The Disney theme

Best Themes for Kids’ Birthday Parties

There was a time when kids birthday parties were pretty simple to organize but as everything grew, they did too, getting more complex but better and more fun everyday! So we have listed the top most themes preferred for birthday parties for your little baby.

  • The Harry Potter Theme:harry potter theme
    How many kids do you think do not like Harry potter? Of course there isn’t anyone on this planet who can say that they don’t like Harry Potter, be it kids or 40 year olds, we all have seen all the parts over n over, and we never got bored, how could one get bored when they’re literally living in a world full of magic and dream schools like Hogwarts and with good people like Dumbeldore to watch over them. So why don’t you plan out a special Harry Potter themed birthday party for your child, use the house banners as mats, decorate it up on the walls, make wands out of paper mashi, and make robes for the little ones who will come over to your house. Arrange games for them, and have turkey or chicken cooked real nice with marinated sauce, vegetable salads to make it look like the grand table that was there in the main hall of Hogwarts.
  • Super Heroes Theme:Super Heroes Theme
    Kids love superheroes! They love people with super powers, they adore superman for his strength and intelligence, love batman for his smartness and cool attitude, and they love Captain America for his extremely good looks! Who wouldn’t fall for him? He’s so handsome! Whenever you feel addled about what theme you should pick for your kids birthday party, pick out “Super Heroes”. Use the figures cut outs so that the kids can really feel their presence and click tons of pictures with them, decorate the entire house up with the specifics of superhero, like nets for spider man, cape for superman, the black mask of batman and many more.
  • The Disney Theme:The Disney theme
    Kids love Disney, in fact Disney has played a vital role in every kid’s life, from telling them to share, to love and to give, to teaching them calculations, counting numbers and solving puzzles. We all grew up watching Mickey Mouse helping out his other friends, Minnie Mouse dressing up really nice, Goofy being the kind and caring one, Pluto used to be our favorite dog and of course how could we miss out Donald and Daisy Duck! They were all so adorable and still are, you can light up the place with Disney stuff, from Phineas and Ferb to Mickey and friends, the kids are going to have a hell of a time! Get a huge cake with your kids favorite characters picture on it or in the shape of it, light up the room in a colorful way, cut outs and piñatas filled with jelly beans or gummy bears. It is one of the most wonderful theme for kid’s birthday parties.
  • The Hot Wheels Theme:The hot wheels theme
    If you have a boy and presuming that he must be crazy for hot wheels cars and bikes and all the latest super fast automobiles, why don’t you get a car shaped cake for him, probably a red Ferrari sort, stick up posters of Fancy Cars around, bake cookies in the shape of concentric circles like tired and color them by adding a bit of food color to it, and the return gifts can be a car shaped box, motorbike shaped sharpeners, car stickers and much more! It’ll be a super cool party for the boys!
  • The Floral Party:The floral party
    It’s always nice to have flowers in a party, any less of it can make a lot of difference but any more of it will always enhance the beauty of the party and the ambiance. Nobody will ever complain about the ambiance being so beautiful and full of fresh fragrance, you can make flower shaped cookies or decorate the cake with icing full of flowers, send out the invitation letters with flowers and put up a lot of decorations here n there. It will all be so peaceful and merry at the same time!

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