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10 Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

You don’t have to wait till valentine’s week to gift your girlfriend some amazing gifts, present her tiny little gifts every now and then n make them count! What matters is your efforts, not the cost or the worth of the gift. From a key chain to a branded top, she’ll love anything and everything that you give her because she loves you more than all of it and more than you could ever know.

  1. Customized Sweatshirt Set: customized sweet shirts
    This is the latest trend that couples are following these days, get two white sweatshirts , print a “King” on yours and “Queen” on hers, wrap them up nicely, put a little note on the top of the box saying “I love you sweetie, and I always will!”. Let her open the box and dwell in the love, you can then wear those cute pair of matching clothes, get a photo shoot done and brag it to everyone you know!
  2. Glow in the Dark Lamp:Glow in the dark lamp
    Buy a “glow in the dark “lamp, tell her that till your last breadth she won’t have to face darkness alone, that you will be her light and show her the path if she ever gets lost, write it all down on a note and gift it to her.
  3. Coloring Book: Coloring book
    If she is an artist, and loves drawing, painting, doodling or zentangling you can gift her a coloring book. You can’t even imagine how happy a girl gets when she receives such gifts! Because think, no one will think that a coloring book would be good enough for a gift but she will always want one in her heart, she might not say it out loud but if she is a creative person, you might as well research a bit and gift her a superbly amazing coloring book.
  4. Dream Catcher: Dream catcher
    Has she ever complained about having nightmares or where she just could not sleep because she felt someone was looking at her, sounds creepy, right? Well, why don’t you buy a Dream Catcher for her, that way she’ll have a shield (at least the thought itself will make her more fearless), and also a beautiful wall decorating piece!
  5. Novels: Novels
    The most wonderful and serene gift for a writer or for someone who has a penchant for reading is books! Lots of books! From fiction to nonfiction, motivational to inspirational, cooking books to blogging tip, these people can read anything and everything. So, find out which genre is your girlfriend’s favorite and gift her a set of books which she had been planning to buy since a long time.
  6. A Scrapbook:A scrapbook
    Make a scrapbook for her, fill it up with pictures of both of you and stick notes inside it, write I love at least a hundred times in between the pages, tell her what you feel about her, how you think your relationship has turned your life upside down and made you happier than ever. Sounds bit too much for a boy to do but come on, don’t you love her? Can’t you make some efforts for her? So go now, buy a scrapbook and fill it up with love!
  7. A Dress:gift dress for girl friend
    A dress sounds like a cliché gift, but listen up! Old is gold! The contemporary ways of gifting are still the most romantic ones, candlelight dinners, long walks in the park, long drives and gifts like, letters, dresses, all of it still holds as much importance as it did back in the 90’s and the 80’s. Pick out a pretty dress for your girl, make sure it is packed up beautifully, attach a note on it saying “ I’ll pick you up at 8, be ready love!” and take her out on a date the same evening, she’ll love you more than ever for the sweetest gift in the world.
  8. A Picture Framed n Lit:picture framed n lit
    Buy a decent black bordered photo frame, print out your best picture of the required size and attach a strand of lights behind it and connect it to a port so that whenever it is switched on, the lights will glow in the background making the picture look all the more pretty!
  9. With all My Senses:With all my senses
    Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, what you have to do here is that you have to buy five different bags, and as you know that we have five senses that are the touch, smell, sound, sight and taste, pick up different gifts of corresponding to the senses and put them all in separate bags, label them up! Wrap them up! And they’re ready to go in your girlfriend’s hands!
  10. Shoes:Shoes
    Tell her that her efforts count the most to you, that you realize how she juggles and keeps on running in between her work and you, how important her work is to you or how you love her for making your breakfast and taking care of you, tell her that she is a strong woman and you are proud to have her! Gift her a strong pair of shoes, sports one to be specific, no flats, no peep toe, nothing! Just robust sole and strong design to show her how strong she is!

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