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I had to send flowers on short notice for a wedding reception and since I live in France i had to rely solely on ratings on the Internet. You have been punctual, the flowers were timely delivered. I was gratified for having trusted you. Thank you for your efficiency and reliability. 


When the heart cries to manifest what it feels, this demure greeting comes handy with this 1 kg (2.2 lb) chocolate crisp cake. The greeting with a heart over it can be used to write that crisp and coy note that melts a heart in a go! With this awesome combination you may bold over someone with words carrying pure love and positivity. If you hear a 'Yes', you simply need to relish this crisp and flaky cake.
FD-CAK-1 Price: Rs 1,050
(US $ 15)
Overflowing with sweetness, this combination of a bunch of 12vpink roses and a 1 kg chocolate crisp cake will make the recipient feel happy and special. The 12 pink roses are bundled up together for a natural look along with fillers. Fancy wrapping and satin ribbon holds it together. The bouquet is sent with a 1 kg chocolate crisp cake baked with love. A perfect choice for all special occasions.
FD-CMB-37 Price: Rs 1,595
(US $ 23)
Express your love with a big basket of 50 red roses and a one kg (2.2 lbs) heart shaped chocolate truffle cake. 50 long stem red roses have been handpicked to arrange in a cane basket. Made more beautiful with fillers and green leaves, this bouncy arrangement gets delivered along with a one kg heart shaped chocolate truffle cake. The sweet fragrance of the roses and sweetness of the cakes is easy to melt your sweetheart's heart!
FD-CMB-8 Price: Rs 3,166
(US $ 46)
Express your warm festive wishes with this basket of 2 kg assorted dry fruits. The basket is filled with fresh dry fruits that are neatly placed and wrapped with fancy wrapping. Decorative embellishments make the basket even more special. Send it to your friends and family and celebrate.
FD-DF-26 Price: Rs 3,475
(US $ 51)
Roses express love better than words, don't they?! Surprise your loved ones with this arrangement of 12 long stem red roses put together with fillers and wrapped with fancy wrapping. Your message is guaranteed to reach your loved one. The bouquet is easy to carry and will light up any space where it's displayed.
FD-FL-12 Price: Rs 545
(US $ 8)
This round basket with 50 pink roses is perfect for baby showers and baby ceremonies. You couldn't ask for more brightness and fresh fragrance from these pink roses that come in a pretty cane basket with a handle. Decorated with pink wrapping and frills, it makes for a perfect gift for mothers-to-be and new mommies. Gift it on other suitable occasions too.
FD-FL-14 Price: Rs 2,123
(US $ 31)
Order this fruit hamper to send warm wishes to your friends and family. The basket includes a selection of 5 kg (11 lbs) handpicked fresh fruits. Colourful, fresh and fragrant with the smell of fresh ripe fruits, this one makes for a perfect choice for those who want to gift something healthy. Send it on all occasions and make the day special.
FD-FRUIT-1 Price: Rs 1,853
(US $ 27)
Coming from the land of Pizzas and Pastas, Ferrero Rocher is yet another popular Italian chocolate that can be gifted to display affection. 24 pieces of this yummylicious choocolate is one of the best 'miss you' gifts and often exchanged between students and couples. The older people too enjoy the crunchiness this chocolate has to bring, so age is never a barrier when you want to send love and warmth to any of your near and dear ones.
FD-HAMP-1 Price: Rs 1,125
(US $ 16)
A special pack of 1 Kg Kaju Barfi ina Gift Box is available at a valued price to go for. Kaju Barfi also called Kaju Katli, it is readily available light sweet item covered with silver foils wrapped in an eye catching gift box will surely make their day wonderful those are gifted with these special bundle of sweetness. Can be gifted in several occasions and special days as India is a place of different festivals.
FD-MITHAI-4 Price: Rs 1,525
(US $ 22)