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I would like to thank you guys for delivering flowers to my Grandma. Her eyes were filled with tears of happiness when she received the bouquet. Sitting millions of miles away this was least I could do for her and you guys didn't let me down. You have earned yourself a repeat customer. 

Rajiv Kapoor

Make your dearest ones come closer to you by gifting these beautiful bouquets of exclusive assorted flowers in different forms. This pack is made up of Assorted Flowers in a Vase, Assorted Flowers in a Basket, Bunch of 12 Red Roses and arrangement of 12 Yellow Roses. So many colorful bouquets in a single present are certain to be reciprocated in a very special way you could have never imagined. Express your love unabated.
VAL-RMFL-1 Price: Rs 9,749
(US $ 142)
To every single person of this world, flowers are food for their soul. This collection is made up of 12 Red Roses Bunch, Bunch of 12 Assorted Flowers, Basket of 30 Mixed Color Roses, and Bunch of 24 Red Roses, Heart shaped arrangement of 50 Red Roses, 18 Red Roses in a Vase, Basket of 36 Red Roses and an arrangement of Assorted Flowers. Share this floral luxury of so many beautiful bunches of assorted flowers with your darlings.
VAL-RMFL-10 Price: Rs 22,499
(US $ 328)
Assorted flowers stand out from all other gifts in a single shot. Surprise the persons in your mind by these beautiful bouquets of exclusive assorted flowers that bring smiles to their faces. This present contains 6 different arrangements of Assorted Flowers, comes as a memorable gift to your special ones. No matter what the occasion is, flowers are there to win hearts of every people. Share this token of appreciation, love and care and make them cherish for lifetime.
VAL-RMFL-2 Price: Rs 17,999
(US $ 262)
An attractive collection of mesmerizing floral luxury comes as an amazing present for special people nurturing bonds like never before. Be it any celebration, this whole package is made up of several arrangements of 50 Red Roses and 20 rare Pink Roses, three beautiful vases containing 6 Daisies and 6 Roses, 24 mixed color Roses and 12 Pink Roses respectively; accompanied with three bamboo Baskets each containing Assorted Flowers, 12 Red Roses, 10 Daisies and 10 Roses. It's going to catch all eyes of the room for sure.
VAL-RMFL-3 Price: Rs 21,449
(US $ 312)
Make your special day and occasions more colorful and memorable with this collection of 12 Vases having 24 Roses each of different colors such as Red, Yellow, Pink, White, and Orange Etc. Flowers possess the quality to make great wonders in life. A present like this to your loved one will never make you regret, get it delivered at their door when you are not near without thinking, a must buy for showing immeasurable love.(Please Note That Incase Of Non Availability of Any Color We Reserve the Right to Substitute It)
VAL-RMFL-4 Price: Rs 26,999
(US $ 393)
An exquisite Valentine's Day gift with a perfect surprise element. Extraordinary series including 10 Baskets of 12 Red Roses Each, two pretty vases with 12 Red Roses and 24 Red Roses respectively, accompanied by 3 Feet Tall Teddy Bear. Also for cuisine delight a bottle of Champagne and a Box of Cadbury's Celebration Pack with 5Kg Assorted Fruit Basket are added. If you think of a fat celebration this is apt for pouring all your affection and love but this. Make your darling spellbound by gifting this precious set.
VAL-RMFL-5 Price: Rs 32,175
(US $ 468)
This beautiful Valentine's Day Combo includes 6 Baskets of 12 Red Roses each, 4 Baskets of 24 Red Roses each, and a Vase filled with 18 Red Roses along with Heart shaped arrangement of 100 Red Roses. It is perfect for decorating the room to celebrate and make the day all the more special. These abundant red roses are perfect for a perfect romantic day that make the ambience passionate and create memories that stay lifelong. Presenting this pack is the best idea to steal hearts.
VAL-RMFL-6 Price: Rs 27,149
(US $ 395)
This is a fat collection of Bunch of Fresh Orchids, Bunch of 12 Yellow Daisies, Bunch of 12 Red Roses, Bunch of 24 Red Roses, Basket of Assorted Flowers, 1Kg (2.2 Lbs) Chocolate Cake, 1.5 Feet Tall Teddy Bear and a Big Card. This can be a grand way of celebrating romance and all Big occasions. Gift it to make your love reach a new height. This combo pack is picked up by all those who really want to shower love and make their beloved feel special and irreplaceable.
VAL-RMFL-7 Price: Rs 16,497
(US $ 240)
A perfect option could never be other than enchanting red roses that make way to heart instantly, and with an adorable teddy bear and pretty balloons adding to its charm. You can double the joy of gifting these romantic token several folds by delivering them at middle of night. This pack consists of 250 Red Roses with few Mylar Balloons and a small Cute Teddy Bear. Present it and stay close by your soul mate's side.
VAL-RMFL-8 Price: Rs 24,749
(US $ 360)
Exceptionally pretty package of Heart Shaped arrangement of 200 Red Roses, Basket of 12 Red Roses, 12 Red Roses In A Vase, Bunch of 24 Red Roses, Bunch of 6 Red Roses, Box of 16 Pieces Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, small cute Teddy Bear, 1Kg (2.2 Lbs) Butter Scotch Cake. What more could one ask for butthis amazing present on Valentine's Day? This exclusive tailored made package is certain to win hearts from miles away.
VAL-RMFL-9 Price: Rs 29,999
(US $ 437)