Best Rakhi Gifts for Sisters and Brothers by Their Interests

Raksha Bandhan is an eminent festival in India that celebrates the relationship of a sister and brother. In childhood, every sibling engages in playing pranks on each other, name calling, putting themselves in tight spot, and even vouching for one another. Thus, Rakhi is not only a festival, but a time when brothers and sisters get together with family members and uphold the unconditional love. Even if the siblings stay apart and, in another country,, the sister makes sure to send Rakhi to India without fail and observes the ceremony by doing Puja on the morning of Raksha Bandhan. Siblings plan from weeks and sometimes months before about the gift they can get for each other.  On the day of Rakshabandhan, a sister ties a sacred thread, known as Rakhi, on the wrist of her brother. It is said that the brother gifts the sister and promises to safeguard her till his last breath. The sister in turn also brings a gift that will match up to the personality of the brother. Given all the holiness and importance of the festival, searching an appropriate gift for the event is the goal of siblings. It is also one of the biggest challenges the siblings have to face. But one of the ways to get an ideal gift for each other on Raksha Bandhan is to choose one by interest and personality of brother and sister.

Today we will tell you the suitable gift for sisters and brothers, by their interest and personality.

Top Rakhi Gifts for Sisters

Every woman is fashion conscious. Females are usually headstrong, sentimental, passionate about their career, travel-lover, inclined towards arts, and wish to be self-independent. Keeping these aspects in mind we present to you best gift ideas for sisters on Raksha Bandhan.

  1. Makeup Kit: You can get a makeup box at a cosmetic shop. But, you can even build one for your sister. Choose the perfect concealer for under-eye and face, blush, face primer, prep mist, colour correctors, foundation, eyeliner, etc. Take an advice of your female friend if you have to and prepare a pleasant surprise for her. Get the makeup kit packaged in a colourful box, and make her day this Rakshabandhan.make up kit for sisters as rakhi gift
  2. Update Her Wardrobe: What does your sister usually like to wear? Does she bend towards Indian traditional wear or western outfits? Know her preference and select clothing accordingly. Generally women love dresses, salwar suits, palazzos, skirts, jeans and tank-tops, and fusion gowns. If she is a working professional, you can purchase a nice pair of office-going trousers and shirts.girls wardrobe

  3. Gifts for a Hobbyist: Does she have an artistic flair? Is she a painter, singer, musician? Then gift her things that can take ahead her hobby. A painter’s box which contains different types of painting tools and brushes, a book on musical notes or advanced-music guide for a singer, or a subscription to music classes? There are so many options out there to explore.

Even a brother can check out some of unconventional gifts for Raksha Bandhan.

Top Rakhi Gifts for Brothers

Guys are interested in sports and gaming. They are free-spirited, ambitious, and creative, like to be stylish about their looks and hairdo, well-groomed, and of course tech-savvy. Like women, they could also love to travel, and foodies. You can send Rakhi online along with relevant gifts to your brother on this Rakshabandhan. Keeping these personality traits in mind, we have created a list of best Rakhi gifts for brothers. Sisters can also choose their bother’s favorite among the various types of Rakhis like Kids Rakhi, Premium Rakhi.

  1. Grooming Kit: Not just women, but men also like to groom themselves. They are very particular about their hairdo and beard and moustache style. Thus a man’s grooming kit that contains hair gel, shaving kit, and basic makeup tools could be something that your brother seriously wants.
  2. Sports Items and Gaming Videos: Yes, it is no secret that boys like sports and video gaming. Trust us, if you select accessories of a sport that your brother likes, he will be overwhelmed. May be getting him that quality cricket bat or kickboxing gloves he needs for a long time now, or a new video-game that he has interest in.sports kit for brother on rakhi
  3. A Tailored Suit Other Clothing: Do you like a well-suited up man? A nicely tailored suit makes men look handsome, and of course you would like your brother to take care of his personality and appearance, so why not gift him a fitting tailored suit this Rakhi? If he is into casuals, then purchase few casual polo shirts, printed tee-shirts, Bermudas, and cargo pants.tailored suit for brothers

To get over the challenge to choose a suitable gift for a brother or sister, you can simply consider the interests and likings of your siblings and select presents for Rakshabandhan, accordingly. If you are not too sure about what they prefer, you can always send flowers and a box of chocolates instead and make Rakhi ceremony, a success.

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