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I had to send flowers on short notice for a wedding reception and since I live in France i had to rely solely on ratings on the Internet. You have been punctual, the flowers were timely delivered. I was gratified for having trusted you. Thank you for your efficiency and reliability. 


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If you are friends for life, then stamp your admiration with this pretty looking bunch of 12 yellow roses. This will be in perfect unison with your feelings; the color yellow anyway personifies friendliness. Yellow being the color of the Sun, exude similar energy and positivity. Celebrate our friends birthday, friendship's day or a get together gift with this yellow dozen, placed in a slender that you get with this bunch. Place your order now and see happiness which you always intend for your friend.
VAL-FL-73 Price: Rs 915
Variations and variety is the spice of life. So present this lovely various colored roses that are 12 in number to your friend, family, boss, or even a colleague. The variety of colors that are available will set the mood just right and in the party, only you will shine. The vase that you get with this lovely bunch of colorful flowers adds to the grace along with the greens present in the bunch that perfectly contrast the colors of fragrant roses.
VAL-FL-74 Price: Rs 915
A flower bouquet of 12 Red Roses in A Vase with Fillers can immediately bring smile to the person receiving this special gift. Flowers are a way to the heart and when it comes to red rose it just enchants the mind like nothing else. A special gift to your special one on a special day and express your true feelings without speaking even a word. Rule their world with this beautiful red rose bouquet.
VAL-FL-75 Price: Rs 915
This basket is made up of 100 red roses. The bouquet is designed to give a natural look with all the 100 roses arranged to look like one large bloom. Green leaves add fresh nod to the arrangement, while the fresh misty smell of the red roses merges with the smells of the green leaves. With an appearance of abundance and a natural bouncy zing, this one is for those who like all things pretty. Order it for your ladies: mothers, sisters, wives and daughters love this one!
VAL-FL-76 Price: Rs 2911
Charming and feminine, this bouquet is designed with a 100 pink roses. The colour of universal love for oneself and others, the long stem pink roses are handpicked by our expert florists and put together with leaves around the bunch to heighten the experience of the pink blooms. Held together with soft fancy ribbon, this specially designed bouquet is perfect for various occassions to express your warm wishes.
VAL-FL-77 Price: Rs 2695
This bunch of 30 pink roses marries elegance with style. The fresh pink blooms are punctuated with equally fresh seasonal fillers. Popping up in between are fresh green leaves. The roses and fillers are creatively surrounded by pink fancy wrapping and bows to add to the dramatic appearance. Unique and elegant, this one is for those who like something different.
VAL-FL-78 Price: Rs 1158
Lending 12 red roses a dramatic update, this bouquet is created with fresh red roses, green leaves, ferns and fillers and fancy wrapping. The arrangement is crafted to look unique and eccentric. It is medium in size, easy to carry and something that you do not get to see every time. Apt for all occasions, may it be a promotion, an engagement party or a birthday bash.
VAL-FL-79 Price: Rs 495
Filled with delicateness, this bunch of 12 pink roses will allow you to have an exquisite and playful day together. Order this special bunch for your love, if you need to impress her or congratulate her on any success story that she may have shared with you. This lovely bunch is available in a glass vase that is large and can be used for other purposes later. The season fillers are added to this to make this bunch all the more charming.
VAL-FL-8 Price: Rs 915
A bunch of handpicked 100 red roses made to look like one big bloom; this one is easily a favourite pick. A 100 roses are surrounded by layers of fillers and seasonal flowers and ferns. Elegantly wrapped with fancy wrapping material, this one is easy to carry and looks good in every room.
VAL-FL-80 Price: Rs 2695
Pink roses and exotic purple statice, this bunch of fresh blooms is kept simple and sophisticated. 12 pink roses handpicked from the freshest flowers are casually put together with an assortment of long stem purple statices. Held together strongly with a satin ribbon bow, this one looks elegant when placed in any tall vase. Your friends, family and business associates will love it for its beauty, fragrance and freshness.
VAL-FL-81 Price: Rs 495
For an instant dose of love and all things lovely, gift this bouquet of 100 red roses with seasonal fillers. Red roses sweetly co-exist with seasonal fillers of various colours to express your feelings to your loved one. Convey birthday wishes, congratulations or get well soon thoughts to your loved ones with this beauty of a bouquet.
VAL-FL-82 Price: Rs 2695
Roses express love better than words, don't they?! Surprise your loved ones with this arrangement of 12 long stem red roses put together with fillers and wrapped with fancy wrapping. Your message is guaranteed to reach your loved one. The bouquet is easy to carry and will light up any space where it's displayed.
VAL-FL-83 Price: Rs 495
Looking for something that speaks your heart out? This one is straight from your heart to express your love. 40 roses are displayed in the shape of a heart in a heart-shaped basket. Make your love grow ever more with this heart-shaped bouquet of roses. Put together in a strong basket, the roses will remain as fresh as your love blooms. For those in love, this one's what you're looking for!
VAL-FL-84 Price: Rs 1850
A sparkling bouquet of a 100 red roses, this will surely spark love. Our expert florists handpick 100 red roses; place them creatively to form a bountiful round bouquet. When placed on a tabletop, it becomes the center of attraction. Mesmerizing in beauty and fragrance, this one makes a lasting impression on your loved one!
VAL-FL-85 Price: Rs 2695
This artistic arrangement features a 100 red roses in the shape of a heart. Assorted from the best rose farms and placed delicately, the fragrance of a hundred roses is magnificent and engulfing. Green leaves and fillers surround the heart for added beauty and style. The red energizes any space. Order it to send congratulations to friends, family and your beloved and make the day special with surprise.
VAL-FL-86 Price: Rs 3250
An eye-catching arrangement, this one includes a hundred red roses and a cute little teddy bear. The fresh roses are handpicked and carefully arranged in a heart-shaped form, placed in the middle is a cute teddy bear. Lovely and cuddly, this arrangement is sure to make your loved one know how special they are. Order this as a surprise gift and make their day memorable.
VAL-FL-87 Price: Rs 3703

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