The origami Diya Tree

5 Super Cool DIY Projects for Diwali This Year

With Diwali approaching soon we would love to take some time out and dedicate a blog on how to create decorative stuff for your house this year with the simplest of things. They are all easy to follow, quick to make and cheap to assemble. You can easily get the products at your home or at any shop nearby, all you have to do is follow these simple steps and you will have the best DIY crafts put up in your house this year.

1. The Red Pot: The Red Pot
Basically, we will start of by taking a container or a pot, we will paint it solid red with some detailing and designing in white color or golden, after we have done this we will take a number of small diyas, color them in the prettiest way we can, and then stick them up on the periphery of the pot we colored red earlier. This will take hardly 30 minutes to complete and once you have painted everything make sure you dry up the color or else it will get off and will create a mess. You can add water in the pot, add some flowers that will stay afloat. It can be a beautiful center piece, it can be an entrance decorative pot or you can have a number of these pots in your balcony.

Products Required: Diyas, One Big Pot, Paints and Glue

2. Bandhanwar: Bandhanwar
If you grew up in an Indian family and celebrated diwali every year then you must be acquainted with the term “Bandhanwar”, if not then you can just look at the picture below, this is a Bandhanwar and it is bought every year and put up at the gates when it’s Diwali time. It is used for good luck and as a welcome sign for the gods and the goddesses. You can create your own personal Bandhanwar with some simple products, like beads, mirrors, laces, golden gota patti, etc etc.

Products Required: Beads, small mirrors, lace, gota patti, cloth and glue

3. The Origami Diya Tree: The origami Diya Tree
If you are an origami lover and would prefer making paper diyas rather than buying out clay diyas then you are reading just the right blog. You can fold the papers in cone shapes, assemble them all and in such a way as shown in the picture, it can be made easily that you might have drawn that from this photograph. And for the fire, (since you cannot put the paper diyas on fire!) you can simply cut out a yellow colored paper flame, stick it up at the top of the origami tree and it’ll be a complete diwali thing then.

Products Required: Colored paper sheets, Glue and Scissors

4. Bottled Bells: Bottled bells
Sounds weird, right? Well it is more of a “beautiful” thing, what we will do here is that we will take a plastic bottle, chop the upper part up, and in fact take 5-6 such chopped off upper parts of the plastic bottles, paint them all with different solid colors using poster colors. Take threads of the same colors and cover the chopped part by wrapping thread around it. For making it look prettier we can add flowers, beads, mirrors and other decorative stuff to it and at last attach all the individual parts together.

Products Required: Plastic bottles, scissors, glue, thread and decorative material

5. Can Lamp: Can lamp
This is a bit of a tricky DIY and we suggest that you do it with utmost care and protection, if you are a teenager better perform it under supervision. Have you ever wondered what could empty cans be used for? Could they be used for DIY? Maybe. Could they be used as Decorative pieces? WHAT! Yes, they can! See, first you take a can, cut vertical strips of equal sizes without pulling them out (just make vertical slits on the can at equidistant positions) and then bend them a bit by putting pressure on the can. Color the can afterwards in golden or silver color. Place a Diya inside the can to light it up and Woah! Done in no time!

Products Required: Empty can, cutter, Paint and Diya.

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  1. Awesome Designs. How you design these designs, Basically your information is perfect for me. Next Diwali I am trying definitely.

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