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5 Easy DIY crafts for Home Décor !

The world is going crazy about DIY projects and we know why! Because they’re easy to make, full of creativity, beautiful and so cheap you might not even have to buy anything from the market and work with anything that’s available to you at home or which you once threw away thinking it is useless. Well, you might as well consider collecting the “once thrown away” material from your basement. Here are few super easy DIY projects for you to make at home with the most basic things!

  • A Memory Blanket:A memory blanket

What do you do when your tee shirts tear form one side, or get burnt by the iron on one sleeve, you throw them away, right? Well, you don’t need to do that now, collect all the burnt and ripped apart tee shirts, cut out the damaged part, take either the front or the back and sew them all together, make it as big as a blanket. Once you have sewn the front and the back sides of the “would be” blanket, sew these both together, fill up cotton in between or whatever you’d like to, and sew it back from the top! And it’s done! You didn’t have to buy anything except the stuffing in the blanket and it didn’t cost you any money as compared to when you go out in the market to buy an expensive one.

Products Required: Old tee shirts/ clothes, Sewing machine, blanket stuffing.

  • A Purse:purse

You can also make a purse form your old tee shirt, you have to pick out just the color and then you can cut it according to your wish. Just make sure you sew up the bottom part so that it is tightly closed and doesn’t leak anything. You Can decorate it all you want, buttons, sparkles, floral embroidery, stickers, everything that you can find and would want to have on your purse, you can sew it on your tee and it’ll be ready in just 2 hours! Or hardly one if you are not good at sewing and designing.

Products Required: Old tee shirt, Sewing Machine, Extra decorative stuff.


  • Beautiful Wall Aart:Beautiful wall art


There was a time when we used to use CD’s, now that it is gone you must be having a pile of them somewhere in your cupboard, why not be a little creative and go out of the box to make something great out of those old CD’s? the first step is that you take them out, clean them with a cloth and make sure the rainbow reflective part is all clean, after you have done this, break the CD! Yeah, you read that right, break it into smaller pieces but don’t hurt yourself in this process, you should use a device to break it rather than doing it with your bare hands. Now take a Cardboard of whichever shape you want, paste black chart papers on it and then paste the broken pieces of the CD’s on it randomly in an abstract manner. After you have done all the pasting, you can give a thermo-col support to your Cardboard to make it look more strong and thick!

Products Required: Cardboard, old CD’s, glue (lots of it), Thermo-col.

  • Jam Jar Light: Jam jar Light

Next time you finish a jam bottle or a mason jar, keep them, don’t just throw them away in the trash because their content is empty, you could create the new content in them, can’t you? And it’ll be more beautiful than ever, all you got to do is wash them thoroughly to ensure they don’t smell of the edible material they had in them earlier, put some cotton in it and sprinkle a bit of sparkle, paint them if you want, wrap around thin lights so that when it is evening you can turn them on and these beautiful jars will look just lovely! They’ll illuminate the room up so nicely, people will ask you about the place you bought them from, they won’t recognize that it is an old jam jar!

Products Required: Jam jar/ mason jar, cotton, sparkles, lights.

  • Bed Side Beauty: Bed side beauty

This one is the simplest of all, cut out a bunch of heart shaped cut outs from white chart papers, color them all you want, string them together by using a thread and tie them up all to one common bard of thick cardboard and put it up on the all.

Products Required: Cardboard, Chart papers, Colors, Glue and thread!

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