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I had to send flowers on short notice for a wedding reception and since I live in France i had to rely solely on ratings on the Internet. You have been punctual, the flowers were timely delivered. I was gratified for having trusted you. Thank you for your efficiency and reliability. 


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This charming combo of a basket of 24 roses in different colours and a cuddly teddy bear is a sweet choice that creates sweeter memories. Red, pink, yellow and orange roses are bundled together to create a rounded bunch. Green leaves pop up in between to create a beautiful design. The teddy bear, as light and soft as a white cloud adds extra charm. Order it for your beloved to celebrate any occasion.
VAL-COMBO-133 Price: Rs 1857
This combo of 24 roses and a 1 kg (2.2 lbs) chocolate cake is a delightful gift. 24 mixed coloured roses are handpicked from the farm, put together in a lovely cane basket and wrapped with red fancy ribbon. The roses in different colours pop out in a random arrangement, while fillers and green leaves add to the beauty of the flowers. The chocolate cake is freshly and specially baked at the finest gourmet bakery with love. Order this for special occasions – birthday, anniversary or even a welcome-back gift.
VAL-COMBO-134 Price: Rs 2081
A splendid collection of a Heart Shaped arrangement of 100 Yellow Roses, a 1Kg (2.2 Lbs) Pineapple Cake clubbed with a Box of Cadbury's Chocolates and a Valentine's Day Greeting Card. If you want to make your friend feel loved and irreplaceable for whole life then this option is tailor made for you. Get it delivered as soon as possible for this is something you can't miss to purchase. A best present on birthdays, anniversaries, engagement day and other personalized days.
VAL-COMBO-15 Price: Rs 5999
Conjointly flowers and sweets are conventional, yet the most sophisticated way of pleasing anyone on their special day. And the happiness knows no bound when this is further combined with a 1.5 Feet Tall Teddy Bear and 2 Small Bars of Toblerone Chocolates along with a Valentine's Day Greeting Card. The flowers you buy in this combo comes in an arrangement of fifty red roses combined to form a heart shape, that directly conveys your feelings!
VAL-COMBO-16 Price: Rs 4995
This magnificent pack of several attractive items is sure to blow your mind away. It consists of handmade Bunch of 50 intense Red Roses; 1/2Kg (1.1 Lbs) of Chocolate Cake, a medium sized adorable Teddy Bear, a Box of 16 Pieces Ferrero Rocher Chocolates and a Valentine's Day Greeting Card too. Lots of occasion come and go and we miss some as well. With this as a present you can deliver your token of love at your beloved's doorstep that will nullify the despair of your absence.
VAL-COMBO-17 Price: Rs 4695
This is a hearty combo of a Heart shaped arrangement of 100 Red Roses and a Heart Shaped Strawberry Cake of 1Kg (2.2 Lbs) weight. An instant choice for gifting to someone close to heart. Indulge yourself along with your special person with this amazing present of floral luxury and yum strawberry flavor. Fulfill their expectations on their unforgettable days of life that you are a special part of. Send them good wishes and remain forever in their hearts.
VAL-COMBO-18 Price: Rs 5525
Rose is the symbol of beauty, peace, love, and nature's abundance and these are knotted elegantly in a bunch. The tremendous bunch of 12 Red roses gives the spellbinding experience for senses and feel of love, peace and passion. Along the bunch of lovely Red Roses comes the tempting 1 Kg(2.2 Lbs) Black Forest Cake. The cake is freshly baked and presented with the cherry on the top. The combo is best presented and is suitable for all occasions.
VAL-COMBO-19 Price: Rs 1610
The wonderful bamboo basket with 50 elegant red roses tied beautifully is a wonderful present. Delicious 1kg (2.2lbs) chocolate truffle cake would be a wonderful temptation to your mate. A tempting cake is must for every celebration and is remembered forever. Roses bring the positivity and love with the cake is all about creating the unforgettable memories. The tasty cake will surely make you tempt for more. Every celebration is incomplete without the cake and roses. The product delivers the perfect love for your celebration.
