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Coming from the land of Pizzas and Pastas, Ferrero Rocher is yet another popular Italian chocolate that can be gifted to display affection. 24 pieces of this yummylicious choocolate is one of the best 'miss you' gifts and often exchanged between students and couples. The older people too enjoy the crunchiness this chocolate has to bring, so age is never a barrier when you want to send love and warmth to any of your near and dear ones.
KC-CH-1 Price: Rs 1,125
(US $ 16)
Assorted pack of chocolates at your door way will not only pleasantly surprise you, but will also make you wanting for more. This assorted pack with regular and Swiss chocolates comes in a medium sized basket that is full of variety of chocolates. Keeping in mind the temperature of our country, the Swiss chocolates are well packed and delivered on time. You may share these with pride and I promise you will order more to satiate your taste buds.
KC-CH-12 Price: Rs 3,968
(US $ 58)
Express your love with a big basket of 50 red roses and a one kg (2.2 lbs) heart shaped chocolate truffle cake. 50 long stem red roses have been handpicked to arrange in a cane basket. Made more beautiful with fillers and green leaves, this bouncy arrangement gets delivered along with a one kg heart shaped chocolate truffle cake. The sweet fragrance of the roses and sweetness of the cakes is easy to melt your sweetheart's heart!
KC-CM-1 Price: Rs 3,166
(US $ 46)
This combo is made with a bunch of 12 fresh red roses and 1 kg (2.2 lbs) kaju katli. This one is a sweet surprise for those who prefer Indian sweets to chocolates and cakes. The bunch of 12 red roses is put together in a delicate round bouquet enhanced with green leaves around it. 1 kg kaju katli is neatly packed in a fancy box and delivered to reach fresh.
KC-CM-8 Price: Rs 2,074
(US $ 30)
Make the festive celebrations warm and sweet with this gift box containing 1 kg assorted dry fruits. The box contains fresh and delicious dry fruits. Send it to your friends and family and make the occasion delightful.
KC-DF-7 Price: Rs 1,925
(US $ 28)
Send a basket full of fruits for those who like everything healthy and fresh. This basket includes 4 kgs (8.8 lbs) of nature's sun kissed juicy fruits. As assortment of seasonal fresh fruits are handpicked and put together in a pretty cane basket. Send it as a get well soon gift, a welcome back present or even on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.
KC-FH-3 Price: Rs 1,520
(US $ 22)
Flaunting the richness of red, this bunch of 40 red roses specially arranged in a glass vase makes for an exquisite gift. Add to it fresh seasonal fillers and you have a gift you can never go wrong with. Grace occasions such as birthday, anniversary, baby shower and weddings with these roses. Easy to display and care for, the roses remain as fresh as they arrived for days to come.
KC-FL-12 Price: Rs 2,148
(US $ 31)
Roses express love better than words, don't they?! Surprise your loved ones with this arrangement of 12 long stem red roses put together with fillers and wrapped with fancy wrapping. Your message is guaranteed to reach your loved one. The bouquet is easy to carry and will light up any space where it's displayed.
KC-FL-4 Price: Rs 545
(US $ 8)
This is dual combo of 1/2 Kg Kaju Burfi and 1/2 Kg Kaju Roll wrapped inside a glittery Gift Box that will surely seek attention of sweet lovers. The sweet items are covered with silver foils to add shine on it and are waiting to be shared among all elder and young people those are close to your heart. Repay your debt your debt of gratitude to elders and shower love to juniors with this wonderful present.
KC-MT-11 Price: Rs 1,721
(US $ 25)