Half quill half fold!

Origami Flower Ideas!

Good with origami? Always created something better and unique than your other classmates a school? Here are few ideas for making origami flowers out of simple and cheap papers like news papers or colored sheets. Also we have added a bit of flavor in every idea with some little beads and sparkle!
Here goes the list of few ideas which you could implement next time you make origami flowers!

  • The Booklet Tulips:booklet tulip
    What do you do with your old books? Do you throw them away for a cheap price of money which doesn’t justify the books contents? Why throw it away when you can actually do something pretty with them and put them to use craftily! So tear those pages up finely, turn them into tulips by folding them appropriately, attach them with a metal wire covered with green sheets to make it look like the stem and a thick ribbon to hold them all together! And Voila! Here is your bunch of booklet tulip! Products required: Newspapers, metal wires, crape sheets and a wide ribbon
  • The Buttoned up Ones:The buttoned up ones!
    When you make paper flowers, you could add little buttons at the centre, few pollen like plastic threads and stuff to make it more pretty. You can make flowers into flowers, like add tiny ones inside the bigger ones and stick them up together. The types of sheets you would like to use will also make your bouquet stand out; polka dots, strips, silver and golden, use as much diverse sheets you can and you will be surprised by the results you see! Products Required: Handmade sheets, glue, buttons, artificial pollen and glue
  • Half Quill Half Fold:Half quill half fold!
    If you are a creative person who has a deep interest and passion for art n crafts then it is presumable that you are acquainted with the concept of quilling, now you could put that knowledge to use and also add a bit of origami in it making roses out of papers. You could mix match both the quilled and the folded papers and make a lovely bouquet out of it. Pick out the color combinations wisely, for example here a blue and light peach colors are chosen which set in just right with each other! You can also go for pink and peach, yellow and orange, red and black to give a bit of bold look. Products Required: novel pages/ newspaper pages, plain solid colored sheets and glue
  • The autumn leaves: The autumn leaves
    This model of flowers primarily can be used as autumn leaves but it might as well be put up on walls for decorations and lacings. It is not necessary that you roll out the same roses and tulips, you can also be a bit different and make the autumn leaves which would look so serene it would just take the flower-origami game on a different level! And they are comparatively simpler to fold and roll than the others. You could either use them up alongside a bouquet of flowers or make one, consisting only of these autumn leaves. From shades of orange to yellow, you can extend the range up to blues and pinks too and that would look just fine! Products Required: colored sheets and glue.
  • The wild Ones: The wild onesIt is not the pretty and poise that attracts everyone always, the bold and the wild can too entangle people in its beauty. The steps to make these beautiful flowers are all given in the picture itself. After making a few all you need to do is get them all together in an origami bouquet. You can decorate them in your room so that they look as pretty as
    the roses!

Products Required: green solid colored sheets, glue, scissors, metal wires and crape paper.

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