VAL-COMBO-2 Price: Rs 3450
A bunch of elegant 12 Red Roses are knotted beautifully to deliver the rhythmical romance. Red roses generally signify romance as they are exceptionally beautiful by appearance and their fragrance is truly scintillating. Celebrate the day with tempting 1 Kg (2.2 Lbs) Black Forest Cake. The mouth-watering cake makes the day more remarkable and every celebration is incomplete without the delicious cake. The combo gift also includes the medium size teddy bear with heart in between and there is box of Cadbury celebration pack for the love of sweets and sweet moments.
VAL-COMBO-20 Price: Rs 2995
It is time for the year to show love to the special person in your life. Here comes the product that is the perfect gift for Valentine day. A bunch full of love and passion arranged beautifully with 18 red roses. Cake always reminds us of our childhood memories and most of the people are fond of cake regardless of their age. Black forest cake that weights 1 kg(2.2 Lbs) is tempting and tastiest. The combo gift is suitable for all occasions and everyone.
VAL-COMBO-21 Price: Rs 2025
Beautiful arrangement of 40 Red Roses, along with a Black Forest Cake weighing 1Kg (2.2 Lbs) and a Medium sized Cute Teddy Bear attached with a little Heart, this set will win your heart and make you want gift this to your special ones for celebrating their memorable days. Besides this you can also send this to your professional ties. At an affordable price, you are getting flexible combinations from which you can increase their joy
VAL-COMBO-22 Price: Rs 4050
A set of 24 Red Roses in a Bunch with Black Forest Cake weighing 1Kg (2.2 Lbs) is the cutest present waiting to be delivered for your special ones. Red roses are a path to reach hearts and that too combined with a Black Forest Cake can be a pretty good expression of your affection to your mate. Impress anyone you admire or your partner by presenting this set on their memorable days of life. Do not miss this wonderful chance.
VAL-COMBO-23 Price: Rs 2195
Roses undoubtedly stand out among all the flowers and make floral luxury one of its kinds. The bunch of 12 Red roses looks stunning as a gift to loved ones which is accompanied by delightful 1 Kg (2.2 Lbs) heart shaped chocolate cake. Roses have always been known as the symbol of passionate love and the freshly baked mouth savoring cake with its amazing icing top is something to be longed by every lover. The combo gift is a perfect fit for Valentine Day, Marriage Anniversary and all moments of celebration
VAL-COMBO-25 Price: Rs 1799
Cake always reminds us of our childhood memories and most of the people are fond of cake regardless of their age. Black forest cake that weights 1 kg (2.2 Lbs)is tempting and tastiest. The cake is incomplete without beautiful roses, so the combo comes with the stunning arrangement of beautiful 100 roses. Cake and Roses bring the same magic in the eyes be it, kids or adults. Cake and flowers are suitable for every occasion and loved by everyone.
VAL-COMBO-26 Price: Rs 5050
Flowers are the perfect gift for all occasions. Stunning 12 red roses tied elegantly with the satin ribbon. Rose blossom as the love flourishes in heart for the loved one. The nice creamy chocolate does a lot in creating the magic of love; the combo gift includes the 16 Pieces Ferrero Rocher Chocolate box. The luscious chocolates are just perfect to celebrate Valentine day, Birthdays, Anniversary and on any day of celebration and creating the awesome memories.
VAL-COMBO-27 Price: Rs 1499
A striking white 1.5 Feet tall Teddy Bear comes to share the love and happiness. A soft fur, black eyes, and pink nose are so adorable that will make you hug the Teddy Bear tightly. To celebrate the very special events of your loved soul, this beautiful present is inevitable, so the gift includes beautiful heart shaped arrangement of 150 Red Roses. The heart shaped Red Roses are good-looking and have the power to fill the word with the fragrance of love. This is a most adorable gift and is totally worth the value.
VAL-COMBO-28 Price: Rs 7775

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