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Gifts for Father’s Day!

Fathers are the most cute and lovable of all, they hide their emotions and are less expressive but get hurt and they will be the first one to take quick action n get you to the hospital, get your heart broken and they will be the ones breaking the other person’s bones! They love with all their heart, pour into every drop of sweat and blood in their work to earn the most for their kids, overdo it and go overboard! So here is to all the kids out there who are looking to gift a little something to their fathers to tell them how much he means to them.

1. A Handmade Card:handmade cards
Nothing can match the efforts of a handmade gift, you might as well buy one if you have money but no time but in case you have time, you must try and make something with your own bare hands for your father. He would definitely love to hold something which his creation created, at the end of the day he is your father, he is the one who created you so why not give him a gift made by your own talents? Even if you are not good at making origami stuff or handmade stuff just give it a try because He will never look out for any follies in whatever his kid has made for him, he’d rather enjoy and cherish it for a lifetime!

2. A Wine Bottle:A wine bottle
If your dad drinks wine, give him a beautiful and tasty red wine for his birthday or Father’s Day! Wrap it up beautifully, maybe add the most famous ferrero rocher chocolates on the outside sculpting it like a pineapple and make sure you use the right amount of glue and sheets to make it hassle free and look clean! Also make the leaves out of green sheets and stick them up in a bundle atop the bottle at the cap.

3. Customized Costumes:Customized costumes
If you are daddy’s kid then why not get a customized tee shirt set for the both of you? Write a cute message on his, and another on yours, make sure they resonate with each other and make him wear that on FATHER’S DAY! Click a picture of it and frame it up, hang it on the wall or in your room or his, make sure you capture the sweet moment! You can also get one tee printed for your mother as well and complete the family picture.

4. Memory Lane:Memory lane
Buy few envelopes, write letters in it and add pictures in some, put candies in the others and put them all together and give it to your daddy! I am sure he will have tears in his eyes as he will go through all of them one by one and it will be the best gift of all. Also, do not forget to number them according to the years or titles or whatever filter you have chosen. Put a stamp on every letter saying it is from you and pour your heart out in those letters telling your old man how much you love him, how he taught you to read and write and how you are now a successful and a happy person in life, the life teachings he has given you, all of it.

5. I Love You Daddy:I love you daddy!
Show him how much you love him by clicking your pictures holding placards saying i love you, ask your siblings if you have any to do the same and frame it up! Make cute poses, smile, roll your eyes, show your teeth, give a pout, hold the alphabet on your head, in your hand, under your chin or anywhere it seems fun!

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