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Solo Activities for a Solo Girl

Times are changing, the clichéd couple ideas are getting out of stack and the solo fun ideas are replacing them superfast. Especially for girls who are wild and bold, untamed and beautiful who want to explore the world by themselves at their own terms. We totally get it if you are a girl who wishes to do stuff all by herself and is the free spirit that hopes to fly high someday spreading her wings all over the skies. We have picked up a few activities that you might like to do “solo” on weekends maybe or whenever you are free.

  1. Solo Travel: solo travel
    Travelling around is fun, nobody wants to stay put at one place and get stagnant, everybody wants to go out and see the world, travel round the globe, try out new delicacies and wear new outfits. One reason why you MUST travel alone is that you will become strong and independent in the process, not only will it be difficult in the beginning but it will be fun too. running to catch a flight or boarding a bus in a foreign country, making new friends, this will happen only when you travel solo without any meddling from anybody else. So, plan a weekend away maybe or a little trip to the nearest hill station and see for yourself what the world holds for you.
  2. Solo Concerts: Solo concerts
    Are you a concert person who just loves to go out and sing along in the metallica or Justin Beiber Concerts? A regular “sunburn” attendee, then you might as well should try going solo there sometime. Why go out with an entire gang of friends when you can go to a concert and enjoy it by yourself too? Buckle up, get dressed, put on your loose white tee and short shorts, wear sneakers or canvas and jump in the party. Take lots of pictures, make new friends there and enjoy!
  3. Meditate: meditate
    Get away from the toxicity of the cities and the hustling bustling crowded areas. Go to a spot in the vicinity of the town at the time of dusk, pack up a bottle of juice, some fresh fruits and reach there just before the sun rises. Sit down on the grass, inhale the fresh air, exhale the stress out of your body and get lost in the nature, let the cool winds caress your skin, let the rays of sun penetrate deep in your soul and enlighten your body from within.
  4. Read a Book in a Go: read a book
    You won’t believe how effective this idea is, you just have to read a book! Wondering what is so special in it? Well, you just don’t have to pick up a random book and read it, you have to research and buy a good read, take care of the environment that nobody disturbs you while you read, your phone must be on silent and you should be free from any distractions. Lighten your mood up and delve in the book, the characters, feel what they feel, think what they are thinking and finish it in one go. This is what is so special about solo reading, you get infinite time and zero distractions, also you have to complete this in one sitting, remember.
  5. Make Yourself a Cup of Coffee: Make yourself a cup of coffee
    Is this a part of your daily routine? we have a way to tell you how to make this one-time count and special. What you do every day is that you wake up to your monotonous day with a groggy face, pour in the coffee because you need the caffeine to kick in the body to activate the nerves but this time do it differently, wake up with a smile, take your searing cup of coffee at your terrace or someplace nice outside, pour it in a mug or a cup, and drink it while being silent, watching the sun rise and the rays emanating so far your eye can’t even catch it.

Try all this out and you will realize that even the little simple things that you do as a part of your schedule, if done solo, without any hindrance and troubles will change you a lot.

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