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Samira received her flowers today on her birthday! You are the best!!! Thanks again from both of us! 

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We have been delivering cakes in the city for very long time on every order of online cake delivery in Rajkot. The customers have always loved the cakes that we deliver them. We have a big family of over 10 000 customers as of now. Customers generally choose combos over single buy of cakes. It makes them avail discounts too and you can get the cakes at very affordable rates. There are few combos that have been popular since the very beginning.

These are some of the famous combos that were most popular since the time we started serving our customers.

Send cakes to Rajkot: On Time Service

If you are in London and your sister is in Rajkot and it is her birthday, wouldn't you want to wish her on her special day with a special cake? We help you make your loved one's birthday special. Place the order of cake on our website and we will send cakes to Rajkot to your address with good presentation and on time service. You just have to mention all the details in the description about how you want the delivery to be and we will do the needful. Book a photo cake with your childhood photo with your sister on the cake, trust us she will be the happiest on her birthday when she receives that cake.

We also offer cake delivery in Ahmedabad from Rajkot.

Best Cake shops in Rajkot: Unique Taste

Marked as the seventh cleanest city in India, Rajkot is a city that is beautiful and is located in the state of Gujarat. This city has good desi food, wonderful tourist attractions that will mesmerise you, admirable religious places to visit and amazing historical places. The famous food of Rajkot that you should definitely try is the gujarati authentic food; fafda, jalebi, gathiya and many more such dishes. There is a famous thali that is extremely popular in Rajkot and you can get that in many restaurants, the thali is kathiawadi thali. Gujaratis love food and they are fond of sweets, you will be catered lovingly by the people here. There are many restaurants that serve food that have authentic and unique taste and are loved by the people of Rajkot. Even if the city is in a dry state people know how to get intoxicated in their love of food. You must visit the place at least once and when you do so make sure you order for a delicious cake from us for your friend here whom you are going to visit. We are sure we will make your love filled cake reach before you do.

It is also possible to send cakes to Mumbai from Rajkot.

The best cake shops in Rajkot have been tested and verified on certain parameters by us and that is why we are able to deliver the quality services that we deliver you. The cakes are always fresh and have good presentation and the cake is delicious and doesn't perish early. It last longer than the usual cakes. Customised cakes are easily made by these cake shops according to the instructions and till now we have made our customers happy because we were able to cater their needs and the cake was delicious and beautiful too. Even you should place the order for cake now. Try our services and you will never be able to resist yourself from ordering a cake from us every time you have a function.

You can also make an online flower delivery in Rajkot along with yummy cakes.