Let the small stuff go

Tips for a Healthy Relationship

There is no defined recipe for a perfect relationship, you have to work every day hard for it, one has to put in efforts constantly to make it work. It sounds like a cakewalk that “I am in a relationship” but only those who are committed realize how difficult it is to maintain that love and the communication intact. Here are few tips to have a healthy relationship:

  • Communication: communication
    It is the key to every healthy relationship, have you ever thought what is the reason behind the high unsuccessful rates of long distance relationship? it is the lack of communication, it not only creates misunderstandings but also gives rise to doubts and fights. How can you maintain a relationship when you don’t know anything about the other person, where he is, what he is doing, who is he with, effective communication is required to have a good relationship. However some people over do it suffocating their partners, asking them again n again about their whereabouts, doubting on them, asking them innumerable questions. Communicate if you don’t, but don’t over do it.
  • Go out a Lot:Go out a lot
    Go out for movies, dinner dates, quick brunches, short trips, foreign trips, visit to home, spend as much as time as you can together, do a lot of fun activities like early morning Sunday cycling, swimming classes, or anything that interests you both. This way your relationship will never get old and you will be able to keep the spark alive no matter how many years you two have been together for. Sports will increase your stamina and keep you healthy, dinner dates and brunches I’ll be fun and interactive, trips will be refreshing and rejuvenating!
  • Let the Small Stuff Go:Let the small stuff go
    Don’t let trivial issues trouble you or your partner, get past the little fights which do not even matter or hold little importance, you must discuss if anything is troubling you but don’t take it to your head, don’t yell for no apparent reason. Most importantly do not ever lose respect for each other, fight but always remember with whom you are fighting, what importance does that person hold for you or what place he/she has in your life. Consider everything and then speak, fight and make sure you don’t go to bed without resolving and forgiving each other. Do not hold grudges against each other as that will only deteriorate your relationship and weaken your bond.
  • No Dominating:No dominating
    People misunderstand the concept of being in a relationship, they think that when one loves the other, both of them have the right to dominate over each other and there will always be one person who will be more dominating , smothering the other ones wishes and goals. It is true that your partner’s opinion matter, they count, they have a lot of weight in your decisions but that doesn’t mean that they will start taking your decisions, living your life, dominating over it. Always remember to have some dignity, some self respect for yourself, never bow down every time for no good reason, be strong when expressing yourself and make your point clear. However if you think the other person is suggesting you something better, follow it, no harm in saying yes to something which is beneficial for you.
  • Physical Touch:Physical touch
    Never lose interest in your partner sensually, even if you do somehow, try everything possible to rekindle the spark back. It is not always a sensual touch, intimacy can be cute cuddling too, little pecks on the cheek, wet kisses on the lips, or even tight hugs. Never lose that touch, that tingling feeling you get when your partner touches you, make sure you experiment different things, explore different places together, hold hands all the way long, kiss amidst the forests , the buildings and the people. Show your partner that even after so many years you still love him or her the same way you used to in fact even more!

Hope all these tips will help you in resolving issues better now and build a stronger relationship.

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