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This triple combo comprises of a Basket of 12 Red Roses with Seasonal Fillers, a Small lovable Teddy Bear and 5 Dairy Milk Chocolates. This charming basket is perfect for any occasions. As we dwell in a place of perennial celebrations this basket offers you value with sweetness of chocolates, handpicked flowers, and soft teddy gift. Get it at your door or surprise your loved ones by personally reaching them. Get back all the love you have been longing for!
VAL-COMBO-29 Price: Rs 1850
A bunch of 12 lovely and elegant red roses tied with a fine-looking ribbon. Roses are the handmaiden of love and are must to express the love; enjoy the fragrance of roses. Along with the beautiful bunch comes the box of 16 Pieces Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. The luscious chocolates are just perfect to celebrate Valentine day. That's not all, gift also contains the delicious 1 kg(2.2 Lbs) chocolate truffle cake with a wonderful Valentine's Day greeting card.
VAL-COMBO-30 Price: Rs 2610
A wonderful combination of several lovable stuffs at one place. It will delight your mate with a sober Bunch of 18 Yellow Roses; very yummy Chocolate Cake weighing 1Kg (2.2 Lbs), a medium Size Cute Teddy Bear and some assembled Cadbury's Chocolates. Also a Valentine's Day Greeting Card is attached with it to pen down your thoughts and feelings for your beloved. Make it a point to gift this pack and you are to please them undoubtedly!
VAL-COMBO-32 Price: Rs 3550
The yellow flowers have always been associated with cheering people up and make them feel special. The Bunch of 12 elegant Yellow Roses are arranged beautifully to deliver the smirks and happiness. The combo includes the medium size Brown colour Teddy Bear with golden colour bow and soft fur. The black eyes Teddy bear is so cute and adorable. And the wonderful tempting 1 Kg (2.2 Lbs) pineapple cake and a Valentine Greeting Card is truly an additional beauty to the gift.
VAL-COMBO-34 Price: Rs 2595
A beautiful bunch of 12 red roses is packed elegantly with fine decorative paper and stunning ribbon. The bunch of red roses provides the inner happiness. The soft magical touch of flowers gives the spellbinding experience. Along with the flowers comes the appealing chocolate truffle cake that weights 1 kg(2.2 Lbs) and filling for your loved ones. Write the words straight from the heart in the amazing Valentine card that spreads the love and is all about expressing and creating memories.
VAL-COMBO-35 Price: Rs 1830
Flowers are the perfect gift for all occasions. Stunning 12 red roses tied elegantly with the satin ribbon in the vase along with medium size teddy bear with a heart is the amazing gift to soften someone's, special heart. This can be bound to bring the smile to someone's special and additional love. This elegant surprise will for sure make you fall in love and make you feel special all over again. A teddy with heart and red roses is idolized and appreciated by all and of all well worth the value.
VAL-COMBO-36 Price: Rs 1950
One of the rare trio combo consisting Fresh Orchids in a Vase, a Chocolate Cake of 1/2 Kg (1.1 Lbs) with a Valentine's Day Greeting Card. A perfect match for enjoying Valentine's Day romance with your soul mate. A beautiful scented and colorful orchid along with the greeting card to express your feelings complemented with chocolate cake is the best gift for romantic outings. Spend quality time and make your day wonderful by presenting this.
VAL-COMBO-37 Price: Rs 2850
Daisy flower is loved for their simplicity and unaffected air. The bunch of 10 yellow daisies is knotted elegantly and gives different and unique look to the present. Valentine's Day celebration is must with the small box of Cadbury's Celebration Pack. Chocolates are loved by everyone  kids and adults, so this small box gives amazing experience. The delicious pineapple Cake weights 1 Kg(2.2 Lbs) is presented beautifully. A Valentine greeting card sends the message lovingly to the special one.
