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The bright hues of these various colored roses, gerberas and other seasonal fillers you have a bang on choice! With this basket you are sure to bring more than a smile to anyone you wish to present this delightful basket of flowers. The striking colors of gerberas and the roses reveals the story of your love which goes through various shades in its lifetime. From the first meeting to the various levels, this basket of flowers is very enchanting.
DW-FL-1 Price: Rs 1984
For those who want to gift something special, orchids in a vase will do the trick. This collection of orchids is assembled in a beautiful glass vase along with long stems of green leaves. The most classic arrangement of the most fragrant blooms, this one makes for a classy present for occasions such as anniversary, birthday, wedding, house warming and even casual dinner parties. Place it anywhere – on dinning tables, office desks and even on corner tables – it looks as gorgeous!
DW-FL-10 Price: Rs 1654
An arrangement that will easily impress, this one is created with orchids and seasonal fillers in a glass vase. The magnificence of each orchid stem is clear, while the fillers add style and charm. The arrangement will make any space stand out once placed on a tabletop. Order this to send your wishes to your spouse on your anniversary or to your friends and family on their anniversary.
DW-FL-11 Price: Rs 1852
Say it with orange roses! This bunch of 18 orange roses is designed with love and care by our expert florists. Each rose is handpicked, delicately placed in the bunch and seasonal fillers are added to make the bunch look more stunning. Wrapped with fancy sheet all around and held together with a ribbon bow, the arrangement looks fresh, fun and beautiful. Send it to express your love to your spouse on your anniversary and make the day even more special.
DW-FL-12 Price: Rs 728
What's the colour of love? Red. This bunch of 10 red carnations put together in an elegant manner with green leaves and fillers make for a lovely way to express wishes on anniversaries. The carnations are fresh and handpicked by our expert florists, put together with love, to convey the message of love. Order this one and make it a special day!
DW-FL-13 Price: Rs 475
This enchanting harmony of purple orchids and seasonal blooms to join the party is assorted to impress! Held together with long fresh green leaf stems, the orchids and seasonal flowers are specially chosen to design this bouquet. Adding to the charming look is the mesmerizing fragrance of fresh blooms. Sprinkle some misty water droplets and this arrangement will revitalize any room. It remains as fresh as it arrived at your doorstep, for days.
DW-FL-14 Price: Rs 1225
As white as snow , the lilies represent that calmness with passionate love that is a requisite to keep the relationship steady and sturdy. You get this dazzling combo of white lilies and red roses, in a beautiful, curvaceous vase that will be a reminder of the time spent together even when the flowers dry up. The other colors of the lilies present in the bunch represent the neutral, yet the best phase of your relationship.
DW-FL-15 Price: Rs 1654
A breathtaking display, a bunch of orchid blooms in a blue vase is an unmatched surprise gift. Long stems of orchids and green leaves stand tall in an oval shaped vase. Surprise and impress your loved ones with this attractive gorgeous bunch of orchids. The blue vase is carefully selected to match the orchids for this bunch. Gift it on a birthday, anniversary or on a wedding, it's sure to make everyone go “wow”!
DW-FL-16 Price: Rs 2712
Dozens of purple orchids in a tall glass vase, and adorning the flowers are long green leaf stems that are also seen through the glass vase. A perfect combination of the brightest purple and freshest green, the transparent glass vase adds spectacle to the arrangement. It is easy to carry, light in weight, medium in size and the water in the vase keeps the orchids fresh for days. This one's easily a favourite for many occasions.
DW-FL-17 Price: Rs 1455
The mixture of variety of colors of the flowers laid in a basket will strike the right chord to whoever receives it. The colored carnations are twenty four, and will help you realize the millions thoughts into reality. Each flowers will be an addendum to the feelings, no matter who you give this to, mum or dad, sister or brother, grandfather or grandmother. Place your order for this pretty basket full of hues and sparkle.
DW-FL-18 Price: Rs 1356
Bright like sunshine, this bouquet of two-dozen yellow roses is sure to spread happiness and joy. Fillers and green leaves punctuate the arrangement as the roses pop up randomly creating a fun vibe. Fancy wrapping to match the colour of the flowers creates an added vitality. Send these flowers on anniversaries and make life brighter.
DW-FL-19 Price: Rs 895
An adoring bouquet created with 24 mixed coloured carnations and seasonal fillers, this one is an absolutely stunning choice. Put together in a beautiful cane basket the carnations and fillers are playfully placed along with each other. Fancy ribbon tied to the basket completes the look. The flowers look and stay so fresh they remind of a garden.
DW-FL-2 Price: Rs 1356
Distance makes the heart go fonder, and when we are away, flowers are the best thing to send. These twelve carnations with an additional vase is an accurate demonstration of affinity that you have towards the receiver. Carnations are anyway one of the best set to give to depict love and friendship. So place your order now and be confident of projecting true feelings through these flowers as they always succeed in conveying the truth.
DW-FL-20 Price: Rs 925
Keeping it pink, this bunch of 24 carnations and greens makes for a simple and elegant gift to send wishes on the occasion of anniversary. The long stem flowers are bunched together to create a drama of each flower getting a special place, while a fancy satin ribbon holds them all together. The flowers will remain fresh for days when placed inside a vase. Order this to send your wishes to friends, family or your own spouse.
DW-FL-21 Price: Rs 925
Pure white, sweet pink and moist green, this classic arrangement will leave you charmed. The bunch of orchids and leaf stems in designed to be placed in a translucent purple tall vase. The colours of the bloom mingle well with the colour of the vase. Easy to place in any corner, table or centerpiece, this arrangement will make you feel light as a butterfly and its fragrance fresh as mist, will engulf any space.
DW-FL-22 Price: Rs 1257
Lilies and roses are alluring enough, on top of that, the well thought choice of 'Red and White', roses and lilies add to the gravity of the colors. We know that mirth, joy and laughter go hand in hand, just like the this bunch of lilies and roses. Apt for all occasions, you may buy it especially as a departing gift. So embellish the time with this bunch so that you are obliged to meet again soon.
DW-FL-23 Price: Rs 1092

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