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I had to send flowers on short notice for a wedding reception and since I live in France i had to rely solely on ratings on the Internet. You have been punctual, the flowers were timely delivered. I was gratified for having trusted you. Thank you for your efficiency and reliability. 


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Made with love, this Rakhi spreads love and light on the special occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Delicately created with beads, trinkets and knick-knacks, its charming design suits all wrists. Its small size adds to its elegance. Order it for your brother and let him know how much you love him.
RAKHI-1 Price: Rs 499
Delicate rakhi, but strong bond; make your brother feel special on Rakshabandhan with this elegantly designed rakhi. Small in size and aesthetically created, it embodies the true love that brothers and sisters always protect. Order this Rakhi for your brother and share the love.
RAKHI-10 Price: Rs 360
The bond of love between brothers and sisters is one of the most beautiful relationships. Cherish that love by sending this beautiful Rakhi to your brother. The Rakhi  created with beads, trinkets and fancy knick-knacks  gets delivered wrapped in a fancy package. Make the day special for your brother.
RAKHI-11 Price: Rs 360
Send this attractive Rakhi to your brother. As beautiful as brother-sister bond, this Rakhi is stunningly crafted with the most detailed embellishments. Soft threads, colorful beads, sparkly trinkets and decorative knick-knacks are creatively put together in a fashionable design  the best a sister would choose for her brother.
RAKHI-12 Price: Rs 360
Make your brother feel special by sending this elegant designer Rakhi to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. The Rakhi is designed with the most beautiful and dainty beads, pearls and trinkets. Tied together with soft silky threads, it epitomizes the true bond between brothers and sisters.
RAKHI-13 Price: Rs 360
On the festive occasion of Raksha Bandhan, express love to your brother with this elegant rakhi. Designed with the finest beads, embellishments and silky threads, its traditional design is striking. Wrapped in fancy packing with love, its a Rakhi that will impress your beloved brother.
RAKHI-14 Price: Rs 360
An assortment of color is styled to perfection in this designer Rakhi. Created with the finest beads, threads, and trinkets, this Rakhi will bring love, joy, and color into your brothers life. A beautifully designed expression for a special bond, send it to your brother on Raksha Bandhan.
RAKHI-15 Price: Rs 360
A trendy rakhi, specially designed for your brother. This designer Rakhi is crafted from decorative beads, threads, and trinkets. Stylishly put together in an impressive design, this one stands out with its radiant colors. Order it for your brother on the special occasion of Raksha Bandhan.
RAKHI-16 Price: Rs 360
Decorative beads, trinkets, and silky threads are brought together in a unique design to create something as unique as your love for your brother. Send this Rakhi to your brother and delight him with your special expression this Raksha Bandhan.
RAKHI-17 Price: Rs 360
A beautiful Rakhi crafted with love for your brother. This Rakhi is created with the most colorful beads, decorative embellishments, and silky threads. The colors embody the gorgeous expression of love that brothers and sisters share. Send this to your brother on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.
RAKHI-18 Price: Rs 360
Meet elegance and style in this gorgeous designer Rakhi. Crafted with the finest beads, threads and decorative knick-knacks, this Rakhi is creatively wrapped in decorative paper and delivered to the receiver. Send it to your brother and strengthen your special bond in style.
RAKHI-19 Price: Rs 360
For those brothers who love everything stylish, this Rakhi is just the right choice. Adorned with knick-knacks, embellishments, and trinkets, it is aesthetically designed to suit all wrists. The decorative thread adds to its style. Send this to your brother and delight him on the special occasion of Raksha Bandhan.
RAKHI-2 Price: Rs 599
Make Raksha Bandhan even more special for your brother and you with this designer Rakhi. The colorful embellishments, fancy beads and silky threads put together in a trendy design make for the perfect expression of the bond that brothers and sisters share. Send this Rakhi to your brother to strengthen your bond.
RAKHI-20 Price: Rs 360
The true beauty of Raksha Bandhan is the bond that ties brothers and sisters. Heres a Rakhi designed with intricate patterns with fancy embellishments, studs, beads and traditional threads. The Rakhi is neatly packed in fancy wrapping and delivered. Present it to your brother to express your love.
RAKHI-21 Price: Rs 360
A memorable Rakhi for your brother, this one is designed with magnificent embellishments that form beautiful traditional patterns. With traditional festive colors and silky threads to tie around the wrist, its unique exquisite design is sure to delight your brother. The Rakhi is creatively packed with fancy wrapping and delivered.
RAKHI-22 Price: Rs 360
RAKHI-23 Price: Rs 360

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