Ten Ways to Cope Up After a Break Up

Break ups are so stressful that people often go into depressions, take pills, sleep a lot, skip their meals and become unhealthy and depressed turning their life upside down. Try out the following things to cope up with your break up:

  1. Accept Your Loss:accept your loss
    If you got cheated on then there’s no loss of yours, rather it is a good thing that you caught your partner and saved yourself form the devastating future you could have had with him or her by blindly trusting them. But if it was due to some other reason then that’s apparently a loss, so accept it. Do not hold your tears back thinking it is useless to cry over somebody who is already gone, you need to accept it from your heart and assimilate the thought that you two are not together anymore. Once you have poured your heart out, things will seem better.
  2. Dump the Stuff:Dump the stuff!
    Do not hold onto memories of you both, your pictures with your partners, their gifts, their letters and cards are not going to do any good to you, especially when it is the healing time. However, throwing stuff is just juvenile, one should just pack all of it and keep it at one place where you don’t cross its path every day.
  3. Let Go off It:Let go off it
    Stalking and re reading the old conversations won’t help you in coping up with your damaged relationship, it will only intensify it, paining you and pinching your heart every time you see their picture or read the “I love you” text again n again.
  4. Go on an Adventure:Go on an adventure
    Spend more time with your friends, talking and sharing helps in bad moments, go out for movies and trips, they will definitely take you out of the blues and help you live again happily. To be able to cope up with the huge loss, you can plan a trip or an adventure which you had in your mind from a long time. This is the right time to pursue it and change your life with the memories you create from it.
  5. Exercise and Meditate:Exercise and meditate
    Follow a schedule which involves exercise and meditation, eat healthy food, breathe in fresh air at 6 in the morning, go for a jogging or a walk with your dog. Eat healthy food, feel fresh with in and out.
  6. Learn a New Skill:Learn a new skill
    Learn how to cook, or dance, or swim or anything you had been meaning to from past one year or rather years! This will help you meet new people, get out of the monotonous schedule, try new things and explore more places. Who knows you might even find your best friend in that very class!
  7. Love Yourself:Love yourself
    Now that you are drained out of feelings and emotions because of investing in another person and then losing him or her, it is time you muster up some courage and build your strength back, put in the same efforts on yourself, give yourself the reward for being confident and strong all this while.
  8. Develop a Hobby:Develop a hobby
    Cultivate the love for reading or writing or drawing and do it whenever you feel lonely or bored, this will increase your productivity and your time will pass just like that. Not only will it be a good time pass but also it will increase your skill set, imagine yourself being a pro at writing blogs or have read myriads of books, you’ll definitely be the smarty pants of the group!
  9. Spend Time with Yourself:Spend time with yourself
    Pamper yourself, keep your nails done, your hair just at the right place, buy new clothes, go out on solo dates and trips, treat yourself with desserts and anti-diet stuff. Most importantly contemplate about your future and work hard to achieve your goal in life every single day.
  10. Forgive:Forgive
    At the end just forgive your partner, for all the little and the huge fights, for the misunderstandings and the doubts, for everything that went wrong with you two and let go off the memories.

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