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Tell Your Granny How Much You Love Her

This is the era of latest technologies, new developments, new relationships, new ideologies and amidst all the hush n rush we have forgotten to love our grandparents, the old and the pure ones. We tend to think that they are old fashioned and orthodox, that they do not assimilate the concept of our “trends” or the changing times but always remember that they are the ones who will love you the most, they are the ones with the purest souls and they will do anything in their power to make sure you have your stomach full and get the best of everything before you step out of the house. Give her some special handmade gifts to tell her what she means to you.

  • Hand print card:handprint card
    Color your hand by putting poster colors or water colors on it, put the impressions on a white chart paper and write down a cute message for your granny. Tell her how you miss it when you were a kid and she was younger, when she taught you how to pray, made you your favorite dishes, fought with your parents to let you go out with friends and have fun. Tell her whatever you can in that little card and she’ll be tear-eyed when she’s done reading it.
  • Butterfly Footprints: Butterfly Footprints
    You can do the same thing as you did in your first one with your foot; get some paint on it and put your marks on a white paper, make some butterflies with it and gift it to your grand-mother. She’ll love to see the footprints of her little angel, whom she once taught how to walk and will keep it close to her heart.
  • Flower Bouquet: Flower bouquet
    Fresh flowers die out soon enough, eventually you have to throw them away, no matter who gave it to you but a time comes when you have to give them up because they don’t live eternally. So, if you are good with origami, good! If you are not, don’t worry, follow some simple steps provided online and make some paper flowers for her, make a bouquet rather and gift it your grandmother showing her the eternal love you have for her, that she will grow old but your love for her will never grow old. You will always love her the same way.
  • Her Favorite Nutties: Her favorite nutties!
    Have you heard your parents telling your granny that she shouldn’t eat peanuts because she has a cholesterol issues? Parents care for them but they sometimes go over board and hurt them unintentionally by being rude to her so be her savior of munchies! Buy her a jar of nuts or peanuts, or whatever she likes for chewing in when she is free or watching television. Get her this with a tiny little note on the jar so that whenever she will munch those nuts she will remember her grand child who did the cutest thing for her but make sure u keep a check on her and not let her over eat it giving her any trouble!
  • The Nana One: Nana one
    Buy a wooden plank, color it beautifully and write the basic words you want, like here it is “Live, love and spoil” which means that you wish your nana lives for a thousand more years, you will love her till her last breadth and spoil her in every way possible you can because as we have all heard that when people grow old, they don’t just grow old, they go back to being kids all over again! They become stubborn, they just want what they want! So you can pamper her like she did when you were a baby and give her all the cuddles she needs!

Hope you will put in the efforts and make your granny’s day.

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