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6 Pro Tips to Prepare for the Raksha Bandhan Ceremony

The festival of Rakhi is observed in the holy month of Shravana. It is meant to uphold the sacred bond between sisters and brothers. It is on this day that the sister ties a holy thread on the wrist of the brother, the latter vows to safeguard his sister against all odds. If you stay abroad, but still want to celebrate the occasion, then you can send Rakhi to India with flowers and other presents. Family members come together to worship Lord Krishna and attend the ceremony of Rakhi tying. Thus, we can understand that for Raksha Bandhan celebration, you need to make few accommodations and plan for the gifts. Today we will tell you about things or arrangements you need to make Rakshabandhan celebration a success.

  1. Rakhi : The most important aspect of the event is the thread that will adorn the brother’s wrist. As a sister, you will have to choose a suitable sacred thread. There is a wide assortment of Rakhis to pick, and you can select on that matches your sibling’s personality. You can even send Rakhi online to your far-away brother. If he is traditionally inclined, you can purchase Rakhis bearing patterns of Swastik, Jari work, Ganesha, Rudraksha beads etc. If you have a kid brother, then you can select kids Rakhi that are cartoon and superhero themed.rakhi shopping online
  2. Pooja Thali: You will have to prepare the pooja thali for the worship-ceremony that happens before the thread-tying. The thali must contain roli-chawal, gifts, agarbatti, scented woods or candles, diyas, sweets, and the gift. The Rakhi be kept on this Thali. After the thread is tied, the brother and sister feed each other the sweet from the same thali and mark the end of the event.
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  3. Cutleries and Cookware: As you may be expecting a number of guests on this day, you have to make accommodations for food and snacks. Cutleries and cookware have to be organized a day prior at the least, so as to avoid last-minute confusion. Clean all the plates, serving bowls/trays, spoons, forks etc beforehand so that you are sorted on the day of Rakshabandhan. Get help from the home members and relatives (if possible) to serve others, if you are expecting a large number of guests.
    Cutleries and Cookware
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  4. Gourmet Hampers: The festival cannot be complete without a hamper of sweet items, such as that containing chocolates, mithai, kheer etc. Some outlets provide gourmet baskets containing dry fruits, cookies, cakes, mithais, and a lot more.  There are special dry-fruit and healthy bites hampers available as well. You can use these as return-gifts or presents for the family members and guests who visit the house to celebrate the function.rakhi gift hampers
  5. Home Decorations: Apart from the things and gifts for the event, you will also have to decorate your house. You can start with beautifying the walls with wallpapers, portraits, nature paintings etc, and then move on to styling the curtains and putting up gorgeous floral bouquets in vases, tables etc. Make a stark and colourful rangoli at the front-entrance of the house. Utilize scent diffusers in the corners of every room to keep the home smelling good.home decoration for rakhi celebration
  6. The Clean-Up Team: After the festival celebration is done, you will require help to clean up the house and organize the space. For this, you may ask for friends or close blood-relatives to lend a hand. If they offer assistance, you can consider them, or if you know someone you can ask without hesitation then go for it. However, do not request for assistance if you can manage the cleaning all by yourself.home cleaning after raksha bandhan celebration

Take into account the above mentioned preparation for Rakshabandhan festival, and let the celebration sail through smoothly this day, without any hassles.

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