VAL-COMBO-38 Price: Rs 2375
A much-wanted combo pack by lovers including a gorgeous Bunch of 18 Red Roses, a Medium Sized Cute Teddy Bear, 5 Dairy Milk Chocolates and a Valentine's Day Greeting Card is a perfect gift for celebrating a romantic evening of the Valentine's Day. The sweetness of chocolates, teddy gift, flowers and a love message all blended with your affection will pacify both of your moods and fulfill the senses. On gifting this present your partner will not only be pleased but will also pamper you more than ever before.
VAL-COMBO-39 Price: Rs 2650
A cuddly Teddy Bear is best comforting and quiet companion. Medium size Teddy Bear is certain to bring the smile and is so adorable. A beautiful bunch of 12 Red Roses are tied beautifully with satin ribbon and is presented beautifully. Celebrations are incomplete without sweets  this combo includes the box of 16 Pieces of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. The combo expresses the true love for your dearest with a greeting card, a box of Chocolates, Teddy Bear and stylish roses. This combo will give a fascinating experience.
VAL-COMBO-40 Price: Rs 2499
Make the eternal impression with the striking gift combo that contains flowers, chocolates, greeting card and a teddy bear. A Beautiful Bunch of 12 Red Roses creates the miracle that is presented beautifully with ribbon and fine paper. The medium size Teddy Bear with soft fur is just so adorable. A greeting card is old yet the best way to convey the messages of heart. There are 2 Big Dairy Milk Chocolates in the combo to make the impeccable gift.
VAL-COMBO-41 Price: Rs 2190
This combo pack offers you value as you are getting these whole range of 1Kg (2.2 Lbs) Strawberry Cake, 12 Pink Roses in a Vase, Medium sized Teddy Bear and a Valentine's Day Greeting Card. On one side you are able to savor the strawberry flavor of the cake and on the other side you have complementary gifts to present those to your beloved ones. Make a step ahead that is worth for you and the one you are gifting.
VAL-COMBO-42 Price: Rs 2995
This is a huge collection of items containing a pretty Bunch of 50 Red Roses, a delicious Heart Shaped Black Forest Cake of 1Kg (2.2 Lbs), a Box of Cadbury's Celebration Pack and a Valentine's Day Greeting Card. Undoubtedly a perfect present for Valentine's Day evening celebration with your soul mate only. Make them feel special in this grand way, be the cause of their sparkling smile and never keep a single moment for regret.
VAL-COMBO-43 Price: Rs 3899
This combo is designed to shelter everything that is required to celebrate Valentine's Day impeccably. A wonderful bunch of 24 Red Roses spread the fragrance of love and soft touch gives the enthralling experience. They are tied beautifully with ribbon and fine paper. For the love of sweets, the gift includes delicious 1/2 Kg(1.1 Lbs) Chocolate Cake, a small box of Cadbury's Celebration Pack and also the box of 16 Pieces Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. An adorable small cute Teddy Bear softens the heart with its soft fur. The whole combo also contains the Valentine Greeting Card to send the message from your heart to another heart.
VAL-COMBO-45 Price: Rs 3695
The gigantic combo is the picture-perfect gift to celebrate any occasion and specially Valentine's Day as this contains everything. A beautiful bunch of 12 Red Roses are knotted elegantly to give the wonderful experiences. While the bunch of flowers looks beautiful, the gift contains the striking heart shaped arrangement of 50 Red Roses. The 5 heart shaped Mylar Balloons floats to spread the love. Additionally, 1 Kg(2.2 Lbs) Chocolate cake, small box of Cadbury's Celebration pack and a box of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates complete the celebration of the day. A cute 3 Feet Teddy Bear is adorable and carries the message in Valentine Greeting Card. At last but not least, combo has the box of Danish Butter Cookies.
VAL-COMBO-46 Price: Rs 10999
A cute combo of a Heart shaped handmade arrangement of 40 Red Roses wrapped in green leaves with 1Kg (2.2 Lbs) Black Forest Cake. This set will catch your attention because of the beautifully designed floral luxury and its contrast. If you are thinking to gift someone for a special event this will cater your immediate need and create a good impression. Move ahead with the awesome present and add shine to their special day.
VAL-COMBO-5 Price: Rs 3175

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