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Best 10 Ways to Wrap a Gift

Who could have thought that wrapping a gift too is an art, not everyone has it and not everyone believes it but those who do, understand how special it really is. It doesn’t matter what is in the box, be it be a chocolate or a diamond ring, the way you present it matters way more! Imagine somebody is in a bad mood and you give them a gift wrapped up in bright red color! No! it would send out just the wrong vibes, a subtle color would be preferable at such times! Let’s dive in headlong the wrapping papers now:

  1. The Fresh Plants:fresh plant
    Select a solid pastel or dark colored wrapping paper, and then wrap it around your gift. Place a flower and few fresh leaves and tie them up with a thin rope like thread along with a cute note!
  2. Fruit Gifts:Fruit gifts
    Wrap your gifts with colored papers which resemble the texture of fruits, like for example for watermelon take a red paper and draw black drop like beads on it, once you are done wrapping the gift. Place a green colored leafy origami structure at the top! You can make your present look like pineapples, oranges, apples, watermelons and kiwis with just colored papers and a little bit of drawing.
  3. Feathers:Feathers
    Have you ever picked up feathers from the ground when a bird shed them, and then stored it? If you have, then you can put the collection to great use by using it along a wrapping paper in one of the gifts that you’re giving to your best friend to show him how much he means to you. Feathers can also be used to simply design the outer look of the gift!
  4. Paper Origami:Paper origami
    Make bows, cartoon characters, butterflies, flowers and what so ever you can with just a bunch of colored papers. Stick them up at the top, sprinkle a bit of sparkle and see what magic it’ll create!
  5. Yarn Pom Pom:Yarn Pom Pom
    You can use Yarn pom poms or in simpler words, wool balls to decorate the present, take a light brown solid colored sheet, wrap up the gift, and tie the pom pom at the centre, on the top, maybe one or maybe two! It’ll look like a cute fur ball and your partner will really find it adorable!
  6. Photographs:Photographs
    So if you have planned your gifts and given them specifically according to the places you two have been to, or the delicacies that you have tried together or maybe something that is connected to you both, you can print out a photograph of it and attach it along with your gift giving your loved one a slight hint about what might be there inside the box! It’ll be really cute “guess what” game too.
  7. Travel Package:Travel package
    You want your gifts to look like as if they have come straight from Dubai or America or maybe China? Here’s an idea, cover them up in light brown colored papers, stick stamps of these countries or maybe their flags, things which would explain their origin. It’ll give your friend a bit of travelgasm!
  8. Marbled Sheets:Marbled sheets
    You can easily create your own marbled sheets at home, all you have to do is take white chart papers, cut small sheets out of it, splay some oil colors in a water filled pan and then lightly touch the white chart with the colored oil and water surface. And voila! You have your marbled papers! Wrap your presents in these giving them an artistic look!
  9. Little Cones:Little cones
    If your present is small in size and can fit into an envelope shaped paper, then this one is probably the cutest you will find on the internet. Follow the directions shown in the picture and you’ll make it in absolutely no time!
  10. Candies: Candies
    Add candies to your gift, not inside but outside, like little lollipop attached to each gift, the idea is easy, super pocket friendly and cute too!

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