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Theme Ideas to Decorate Your Room

With the immense population of fans of Harry potter series, Game Of Thrones, Marvel and Disney, you can decorate your kid’s room in such wonderful ways that he’ll have his own world of fantasies and stuff.

  • Harry Potter Theme:harry potter theme
    If you are a harry potter fan or maybe the latest “Fantastic Beasts and where to Find them”, you can print out huge posters of all the houses like The Gryffindor, The Slytherien, The Huffle Puff and put them all up on the wall, put on the lights and candle stands like there were in Hogwarts. Put up posters and banners somewhere, make a set of Harry Potter bookmarks for the book sets, get mugs and coasters made of Harry Potter signatures and stuff like snitches, wands, etc.
  • Marvel:Marvel
    Boys usually tend to like Marvel Super heroes, they have been reading marvel comics ever since they started to read, they watch marvel series all day long and watch their movies. Put up posters of Hulk, Captain America and The Iron Man in the entire room, put on a cool bed sheet and change the wardrobe according to it.
  • Barbie Theme:Barbie theme
    If you have a little girl who is in love with barbies and loves to dress them up, do their make up, play with them all day long then you can decorate her room in all shades of pink, from the lightest to the darkest, baby pink to magenta and even a bit of redish touch won’t hurt.
  • The Bohemian:The bohemian
    If you have a fetish for arts, then you can put up a huge Mandala design behind your bed side and that alone with some lights here n there will give a super Boho look to your room! Don’t just conceal your creativity inside, let it flow out and spread its wings in the outer world too.
  • Universe Theme:Universe
    The universe looks extremely beautiful with the shining celestial bodies, the stars, the planets, the meteorites and oh the milky way! You can do a complete wall art and paint stars with neon paints so that they shine whenever it is dark. Add a little string attached planet balls here n there, also decorate the ceiling in a way which gives a feel of the sky!
  • The Jungle:The jungle
    If you love adventures, roaming out raw in the nature, the tress and the wild animals, set up a path like that from your entrance gate to the bed and make your bed look like it is made up of wood. Add a bit of plastic grass and creepers around the window, and a ladder to give it the complete look!
  • Sailor Man:Sailor man
    The love for the great sea and the water never fades for a person who just loves to sail and follow the pirates, so set up your room in a blue shade with anchor shaped cut outs, pictures of sea creatures and many more.
  • Travel Lust Room Theme:Travel lust
    Have the travel lust in you? Well you can put a huge globe in your room on a pile of books and decorate it in a corner, that alone will give you all the travel goals that you need in life.
  • Cars Poster Theme:Car poster theme
    Every Disney fan has seen the movie “Cars” and most of their favorite characters is the red one that plays the protagonist’s role and says “Kachao” with a grin! You can also put up its posters and decorate your room like the racetrack and around the movie cars.
  • Aerobics:aerobics
    Are you a gymnast? Or follow aerobics religiously? You might as well decorate your room as such so as to keep your motivation and inspirational levels high. Make cut outs of different postures and stick them up near your bedside and voila! You have your source of inspiration right by your side!

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