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Date Night Ideas under 10$

Love isn’t measured by money, gifts aren’t counted for what they are worth, what matters is the heart with which one gives it to you, their feelings and their intentions. A perfect partner is the one who stands by you in good and bad times, both, who steps forward when no one else does, who has your back, who literally is your support system. Here are few date night ideas to rekindle the love and keep alive the spark in your relationship, and guess what? They’re all affordable, I’d rather say, they’re cheap and just under 10$!

1. Netflix Marathon: Netflix Marathon
Pick out a weekend, get your Netflix recharge done or buy a pack of your partner’s favorite movies, clean up the room and spray a nice room freshener to lighten up the mood. Bake some cookies and a bit of snacks to keep your tummies full while you watch the movie. Put on your cozy pajamas and tell your boyfriend to dress the same way, make a messy bun and let the strands of the ruffled hair fall down on your shoulder, welcome your man with a sweet hug and a lovely kiss! Turn on the movie, place down the snacks, get comfy in your man’s arms and watch a bunch of those favorite movies! This will work wonders!

2. Star Gazing:Star Gazing
Do you adore stars? How they twinkle and sparkle and shine so bright in the night? It is all so beautiful to look up at the dark sky and see the little bundles of light glowing up the sky. Imagine how lovely it would be to just lie down on the green grass with your partner lying next to you in your arms, with no traffic around, no hustle and bustle from the city, just you and your partner, and no one around to trouble you. It is so serene that you will want not to go back to the city once you are there in the park, all you will be doing then is talking about your dreams, your thoughts, your memories and it’ll be one of the best dates you will ever have!

3. Bake All Day Long:Bake all day long
Have you seen those movies where couples are just sitting around and then when one goes off to the kitchen to cook something, the other comes from behind and starts throwing flour? Well, that sounds like fun and Hey! You can do it too! Apart from wasting a lot of flour, you can rather bake some cookies, or a tiny little cake, or some truffles and waffles, put some raspberry sauce or maple syrup on it and enjoy it with your partner. This way you will have your little time of togetherness amidst the monotonous schedules.

4. Go Camping Together:Go camping together
Book your camp atop a mountain, near a lake or somewhere quiet where no one will whisper a breadth, celebrate the peace with your loved one, light a campfire and catch the glow worms, talk endlessly, laugh endlessly and lose yourself into each other by loving each other and telling how much you mean to one another.

5. Volunteer at a Dog Shelter:Volunteer at a dog shelter
Everybody loves dogs, and by love, it means they are insanely crazy for them! A true dog lover is one who sees an injured dog go on the road, takes him home, caresses him, feeds him and takes him to the vet. If you wish to help the poor animals, you might as well consider volunteering at a dog shelter, take care of the animals there and feed them with your own hand because sometimes it is not always about one’s happiness, sometimes it is about loving others, caring for them, and seeing how your little effort could change somebody’s life. You can register yourself at the nearest shelter home, take along some snacks for the cute puppies, and some adorable toys for them too. Spend a day there and you will feel the difference in yourself and your relationship.

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