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I had to send flowers on short notice for a wedding reception and since I live in France i had to rely solely on ratings on the Internet. You have been punctual, the flowers were timely delivered. I was gratified for having trusted you. Thank you for your efficiency and reliability. 


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As a child, everyone must have once dreamt of a wedding cake like the one in movies, like the one in the video of the song Cake by The Ocean by DNCE or may be like the ones shown in the movie The Great Gatsby. To be honest, the cake was so good one could eat it all by himself or herself and not want to share, so we'll make you an even bigger cake and even better. Our culinary artists are specialized in making your cakes look like they have come straight from heaven and making your taste buds crave for more because sugar serves as food for your brain. We make cartoon cakes as well because we know it will be bad to disappoint your child on his or her birthday by not getting them a cartoon cake, it is a dream of every child to eat something that they saw on their favorite cartoon show. We know what our customers want or wish to get, we also take orders through calls. Just in case you are in a situation of crisis where you need to get a cake and you don't have time to order online, you can just call in and place your order. Just in case you don't find your ideal cake on our site you don't have to be disheartened, you can describe your cakes and we will make it in your way.

What is better than fresh frosting on cakes, with a soft core and why should people not suffering with diabetes have all the goodness, we make sugar free cakes as well; so even if you are not a patient of diabetes and want to enjoy cakes while following a diet plan you can always have things your way without a loss. What is a batch mate's birthday party without you wishing them with a surprise cake at midnight? And how on Earth are you supposed to preserve it till midnight when it looks so tempting and beautiful, for that purpose, we have our midnight cake delivery in Malappuram so you don't have to worry about anything.

Send Cakes to Malappuram: Cakes Made with Love

The most famous way after flowers to express and confess love to anyone in the city of Malappuram is in the form of cakes. Yes, we answer it right; the most unprecedented way to show your love is Cakes. When we think of this town in Kerala, the first and best thing which strikes our mind is about the hospitality of people and caring towards each other. We help in fulfilling the demand and need of every individual in the city to show off their love and respect towards near ones through our freshly baked cakes. Malappuram is an amalgamation of hills and seashore. The environment of the city is best to communicate your love on the special days of your loved ones. We offer best quality cakes at the best price. The aroma of the cakes prepared with the best ingredients helps in expressing your true love. Our cakes come in the variety of designs and with the best taste in the world with best of all the flavors. Our cakes can reach your location on time as soon as you place the order with us. We take care of every nitty-gritty of your requirements in order to help you get the best taste. We also offer cake delivery in Bangalore from Malappuram.

No matter what your friend or family member likes we can give you plenty of options to choose from and make a choice or maybe you can tell us how you want things to be done you will have things exactly as you want them to be and things don't end there, you can send cakes to Malappuram to your family and friends. You can also make an online flower delivery in Malappuram along with yummy cakes.

Best Cake Shop in Malappuram: Blend Your Taste Buds

Malappuram, a city in Kerala, spread over an area of 33.61-kilometer square, divided into forty electoral wards, has a population density of two thousand and eighty-three per square kilometer. With population statistics like the one of Malappuram, comes a lot of occasions to celebrate, and the last occasion to be known where a cake wasn't required was a funeral. Maybe you can offer a cake to the God of Death to bring back the dead and then you will require a cake on a funeral or maybe let's not go that far. That world is beyond our reach and we do not deliver cakes beyond this world. Coming back to our world, we are one of the very few cake shops in Malappuram. Engagement cakes, wedding cakes, photo cakes, designer cakes, theme cakes, cartoon cakes... you name it, we give it!

It is also possible to send cakes to Thiruvananthapuram from Malappuram. We can proudly say we are one of the best cake shops in Malappuram. Our soul job is online cake delivery in Malappuram. Malappuram is not just famous for its popular tourist attractions and food but also for its desserts, especially good cakes, delicious cakes that will blend in your taste buds.