If he holds you in front of other people

5 Ways to Know if Your Boyfriend Really Loves You

We all know how suspicious and dubious we get when it comes to love, we always have this fear inside of us if our partner loves us enough or not and we keep on running around circles to make sure of it. Some women tend to overdo this and ruin their own relationship by doubting their innocent partners and end up regretting the entire idea of “doubt” itself. No website or app can assure you of your partner’s loyalty but here are few tips which will definitely help you resolve your doubts.

  1. Does he listen to you carefully?does your boyfriend listen to you carefully
    There is a huge difference between hearing something and listening to somebody, when you hear, you are just hearing, you do not intend to put much thoughts on it, but when you are listening you make sure you carefully listen to every detail of the story, think about what somebody said and then respond to it gently. When it comes to boys, this sure as hell will tell you how important you are to him, if he is all tired and you are talking to him he has two options, first is that he can just act as if he cares about what you are talking and just shake his head, second that he can actually listen to your story, how your day has been and talk nicely and respond to every sentence you just said. Next time you have a conversation with him, ask him a few questions in between, say something contradicting at the end to ensure if he was even paying attention or just took it all lightly n avoided you!
  2. If he holds you in front of other people:If he holds you in front of other people
    Boys tend to hide their relationships for stupid reasons most of the times, they hide it from their from friends, family and literally everybody! If your man is not proud enough of you, and feels that he is extremely lucky to have you then you my lady are in the wrong relationship. Being in love with somebody else is a beautiful feeling but you must be in love with yourself first! If you don’t feel that you are getting the kind of attention you should, the show off part where he shows you off as his latest conquest and tells everybody how loving you are, then you should consider talking to him at first, and if it doesn’t work well, you know what to do then.
  3. Does he yell at you a lot?Does he yell at you a lot
    Everybody gets mad once in a while, yelling and shouting and fighting is a part of every relationship, not only couples but even of father and daughters, brother n sisters literally every relationship but what if it goes over board? What if he keeps on yelling at you for no reason at all or keeps picking on you for trivial matters. What then? Do you think that is right? You do not deserve this! You deserve the love and the happiness you signed up for when you came in this relationship, not for being insulted and humiliated every now n then. A gentleman does what he promises, he keeps his relationships healthy and happy, he knows the value of people whom he have, cherish them for life, he doesn’t shout or yell for silly things!
  4. Does he do little things for you?Does he do little things for you
    There was a time when girls were just supposed to cook, and marry, and have kids, but times have changed and men are equally responsible for everything that a woman does and so goes for the women. If you cook for him, he should also do it sometimes for a change, to give you some rest from it, to tell you that you are not alone in this. If you pamper him while he is tired, he should do the same when you are, exhausting you more is not what someone will do if he loves you, so observe and make sure you are not biased in your decision when you do!
  5. Does he spend time with your family and friends?Does he spend time with your family and friends
    When you fall in love, make sure you don’t fall out of love with your friends and family, that you yourself do not lost respect for them. Once you get into a relationship, observe if your man spends time with your friends or family, if he keeps on bitching about them, if he loves them as much as you do or if he even respects them? this matters a lot and especially if you guys are planning on getting married, make sure you love each other’s family members and friends. A little deviations are fine but drastic ones could be disastrous for the both of you!

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