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I would like to thank you guys for delivering flowers to my Grandma. Her eyes were filled with tears of happiness when she received the bouquet. Sitting millions of miles away this was least I could do for her and you guys didn't let me down. You have earned yourself a repeat customer. 

Rajiv Kapoor

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Bring out the foodie spark within your loved ones and send tasty yummy cakes in Kurnool. Whether it is your beloved's birthday or your cousin's engagement that you need to give a miss due to work, we have a perfect cake hampers for the various occasions. Bestow your gracious presence in the solemn occasions in the form of delicious and lip-smacking cakes. Kurnool being the city famous for beautiful temples and natural landscape comes with the positive ambiance that fills the atmosphere with great feel. To help the people of Kurnool enjoy the festivities we work towards providing the people with the best cake delivery in Kurnool with a delight in the eyes of their loved ones.

From butterscotch, black forest to mixed fruit we have some of the exotic flavors of cakes that will help in delivering you with the exclusive varieties. We have cakes for all kinds of occasions and purposes like baby showers, weddings, engagements, Father's Day, Friendship Day etc. You can also get one of a kind cake hampers accompanied with fresh flowers and some tasty chocolates that will ignite the lost spark with eternal bliss and can help your loved ones enjoy the occasion.

Send Cakes to Kurnool: Memory for A Lifetime

Our job is online cake delivery in a place like Kurnool. Taking online orders is not easy when it comes to Kurnool and not just that, you can send cakes to Kurnool your near and dear ones. We do not just take online orders by letting one choose cakes from our site, we make photo cakes for kid's birthday parties and one can let us know about the ideal cake they have in mind and we make it for them. Our specialized culinary artists are trained for this and they won't let you down. If you are planning to throw a themed party you can contact us and let us know the theme and we will create a theme cake for your party, even if you have no idea how we will give you options and plenty of ideas you can choose from. Everyone has friends and family, and we all surprise them at midnight but won't it be a spoil if they get to know about their surprise and find their cake before midnight?! Well, for that we deliver cakes at midnight as well so you can always surprise your loved ones at midnight without them finding out what is in the box for them, before midnight. We also offer cake delivery in Hyderabad from Kurnool.

When it comes to weddings, everyone has dreamt of getting an ideal wedding cake, something like the one from My Sassy Girl or maybe from some other movie and we make all of them and deliver them. You're just a click away from your dream wedding cake! Why would you want to risk something like that, something that is going to be a part of your memory for a lifetime, unless you're already planning to get a divorce with your spouse? Jokes apart, no matter what cake you want, be it a theme cake, wedding cake, fruit cake, designer cake, engagement cake, we make of them, all you have to do is sit back on a comfortable couch and order it online from our site. You can also make an online flower delivery in Kurnool along with yummy cakes.

Best Cake Shops in Kurnool: Soft and Delicious Inside Out

Kurnool, a former princely state, is the headquarters Kurnool district in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh. It is not just famous for being called The Gate of Rayalaseema but also for its food. When it comes to food we all become a sweet tooth after having something to eat or before having something to eat and cakes are the only delicacies one can think of. It has literally everything in proportion, be it frosting or the fillings. It is mouthwatering as well as beautiful at the same time. Little did people know about Kurnool town before the eleventh century. It was ruled by the Cholas and later by the Kakatiya kings in the twelfth and the thirteenth centuries. Later on, it came under the influence of Vijayanagar kings and during the 16th century, the Achyuta Raya built the Kurnool Fort. King Gopal ruled it in the 17th century and much more did, later but cakes have ever since been everyone's favorite! Even during the British rule, the cake was something people loved and since the beginning of times, cakes have been loved. It is also possible to send cakes to Guntur from Kurnool.

We can proudly say we are the best cake shops in Kurnool, without sounding full of ourselves, because what is true is true and this time truth is not bitter but covered with frosting and is soft and delicious inside out.