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I would like to thank you guys for delivering flowers to my Grandma. Her eyes were filled with tears of happiness when she received the bouquet. Sitting millions of miles away this was least I could do for her and you guys didn't let me down. You have earned yourself a repeat customer. 

Rajiv Kapoor

Coming from the land of Pizzas and Pastas, Ferrero Rocher is yet another popular Italian chocolate that can be gifted to display affection. 24 pieces of this yummylicious choocolate is one of the best 'miss you' gifts and often exchanged between students and couples. The older people too enjoy the crunchiness this chocolate has to bring, so age is never a barrier when you want to send love and warmth to any of your near and dear ones.
DW-CH-1 Price: Rs 1,125
(US $ 16)
Assorted pack of chocolates at your door way will not only pleasantly surprise you, but will also make you wanting for more. This assorted pack with regular and Swiss chocolates comes in a medium sized basket that is full of variety of chocolates. Keeping in mind the temperature of our country, the Swiss chocolates are well packed and delivered on time. You may share these with pride and I promise you will order more to satiate your taste buds.
DW-CH-12 Price: Rs 3,968
(US $ 58)
A dozen red roses and 5 kg (11 lbs) fresh fruits make for a pretty healthy surprise. 12 fragrant roses is put together in a beautiful bunch enhanced with green leaves around it. A basked filled with fresh fruits handpicked from the farm is delivered with the roses. You cannot go wrong in wishing your family and friends on any occasion with this combo.
DW-CM-2 Price: Rs 2,448
(US $ 36)
For those with a sweet tooth, this bunch of a dozen red roses and a 1kg of rasogullas will makes the day bright and happy. Fresh red roses, handpicked by our expert florists are put together to design a simple bouquet. Delivered with the roses is a packet full of one kg rasogullas. This one is packed with sweetness for all occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, promotions and house warming too.
DW-CM-8 Price: Rs 1,485
(US $ 22)
Make the festive celebrations warm and sweet with this gift box containing 1 kg assorted dry fruits. The box contains fresh and delicious dry fruits. Send it to your friends and family and make the occasion delightful.
DW-DF-22 Price: Rs 1,925
(US $ 28)
Express your warm festive wishes with this basket of 2 kg assorted dry fruits. The basket is filled with fresh dry fruits that are neatly placed and wrapped with fancy wrapping. Decorative embellishments make the basket even more special. Send it to your friends and family and celebrate.
DW-DF-26 Price: Rs 3,475
(US $ 51)
Send a basket full of fruits for those who like everything healthy and fresh. This basket includes 4 kgs (8.8 lbs) of nature's sun kissed juicy fruits. As assortment of seasonal fresh fruits are handpicked and put together in a pretty cane basket. Send it as a get well soon gift, a welcome back present or even on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.
DW-FH-3 Price: Rs 1,520
(US $ 22)
This fruit hamper is wonderfully designed for gifting near and dear ones to gorge in the taste of various fresh fruits all in one place and that too wrapped in a pretty little basket. No choice could be better than this one as this token of love can be sent on any occasion to please everyone. This Basket contains Assorted Fresh Fruit weighing 3 Kg (6.6 Lbs.), which includes the best season fruits as well as the exclusive ones.
DW-FH-4 Price: Rs 1,320
(US $ 19)
What's the colour of love? Red. This bunch of 10 red carnations put together in an elegant manner with green leaves and fillers make for a lovely way to express wishes on anniversaries. The carnations are fresh and handpicked by our expert florists, put together with love, to convey the message of love. Order this one and make it a special day!
DW-FL-13 Price: Rs 523
(US $ 8)
An invite to a royal feast often leaves you wondering about choosing the best present. We here will help you with choosing this wondrous blend of roses, carnations , lilies and other assorted flowers. Chose this bouquet and enter the venue with pride as you carry the prettiest and the most fresh flowers of the city. So be part of any event with this fascinating combination symbolizing numerous emotions along with good wishes.
DW-FL-33 Price: Rs 1,964
(US $ 29)
Sweets come in great variety and forms. Sweet items are a great delight for all age groups. Here in this pack you will enjoy the light taste of sweetness in the form of Kaju Katli also called Kaju Burfi weighing 1 Kg. It is available in an affordable rate making it a best option for gifting persons you care in personalized occasions or just as a gesture of respect to them or you can buy it for yourself.
DW-MI-1 Price: Rs 1,525
(US $ 22)
This box is filled with 1 Kg Motichoor Laddoo, an old and very well known sweet of all times. This sweet is served to welcome new guests in an occasion or to celebrate success in ones endeavor. To express immense love to your beloved ones, you cannot miss to count these in your list. Festivals are incomplete without these round bountiful savories. Present this sweet box to distribute sweets among all reminisce your memories forever with shared happiness.
DW-MI-8 Price: Rs 1,075
(US $ 16)