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8 Unconventional Gifts Every Brother Should Check Out on This Rakshabandhan

Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Sisters

Rakhi Festival is a celebration of bond between a brother and a sister. It is a traditional festival held in India, wherein the sister ties Rakhi (a holy thread) on the wrist of her brother. The ceremony is performed in the early morning and family members get together. Special delicacies are cooked and brother makes a promise of taking care of his sister till the end. He also gives her a memorable gift. Usually the brother provides gift flowers, sweets, and chocolates to his sister. But, if you as a brother are looking for gifting something unique this Rakhi to your sister, then we have some incredible gift options to suggest. Below mentioned are unconventional gift ideas you can consider this Rakshabandhan for your sister.

8 Special Gifts For Your Sister on This Raksha Bandhan

  1. Upcycled Kurtas :- The trend of upcycled clothing has caught the fashion world. You can make your sister feel like a true queen with a set of upcycled Kurtas. These are luxurious and rich and made from remnants of reclaimed Indian dresses. Some sport a patchwork and are usually handmade. Lightweight and chic, a woman can highlight her quirky side of personality in this expressive outfit.
    upcycled kurta for sister
    Pics Credit: The Handmade Crafts
  2. Smartphone Holder:- Vase Part vase and part smartphone stand, the smartphone holder vase can brighten up a bedside table. You can send flowers in this vase, which will surely make your sister happier. She can nestle her mobile phone at the smartphone holder space and install fresh-cut flowers inside.
    phone holder vase for sister
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  3. Anti-Theft Handbag:- Your sister will feel more confident and calm on her daily commute with anti-theft handbag. It is made from slash and spill-proof material. She can keep all the valuables safe. The stylish exterior carries anti-theft features such as hidden zippers, clever pockets tucked into back and straps, roomy interiors to keep books, pens, makeup accessories etc. It is lightweight than standard handbag.
  4. Handy Fix-It Kit:- If you gift a fix-it tool kit to your sibling, she will be able to fix almost every small plumbing crack, breaks and door handles, all by herself. The content of this tool kit could be screwdriver, measuring tape, pliers, water-proof glue, sandpaper, etc.
    how to fix it for girls-
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  5. Living Composter:- A living composter is an ideal gift for someone who loves eco-friendly living and nature. You can arrange flowers delivery with this cool gadget. Get a sculptural compost container for her. She can dispose dry and wet waste in here separately. A special mechanism converts the waste into manure and soil. There is a space to plant seeds here and the waste converted to soil richly nourishes the plant to life
    living composter in home
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  6. Travel Neck Pillows:- For all the road trip lovers and airplane nappers, travel neck pillows are perfect. If she loves to travel, then you should get her a set of travel neck pillows that strikes a balance between cosiness and comfort. Well-designed to rest neck and head on with quality support, these pillows are available in various sizes. .
    Sunshine Pillows
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  7. Colour Changing Touch Speaker:-Want to gift your sister something out-of-the-box? Choose a colour changing touch speaker. This speaker lets one choose the colour to match their mood to favourite tunes. On tapping the speaker lightly, the room fills with bright pigment and the song, and makes for a relaxing sensory experience.
    color changing speakers for  rakhi gifts
    Pics Credit: Appreciis.COM
  8. A Jewellery Set Jewellery:- is favoured by every woman. You can present a beautiful diamond or gold jewellery set to your sister. A fine necklace, pair of earrings and bangles can do the trick. You can even check out beaded and studded jewelleries, as these are quite in fashion. beautiful pearls jewelry for raksha bandhan

Make this Rakhi Festival a loving memory that your sister will cherish for her whole life. Gift her any of the above-given unconventional gifts and cement a stronger sibling bond. Sisters can also send Rakhi to India to their brothers from anywhere in the world with the help of Aryan Florist. There can choose their favourite Rakhi among a variety of Rakhis for Raksha Bandhan festival.

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