now with flowers!
RAK-CHOCO-7 Price: Rs 999
(US $ 15)
Wonderfully gift wrapped, these assorted chocolates are a great way to bring lavishness into this rakhi. Place your order for this pack of assorted chocolates that can be ordered with flowers and can be delivered at your door step. A free Rakhi that you get with this pack is a vital part of Raksha Bandhan so place your order now along with a bunch of flowers and watch the bag full of happy emotions pouring out!
RAK-CHOCO-8 Price: Rs 999
(US $ 15)
Savour the festival of Raksha Bandhan through these 3 Small Packs of Ferrero Rocher (3 pieces in each pack) that are accompanied with two Boxes of Imported Vochelle Chocolate ( Subject to availability, in case of non availability, a chocolate of same value will be delivered) that will bring Chocolates galore. Let happiness and positivity flow through this pack of sweetness. With this in mind, gift this pack of chocolates to your sibling and enjoy the festivities of Raksha Bandhan. (Order this product with flowers)
RAK-CHOCO-9 Price: Rs 1,850
(US $ 27)