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I had to send flowers on short notice for a wedding reception and since I live in France i had to rely solely on ratings on the Internet. You have been punctual, the flowers were timely delivered. I was gratified for having trusted you. Thank you for your efficiency and reliability. 


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Hassan is a center of literature in the country; there are monuments and statues all over the urban area. However, there aren't cake shops which provide an array of services to satisfy all kinds of customers. Aryan Florist, one of the best cake shops in Hassan, provides online cakes delivery in Hassan through the best bakeries of the city. Call and order kids cakes for a kid's party or cartoon character cakes for that nephew that you love like he was your son. If you want to congratulate one of your little nieces for the good grades, there's a special section on our platform for that purpose. Kids cakes can be ordered by clicking and browsing our desserts in Shapes Cakes. Some children are somewhat demanding; you have five options in that section but we recommend asking the kid what cake shape he/she wants to have an idea at the moment of ordering kids cakes or cartoon character cakes. Our cooks and bakers are experts at giving any shape to the kid's cakes. But don't fail to let our customer service agent know about your order specifications. Explain everything in detail.

Send Cakes to Hassan: Best Way to Surprise Someone

But what if you have a night party with your friends? Or what if it's your grandmom's birthday? Then why not send cakes to Hassan which includes Theme cakes that actually work out pretty well on those occasions. Theme cakes can be customized to your taste. If your birthday granny has turned 80 or 90 years old, give her a theme cake with such special number on it. She'll feel proud of reaching that age since not everybody has the chance to live longer than 65 years old nowadays. As one of the cake shops in Hassan city, we also provide flowers delivery. Let us know the desired time of delivery and we'll do it. When celebrating granny's birthday, we always recommend surprising the lady with a bunch of flowers at the end of the party. We also offer cake delivery in Bangalore from Hassan.

Finally, Aryan Florist offers several payment methods for comfort. PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express are accepted. You can also make an online flower delivery in Hassan along with yummy cakes.

Cakes Shops in Hassan: Every Nook and Corner

In Hassan, we can visit Blely and Halebiu which were the base of the Hoysala's kingdom, a powerful empire between the Krishna and the Kaveri River that ruled over three centuries. During their rule, two monuments called Channekeshava and Hoysaleswara were erected in Belur and Halebidu. However, it is important to say that there were not the only temples built in that passing empire, there are others much smaller and less relevant. In Hassan city, it is possible to take part in excursions and visit tourist sites such as Shravanbelagola, a popular place for a statue named Gommateshwara. There are other places of interest, some of which are: Kodandarama Temple, Jamia Mosque, and the San Jose Cathedral.

Hassan is not a crowded town. The city counts on twelve hotels that offer a high-quality service, especially in the gastronomical part in their on-site restaurants. But restaurants are not the only places that stand out in Hassan, there are cake shops that provide a lot of services and that may lend you a hand in a romantic dinner. One of the best cake shops in Hassan city is Aryan Florist. Why? Because we offer cake deliveries across India. If you want to order our theme cakes delivery, go to our website and we will rise to the challenge to offer the best and quickest service. Do you have a kid who likes Ben10 or Cartoon Network? Make him smile and jump for joy by hiring our cartoon character cakes service because we make the best kids cakes in India. It is also possible to send cakes to Tumkur from Hassan.