The “Must haves” for your purse!

The “Must haves” for your purse!

We have listed out some basic essential products for all the ladies out there which you should carry in your purse while traveling. Even if you are just going to the nearby supermarket or for an international trip, these are the basics and must haves that every girls should have.

  1. Face wash

Nivea Face Wash

Have a face wash in your purse wherever you go so that even if you have to get ready at the last moment you don’t have to worry about your face and rush back to your place to just wash it off, you can simply carry one in your bag and use it wherever you want to.

  1. Face wipes


If you have your make up on already and do not want to wet your face, you might as well carry a face wipe tissue packet. It comes in various flavors and fragrances, from lavender to rose to kiwi, all sorts of face wipes are available in the market now days.

  1. Eye liner

Eye Liner

Keep a liner in handy, be it a pencil/stick liner or liquid one but carry one in your purse because you never know where you might need it to look savage and hot with its wings on the tip of your eyes.

  1. Lip balm

Lip Balm

Lips are the most sensitive part of our face, they have the thinnest layer and need utmost care and protection but we tend to avoid them and let them dry up and get chapped. Protect them with a Vaseline stick or a lip balm that will moisturize them throughout.

  1. Rubber band/ clutch

Rubber Band

Always keep a clutch in your bag because girls tend to open their hair up and then when it starts getting hot they start asking if somebody has a clutch or a rubber band so please carry one for yourself so that you never have to borrow one!

  1. Scarf


Keep a scarf with you always, be it be summer, spring or winter you never know when the sun might come up and start baking you. Be prepared to cover yourself and save yourself form the scorching heat and tanning. A scarf will always protect you from the pollution and the bad weather, though it might seem like a baggage to you but the purpose that it will solve will compensate for the extra weightage!

  1. SPF cream

SPF Cream

Tanning damages the top most layer of our skin by burning it. The ultra violet radiations coming straight from the sun exposes our skin to it and penetrates deep within to cause burning sensations, allergies and in deadly cases even cancer.

  1. Make up remover

Make Up Remover

We tend to over burden our skin a lot by putting in a ton lot of make up on it, we don’t realize that it needs to breathe to look healthy, toner after cleaner, foundation after primer, layers after layers and we just put on more n more! Always keep make up remover wipes so that once the party gets over you can put off your make up and let your skin breathe in the fresh air.

  1. Sanitizer


It is one of the most crucial things in a bag because it keeps you safe, from the germs and all the diseases that you might catch when touching foreign things. Have you ever imagined how many germs crawl on the staircases, the balcony walls, the washrooms, the taps and everywhere where millions of people come in and touch without even washing their hands, you can easily catch a viral infection or bacterial one by touching these, so always keep a sanitizer in your bag to clean yourself up every time you go to a public restroom or use a public service.

  1. Sharp knife

Sharp Knife

It is necessary that we keep our safety as out top most priority, carrying a  big sharp knife isn’t legal but you should carry a small one which is just enough to keep you safe and protect from anybody who tries to hurt you.


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