Kiss in the rain!

Bucket List for Couples

Let’s just hear out some completely fun and cheap bucket list ideas for couples who cannot afford fancy dinners at five stars and roam around in a Mercedes Benz with their partner. These ideas will definitely help you bond better with your partner and rekindle your relationship.

Go for Stargazing:Go for stargazing
If you are done with the rush and the traffic of the urban area and feel suffocated, why not breathe in the fresh air and go someplace with your partner where you can enjoy the serene sky, hold hands in hands and walk for miles or just lie down on the grass and see the stars lit and high up in the sky. Dwell in the nature’s beauty and get lost in beautiful conversations with your partner while you look at the dark skies.

Take a Day off:Take a day off
Switch off your phone, turn off your devices, and just lock yourself up with your partner in a pretty place where you can be yourself, wear off the makeup, wash your face, get your tight bun messed up and wear your pajamas. Slouch down on the couch and lie in your partners arms and let yourself go, let the worries fly away and the cupid fly in, talk about your days and nights, talk about how you feel for each other and what you think of your future. Laugh and laugh, tell each other stories! Play games, cook together and have fun.

Kiss in the Rain:Kiss in the rain!
This one might be a cliché but do you know how much power it holds, how beautiful it is to kiss in the rain? Most of the couples do not get a chance to do this and those who do think of it as a clichéd idea and let the time pass! But hey! Don’t do that, don’t just let something pass by which is so lovely and which would totally give you the feels. Also a romantic dance wouldn’t hurt anybody!

Eat Out:Eat out
It is not necessary that you go out to fancy restaurants, you can also go to drive ins and small diners which offer good and healthy food! All that matters is with what intentions you will take your partner there, how you will take care of her/his choices!

Photo Booth Kisses:booth kisses
Find a photo booth and take ton lot of pictures of both of you kissing and cuddling each other, get them printed and save the for eternity! You can’t imagine how much power these pictures hold, they showcase memories from the past, they tell you how time has flew by and your relationship has grown over the years. It’s a proof of your doings!

Start a New Tradition:Start a new tradition
Fix a date for going out or maybe the weekends, or some dish that you both like, or a game that you love playing, anything that is new and make it a tradition! Do it regularly and religiously, don’t fail to accomplish that one task ever. Let the winds be stronger and the storms come, face them (being too dramatic here) but hell yeah, you have got to do it!

Write Letters to Each Other: Write letters to each other
Be a bit old fashioned, love lasted longer back then, “I love you” meant what it is supposed to and people said it only when they meant so, not just for the heck of it. Try writing a letter for each other, keep it safe somewhere and open it in next 10 years maybe or lesser if you desire. You never know what phase you will be going through when you open these letters and how they will affect you at that time, well this will definitely be good for your relationship sooner or later.

Kiss in the Movie Theater:Kiss in the movie theatre!
Though you must have done it already like a thousand times but let’s consider the rest minute population who still hasn’t tried this, science has proven that when you do something which is not by the rules and hide it, your adrenaline levels rush in and you do everything super excitedly! That’s what will happen when you kiss your girl/man in the theatre, while everyone will be watching the movie, you two will sneak out and kiss! Just imagine how wonderful it will be.

Road Trip:Road trip
Take a road trip together, go to nearby resorts or exotic spots, go for picnics and outings with your partner, bond with them over the drive and talk incessantly.

Kiss Under the Fireworks:Kiss under the fireworks!
Kiss under the fireworks and see what magic it does to your life, not only on the outside but the lights that will burn up in your bodies will be amazing!

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