5 Easy to Make DIY Gifts for Your Boy-friend

If you wish to surprise your boyfriend by giving him a super cute little gift which will cost you absolutely no money, then you my friend have landed on the right page! We’re going to help you untangle the long strings of confusions that have been twirling around in your head, so all the girlfriends out there, get ready to show your skills in some art and crafts and even if you are not, we have something for you as well.

  1. The “UP” photo frame:Photo Frame Gift for boy

Have you seen the movie “Up” of Disney PIXAR? We all at some point have adored the angry little man because of the love he had for his wife, we have sympathized with him, cried when the song “’Remember When” came up along with the flashbacks of the happy couple. We all have a wish to share the exact same bond with our partners! Take the first step by making this Photo frame for your boyfriend with just few stationery products.

Products Required: Cardboard sheet, Buttons, Colors, Glue, and a lovely picture of you with your boyfriend!

  1. A “Batman” night light:“Batman” night light

Our generation grew up with superheroes, we have seen them rise, we have their victories, we have seen their follies, and we have lived with all of it. Comics have been replaced with high definition 3D movies and people enjoy it like anything! If your boyfriend too is a huge fan of the Marvel Series or the Superhero league, you can make a night light in any shape you desire or think is his  favorite hero! It can be Batman, Superman, Ironman, Hulk or even Cat woman! All you have to do is cut out a piece of cardboard with the exact shape of your superhero, paint it as you want to, and attach lights along the border side so as whenever he turns on the switch, it’ll turn on and be the light in the darkness! Isn’t this absolutely cool and so fun!

Products Required: Cardboard sheet, Colors, Lights, Tape.

  1. Gift Jars: Gift Jars

This is one of the easiest DIY gifts you will ever make, all you have to do is pick out a jam jar or any glass jar, wash it thoroughly so that it doesn’t smell bad, decorate it on the outside if you want to or you can keep it simple by just adding a little note attached to the lid with a thin rope or at the center of the jar writing what is in there. Now all you have to do is make little chits, roll them, fold them or squeeze them, just put them all inside the jar and Woah! It’s done in absolutely no time!

Products Required : Glass Jar, Paper, Color pens


  1. Round the Clock Us:Clock

It sounds pretty different and the concept of the entire making is really cool! What we do here is that we take a clock shaped i.e circular cardboard piece, scribble numbers on it just like they are written on a clock, take print outs of 12 colored pictures of you and your partner, paste an ice cream stick at their back and then paste this in parallel with every number on the cardboard. Follow the steps and you’ll have your Round the Clock Us ready! This way, even when you will be far for him, he can remember you literally every minute and every second of the clock. This could be the best parting gift if you are about to get into a long-distance relationship.

Products Required: Clock, Ice cream Sticks, Photographs, Tape.

  1. Homemade Food: Homemade Food

If your boyfriend has a thing for dishes, why not just settle his craving with a bit of your cooking, you might think now that you’re not a good cook and how would you make anything for him but have faith, you love him way too much and won’t you give an extra shot for his happiness? Imagine how glad he will be when he sees you got him his favorite sandwich or pasta or a cake! So buckle up ladies! It is time you started watching the cookery shows and scribbled few notes here n there.

Products Required: All that you might need.

Now hurry and make something beautiful for your lovely boyfriend, also garnish all the gifts with lots of cuddles and hugs!

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