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I would like to thank you guys for delivering flowers to my Grandma. Her eyes were filled with tears of happiness when she received the bouquet. Sitting millions of miles away this was least I could do for her and you guys didn't let me down. You have earned yourself a repeat customer. 

Rajiv Kapoor

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Looking for something that speaks your heart out? This one is straight from your heart to express your love. 40 roses are displayed in the shape of a heart in a heart-shaped basket. Make your love grow ever more with this heart-shaped bouquet of roses. Put together in a strong basket, the roses will remain as fresh as your love blooms. For those in love, this one's what you're looking for!
CBW-RO-24 Price: Rs 1850
Keep it fresh, keep it innovative! This bunch of 100 roses in mixed colours incorporates the beauty of roses in a creative fashion. Put together in a harmonious manner, red, orange, yellow, white and pink roses ooze of freshness and warm wishes. Best suited as get well soon and official presents, this bunch is easy to carry and display in any space. The fragrance spreads freshness and brilliance in the atmosphere.
CBW-RO-25 Price: Rs 2695
This round basket with 50 pink roses is perfect for baby showers and baby ceremonies. You couldn't ask for more brightness and fresh fragrance from these pink roses that come in a pretty cane basket with a handle. Decorated with pink wrapping and frills, it makes for a perfect gift for mothers-to-be and new mommies. Gift it on other suitable occasions too.
CBW-RO-26 Price: Rs 1930
This is the perfect yellow to brighten anyone's day! This bunch of 12 yellow roses is crafted delicately into a simple bouquet yet one that looks exquisite. The fresh green flowers and fillers add volume to the bouquet. Translucent wrapping paper around the bouquet adds style, as does the yellow satin bow. This makes for a perfect welcome gift, get well soon wish and thank you expression.
CBW-RO-27 Price: Rs 495
Send the most cheerful boost to your family and friends with this bunch of 12 orange roses. Fresh from the farm, this arrangement looks fresh and sunny with the bright orange roses, seasonal fillers and green leaves. The orange translucent wrapping around the bunch firmly holds it together. This medium size bunch looks great in any corner of the room and is good for all occasions.
CBW-RO-28 Price: Rs 495
Small is beautiful. And so is this small bunch of 12 red roses arranged with seasonal fillers. Wrapped with translucent wrapping paper and held together with a satin bow, this one is a sweet surprise to express your love, gratitude and happiness for all occasions or simply without any occasion. It's a sweet surprise that will make anyone happy.
CBW-RO-29 Price: Rs 495
Nothing shouts of love more than red roses. The most careful and loving hands in our studio put this bunch of 12 red roses together. 12 roses surrounded by green leaves and fillers are beautifully decorated with fancy wrapping and held together with a red satin bow. It looks as beautiful as the feeling of love is. Easy to hold and to carry, this one lights up everyone's world.
CBW-RO-3 Price: Rs 495
Easily a sunshine bouquet, this one will surprise and spread light all around your loved ones and friends. Crafted with 12 fresh yellow roses, seasonal fillers, green leaves and fancy wrapping material, this bunch is simple and elegant. Choose it for expressing your warm wishes for friends, family or business associates. This bouquet will surely brighten the world a little.
CBW-RO-30 Price: Rs 495
This beauty of a bouquet is beautifully created with two-dozen fresh red roses. Long stem red roses are brought together to form a bunch in such a manner that the leaves remain below the flowers. The specially crafted bouquet is perfect for those days when you want to brighten your loved one's day. Beautifully created and perfectly delivered, this one is a charmer.
CBW-RO-31 Price: Rs 895
If beauty came in a basket there's only one way it would look. Just like this big basket of 30 red roses. Designed with seasonal fillers and green leaves in a pretty cane basket, this basket has a grandiose look. A perfect present for a wedding, birthday or anniversary celebration, this one is carefully designed to suit all occasions.
CBW-RO-32 Price: Rs 1389
This bouquet of 24 yellow roses as bright as sunshine is bursting of vibrancy. For those who like all things bright and vibrant, this is a perfect arrangement of yellow roses and fillers. The wrapping material and satin bow makes the bouquet look grand and beautiful. Gift it to express get well soon wishes, birthday surprises, engagement and wedding congratulations and more. This bouquet is perfect for all occasions.
CBW-RO-33 Price: Rs 895
Keep it fresh! Keep it Fabulous! This bunch of 12 orange roses is a perfect bouquet, designed with seasonal fillers and long stem roses. The fillers pop up in between roses in a playful manner. Medium in size, it is easy to carry and to place in any vase on a tabletop. Order it and get it delivered to express your warm wishes to make your friends and family a happy bunch.
CBW-RO-34 Price: Rs 495
This gorgeous bunch of 50 red roses is put together in a simple but charming fashion. Wrapped with beautiful wrapping around that holds the roses, this bunch is classy, elegant and minimal. Present it to your loved ones on occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers or even as a welcome-back gift. This bunch is sure to beautify your loved ones day and house.
CBW-RO-35 Price: Rs 1655
The most beautiful white rose blooms have been handpicked to create this bouquet that oozes elegance. 12 white roses come together to create a serene arrangement along with fresh bouncy seasonal fillers and green leaves. Wrapped around with beautiful white wrapping and satin bows, this one makes for a perfect gift for friends and business associates. It sits pretty in glass and ceramic vases on any tabletop.
CBW-RO-36 Price: Rs 495
A grand arrangement with an artistic flair, this three feet tall bouquet is made of 200 red roses. Carefully placed to create an impressive design, green leaves and fillers have been used to enhance the grandeur of the bouquet in every manner. Don't let the size scare you, because the bouquet is light in weight and easy to carry. Handcrafted by expert floral artists, this one is created to astonish and electrify everyone! Why settle for less when you can gift this splendid creation of 200 roses.
CBW-RO-37 Price: Rs 5875
This extravagance will easily capture anyone's heart. A bunch of 24 red roses in a pretty cane basket, this piece of beauty is put together and enriched with fillers. Perfection of the expert florist unites with the beauty of red roses in a woven cane basket that adds the charm. Each flower is made to stand out while large green leaves drop gracefully around them. No hassles in carrying or displaying this bouquet that is carefully created choosing only the best.
CBW-RO-38 Price: Rs 1256

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