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How to Have a Perfect First Date

Going out on a date with your crush and getting nervous in the process is just normal. Anybody would be afraid of going out and blurting out things which they should not do on a first date because as they say, “first impression is the last impression”, you do not want to ruin your date or spoil their mood. We have come up with some quick check points to make sure your date goes smoothly.

  • Smile a Lot: smile a lot
    Smile to show that you genuinely feel happy being there, sitting with them and spending time with them is worth it all. Do not put on a plastic smile else they will feel really hurt, it will be totally a waste then but remember to smile a lot!
  • Dress Appropriately: Dress Appropriately
    Do not go over board and wear something too tacky or exposing, don’t just be a “wannabe” be who you are and embrace your body as it is. If you look more cute than hot, it is okay, be cute, who told you that being hot will win his heart? And if you are a little chubby, that’s okay too because a person who will love you will be able to see you behind that body, he will look into your soul and fall for it rather than the mask that is covering it. Be decent and have that poise, dress graciously!
  • Listen:Listen
    Listen to whatever your date is saying, give her reactions not replies, be careful when you respond. Don’t just be casual about it because you may never realize how much it is taking from a person to open up in front of you and show you the real “Them” so value their talks and their opinions. Hear them out, their views on a particular topic, their beliefs, their likes and dislikes, everything that they want to tell you! It is one of the important things that will help you know them better and decide if you two get along well or not.
  • Ditch Expectations:Ditch expectations
    Do not expect too much, neither from your partner nor from yourself because expectations always lead to disappointments. Imagine you are meeting a person for the first time, is it right on your part to expect something out of them straight away? They don’t even know you yet, how come they will act or do something that will please you? So do not expect much from your date at the first one!
  • Be Fun: Be fun
    Don’t be boring and lame, wake up the funny side of yours and be interactive. If you sit back how will your date step up and talk or even understand what kind of a person are you so open up and be fun! Be sporty! Tell your date about your hobbies and passion, tell them how you want to change the world or travel around the globe, make them smile and laugh. Believe it or not but people who laugh together at their first date tend to have a better relationship than others because they are more comfortable with their partners ad compared to those who do not open up.
  • Get Personal:Get personal
    Sometimes when you share your deepest and darkest secrets with somebody you then create a special bond with them, but before you do so make sure it is the right person. don’t just spill out anything in front of anybody who doesn’t even care for you.
  • Be Honest:Be honest
    This is not an interview where you have to brag about yourself and your accomplishments, you need to be yourself, the honest version, the original you for your date. They don’t care if you are a science genius, what matters is how you are at heart, what kind of a person you are! Don’t build up fake stories because sooner or later they will find out everything about you.
  • Be Thankful:Be thankful
    Be grounded to earth for everything, no need to show off your body or your money or what so ever you have in life! Be thankful for everything, in fact be gracious enough to thank your date for taking out time and coming there to meet you and spend time with you.
  • Talk:Talk
    Most importantly you need to talk and communicate on your first date, even on the ones after that. Put off your mobile on one side and just concentrate on your partner, look in their eyes, caress them and know them better.
  • Get the Hint:Get the hint
    By the end of the date you will know if the other person likes you or not, or vice versa so understand those little hints and act accordingly! Don’t force them to call you up or meet them if they don’t want to, don’t give them wrong signals which say you are very much interested in them whereas you aren’t! keep it simple and straight!

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